Oh my God, Thx for this Dr. Carley...  I clearly see signs of the Solar Scorching in here... When Planet X begins interacting with our Sun, the "establishment" might decide to tell everybody that a Terrorist has detonated an EMP Weapon in the atmosphere.. The Sun can create an EMP effect, so Nuclear Weapons, EMP Weapon will be the COVER STORY......
THX !!!!!






This is NUTS guys! Unbelievable that this stuff is just right in our faces! That first picture and the explanation underneath TOTALLY makes so much sense - check this out.
http://www.infowars.com/prophetic-ar...nk-of-america/ Prophetic Art in Bank of America
Infowars.com November 11, 2010 Below are three paintings prominently featured in the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC along with interpretations sent to us by a listener. This fresco was created by artist Benjamin F. Long. Benjamin F. Long’s first secular fresco, and his largest work to date, consists of three panels composed for the dedication of the Bank of America Corporate Center dominating the lobby as no other artwork could, the panels present the themes of making/building, chaos/creativity, and planning/knowledge in an daring blend of abstract and realism, set off with touches of gold. Fresh food that lasts from eFoods Direct (Ad) The interpretations below were sent in by a listener. Please comment below with your interpretations of what your take is of these fresco. This is the first of three in the order of timing of events. You see the classic Masonic checkered floor as part of the landscape that they control. You see the classic blond-haired, blue-eyed Arian “youth” in the classic Masonic heel-to-heel 90 degree stance. Take note to the burning bush blowing dead West. I see this as the Western World being burned and this is the current state of the dismantling affairs of the U.S. while Americans (in general) go unaware. I see this because of the white man right next to the burning bush and he is wearing a red sweater and blue jeans. Red, white and blue. He represents the majority of unaware Americans and remains distracted via the book he is reading while the bush (which again represents the Western World) is burning to the ground right next to him. Now, take a look at the female puppet on strings being controlled. Could this mean that the next President will be a woman? Most important is the group of characters at the bottom-left. This clearly shows a colonial forefather arguing with modern day “suits”. This is highly suggestive of constitutionalists arguing with the “New World” unfolding. Notice they are pointing to the Masonic Arian as the subject at hand? This suggests the Tea Party Movement and the fight against the coming-out of World Government. This is (now) in the first of these three key time eras. This is clearly inside the FEMA camp “era” we will soon move towards. You can see the back wall and you can see the side wall with barbed wire. You see the Elite above circling free and naked in their wealth and disgusting power while being separated from the chaos below via the net. They continue to oversee. Key characters in the crowd are Hazmat and Marines carrying rifles. You see all races and creeds as well as a Catholic Bishop, a Nun, a handcuffed man, a gas masked person, etc. You see an active burning industrial building in the background suggesting a crematory (think of the possibility of a mass of dead infected people from a biohazard release.) You see the classic Nazi gold eagle and flags. You see blank street signs suggesting you have nowhere to go. You see blank protest signs suggesting you have no voice. You see a cameraman in the dead center of the bottom of the painting with his camera looking right back at you (with your camera.) This is the final sequence preceding the FEMA camp era. Here you see the surviving slave population working below to acquire the wealth of the world. The shovel heads are rich gold in color suggesting gold as the resource to secure. Look at the next level of architecture above ground. You see the higher-level (educated/skilled) slaves re-building the “New World” while the Elite sleep restfully above in the hills continuing to oversee all operations. Although the basic architecture is similar to the current architecture of society, the picture is highly suggestive of the “rebuilding era” due to the clear portrayal of clean landscapes and “work” underway. This is the final era they are working towards once most of us have been eliminated and the “New World” is underway being rebuilt. What does “EQ” stand for on the red sign?
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  • Good point Jim. It could be the artist interpretation of is own intuition. In the dream state, we tend to foresee things. We could argue that while the artist was painting the three panels, his brain wave were in the same or semi zone of dream state. All of us are in a slightly different frequency. Some of us feel that it is time to get ready. Others feel that making a garden is important. Some are taking courses in self sufficiency and others are taking courses in weaponry. It is our way of fulfilling a gut feeling. It feels like a flash where we see a picture of what to do or a nagging message to do this or that.

  • In the second picture is a LEO the lion, and a reptile!  On the other hand, did anyone ever think that perhaps the artists simply has an over active emagination?

  • Third painting: the spades and one axe are not well represented if we compare with the human figure who are more realistic. It may represent tribulations???


  • … behind of him is what appears to be a Nun … just to his right is a dark skinned person that appears to be strangling another Alien being … just to the left of this dark skinned person, you have a very pregnant woman who is holding her stomach…


    Extream foreground left … you have a human looking male with a mustash and gotee … on his head is a blue hat, that closely resembles the face of one of the statures from Easter Island … a Moi … the African-American just to this mans left might be touching the hat with his up-raised arm/hand … this man has his right hand raised, showing 3 fingers (Just like the 3 sign posts … a symbal?) … just to this mans left is a figure in a Radiation Suit with head-gear and gloves to match … this person also has its right hand raised, and is also showing 3 fingers … there is a round symble on its chest, that looks like a smiley-face … the visorplate on the headgear shows what might not be a human face behind of it


    Extream foreground far right … you have a soldier in his field uniform … Desert-Tan with dark-brown patches … Chocolate-Chip … Gulf War 1 style … some of the brown patches could be symbals, or Alien Faces … a white person and he is holding something in his left hand that could be either a rifle or field radio


    The Second image at the Bank of America in NC






     This image is jammed with symbals and objects … Lets start with the background.


    Background Center … a planet is rising … is this the Black Dot (Dwarf Star) that was in image 1? Or is this Nibiru? In a really close approach to our Earth?   You have a large banner stretched across to the right of the planet … you also have a Minora raised above the banner … to the left of center you have a long building with 12 chimneys … each chimney has a different number of tubes on them … just at the roofline of this long building, you have 4 simular looking objects … they could be missiles … to the right of center you have other objects that look like buildings … on one wall, you have the shadow of a a person that has just been hung at a gallows …


    The middleground … it is jamed with images of Aliens and humans … one man/human is up against a wall with his arms straight out to both sides of his body, as if he is showing he is unarmmed … on the wall just above his head, you can make out letters … IRG? Or IRB? … to the right of this wall, you have several books tossed into the air … to the left of the wall with the man, you have a few more images of Alien like faces … you also have 3 sign posts on a pole.


    Just above Midground … you have a very large safety-net that is stretched across the image from left to right … the left side is coming or going into the sky … the right side goes down to ground level by the walls … in the sky above the middleground, you have 8 human-like naked bodies tumbling/rotating … 3 males … 3 females surounded by what appears to be flames … but some of these objects could be doves …left of center/bottom you have the symbal for Ying-Yang … another idea is that this entire image is a large face … the surounding fire is the hair and beard of a being … the downward facing mans head would be the nose, and the two flames above to the left and right are its eyes.


    Foreground … right side you have 3 flags attached to their poles with golden spear points at their tops … one flag is redish in color with blue streamer, the second is tanish in color with a tan streamer, the third is dark blueish in color with a white streamer … a forth pole, that is lower than the 3 has what looks liked a winged creature at its top … it looks very close to the NAZI symbal, but is has a downward pointing tail … maybe the winged serpent?


    Far left of middleground … you have an African male with his left arm raised, and it is bent at the elbow … his hand is open in maybe a wave, or it is touching another object in the extream foreground? … on his shirt you can see what lookslike an Alien with its left hand raised showing three fingers … in the space between this mans raised arm, you can see another creature or ghostly face.


    Center of middleground … you have an Alien being cloaked in a large redish coat of some kind … it has a redish face, with large black eyes and some kind of insect-like mouth … its left hand is lifting what might be a body-bag … there is a naked leg sticking off to its right side.


    Middleground far right … you have a bearded man who is attached to a wood pole … he is bent slightly backwards … his chest is outlined with what could be an insect-like creature that is facing down … its head with two eyes is near his stomach … or these could be two puncture woundsto his chest … his right hand is outstretched with his middle & index fingers pointing to the Alien being … behind of him is what appears to be a Nun … just to his right is a da

  • … this shaft goes down below the base of the pyramid, and joins another shaft going towards the middle of the pyramid, and looks like a sword handle could be another shaft leading up to this glowing something … a power source? … look very closely at his right hand (Facing you left hand) you see thumb, index, a shorter digit, another shorter digit with a round object at its end, then a long digit-like thing with what looks like 3 or 4 blackish bumps facing to the right (Left facing you) and down … Just above, and slightly above the young mans left shoulder is the faint outline of a human face or skull …


    Now, go to the very top of the red transparency … The shadows and angles and lines that are visible, and those just barely visible look like words/a message/text


    The seated man … dark hair, red shirt/coat, blue jeans, dark shoes … looks to be holding something in his left hand and doing something to it with his right hand.



    Ball of Fire … only appears to be fire on the tree …enlarged 400% … smoke trail has an arc to it indicating it is a Comet or our Brown Dwarf Star … as described in the Kolbrin, and Enki and other ancient texts … it also appears to have a face and mouth at the front … and it looks like it is ready to devour something … if you follow back along the line of smoke, almost to the square cage/box with the woman inside, you can almost make out a NAZI symbol … the crooked cross …


    The Pyramid … up the right side of the pyramid, from just above the red transparence, you have 5 objects on their way up that side, and 1 object just over the top onto the left side … if you look closely, you will notice that on the downward slope, underneath  those object, you have more of the same kind of objects … one the left hand side of the pyramid, near the top, you have another stick-figure walking up, with something out in front of him … on the pyramid, to the right of the young mans face you can make out what could be more shafts inside of the pyramid …

  • OK, I have enlarged the first image, and carefully studied it from corner to corner ... the amout of symbalism included in this image is almost mind bogling!   These are my opinions as to what I think I see in this image ... I invite others to also ellarge and enhance it to see what they can find.

    First image from Bank of America

    Image is enlarged by 200%

    Black spot … planet/Dwarf Star/Death Star … whatever it is … something is beaming/taking the woman up … you can see that she appears weightless inside of the box/transporter thingy … the lines go straight up and above the Black dot thingy … There is also a square inside the black dot … this square holds 4 round objects

    Stairways to the left go upward in stages/landings … look closely at the stairs … you can just make out objects or people/stick-figures climbing or descending the stairs … on the forth landing up, you can see what look like teeth, or trees

    People at bottom left … White well-dressed male, and African-American male … Senator’s or US Congress or TPTB?   Woman to left of Men … old-fashioned dress and hair style … Male next to her looks like maybe religious person? … White man appears to be pointing at the young man with his left hand, or is he holding a gun? … this man also has a stick-figure of an Alien standing on or climbing the right side of his face … notice the 4 small balls of light that surround its head? … another figure is climbing his hair, and another is sliding down the back side of his head… the African-American also has something that looks close to a figure of some kind on the backside of his head … Old-fashioned woman appears to be holding out her right hand asking for, or to receive something

    Young Man to the right with the tree and sitting man and pyramid behind of him … Blonde Hair … Blue Eyes … Brown Shoes, and socks … pant-legs just above the shoes showing the socks … almost like a street urchin … wearing what looks like a WWII German Field Coat/trench coat, with double row of buttons … look closely at his fore-head … 1000% enlargement … some kind of band showing in the normal view, with a square green stone across the center of his fore-head … left side of his face and part of his body … at the bottom of his pants, you can almost make out letters

    Red insert on right side of image … a very interesting thing … it is reminiscent of the magic red filmed holder that you would place a game card into to see the secret word or object.   Look closely at the young man’s right side  of his face and head …   just above his right eye, you can make out two round objects, one slightly smaller than the other … and a square box of some kind … on or just near the top of his skull, you see what looks like a dome or bald spot … now look closely at the far right side of the red transparency … you will see a stick-figure of a human … right at the point where the pyramid meets the ground … and it looks like his left/right hand is point up along the line of the pyramid to an Alien with large eyes, just like the greys, but with two horns on the top of his head! … the Alien head is just looking around the corner of the pyramid just above and to the right of the young mans head … the young man has some kind of dagger-like object over his chest area under the red transparency … this thing appears to have a sword-like handle at the bottom, and the blade-like thing pointing upward has some kind of a glowing gem or light at its tip … and you can just make out the glow emanating from it with a field that surrounds it …  or********* looking closer at the red transparency showing the right side of the pyramid, it just might show a shaft, just a little way up the side from the stick-figure … this shaft goes down below

  • The 2nd fresco is interesting

    The way the man is welcoming at the angled wall. I find that funny, like the wall at the walmart bathrooms, if you knocked down the thin wall, you could see the ENTIRE BATHROOM, in this case the entire chaos.

    The naked refugee/holocaust victim with the nun standing by, looking right at him (are people going to waste away from radiation poisoning?) He also seems to have a wooden stake on his back (christianity?)

    woe to the pregenant and nursing

    the man taking pictures of something under a tarp

    contacts being thrown in the air??

    the 2 men in the left corner 1 trying to get a point across and the man in the suit is gesturing there is nothing he can do?

    Note the 3 flags

    and the eagle (america) far below the 3 points of the flags 3 powers/ 3 elite families will rule???

    Did you note the HUGE sphere in the background? What is that???

    I do believe the the people in the sky are died. All have closed eyes, they are not the elite watching over us,

    note the yellow smoke ascending from a /Fire/ nuclear event? are they the people who died from burning?

    or are they people who are incinerated in that sphere which is right next to the fire

    the holocaust victims were striped and naked when they were told to get in the showers


  • Another thing to note is the man in the last picture with the red hankerchif in his pocket.  The hankee forms a red inverted triangle.  That is the sign for a gray alien nation.  I have also seen this in yellow on stelth fighters.  The shovels are outstanding in the picture and form a spear head and also a possable triangle of sorts.

  • Just a thought

    Could the sleeping man (sleeping in death as I see it) in the hill be the men who will die from being forced to clean up the toxic waste that will be released

    EQ to the rescue!

    The man looks like an old, tired laborer, not elite, I as note that the man in the hill has a full head of hair and is not old in body but looks aged in face and hair, meaning he will age quickly from toxic poisoning and chain gang work

     and the hill is layered with the man on the top layer, which is bigger than the base layer, meaning many men will die

    and turn a hill into a small mountain

    Does the man with his arm spread out and up mean the mountain keeps growing?

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