Muslim Refugees in America

CG, here.  I will say up front that I have never been a fan of Obama.  The man was unqualified, both experientially and legally.  Six years of his socialist/fascist programs has severely damaged this country.  I think he, and his administration, have an anti-American agenda.  So, related to that sentiment, today’s discussion revolves around a recent article about Muslim refugees being relocated to Idaho.

What would happen if the UN forced Christian refugees to be moved to Muslim countries.  Think those countries would be happy about it?  Of course not, and they wouldn’t allow it.  You know, sovereign countries doing the will of their people, right?

My own observations from meeting Muslims in the stores near the local state college is that, for the most part, they basically ignore everyone.  And, for the most part, they don’t integrate.  It’s not so much that their ways are different, because much can be said about diversity, it’s the segregation and perceived hostility towards Americans and our way of life, which is antithetical to theirs.  So, then, why are they here?

Like every other religion, they are free to practice their religion here, but like every other religion, they are not free to adversely impact any other religion, or cause stress to those already here.  We have to ask the question whether any religion, while operating in America, has the right to abridge one of their adherent’s personal liberties granted by the US and State constitutions.  Personally, I don’t think so, whether they are citizens or temporary visitors or permanent residents.

Can a religion trump the State when it is the State that grants the liberties to practice one’s religion in the first place?  No, it can’t.  But we are seeing the beginnings of just that.  For instance, allowing Sharia law to be used in tandem with US civil laws would be wrong for just that reason, but amazingly that envelope is being pushed.

American citizens elect politicians to uphold the Constitution and national security is part of that package.  Allowing any hostile force, including a religion, to overtake the government is nothing less than dereliction  of duty, and treason.  The government claiming it can’t doing anything to stop such hostile force because it would insult them and violate their religious freedom is pure bunk.

Returning to the example, Sharia law allows honor killings, which it considers legal, but is illegal under US criminal laws.  Not allowing a Muslim to change religions or face the death penalty would violate an American Muslim’s freedom of religion and would also constitute murder without a trial by jury with evidence.  Imprisoning women in their homes or beneath fabric is false imprisonment based on fear of violence.  (However, civil matters that violate religious law, but would not violate secular law, could be properly addressed in a religious court, such as contract disputes.) The point is…can a religion that violates US law be allowed to operate in this country?

Another point to consider is that when we start dividing our laws to accommodate religions, we start dividing our country.  We have to remain a nation undivided, a nation obedient to the original US Constitution.  That is all Americans’ commonality.  That is what makes us a nation.

What we are seeing the beginnings of today is what was the beginning of the end of the Roman Republic.  And you know how that ended.  Rome began its journey to the dustbin of history nearly two thousand years ago.

On a related but different topic, we are seeing instances of our own laws being used to the advantage of a hostile force to gain a toehold into American society.  The State must protect itself from abuse.  Yea, it is required to protect itself, because it is the will of the majority of the people.  However, when the State allows such offenses to happen for its own illegal purposes, then the State itself needs to be restored to Constitutional law and order.

I can understand people being uncomfortable with this resettlement program.  This sheds light on the underlying agenda of why public schools are teaching Muslim beliefs and practices … because the plan is to populate Muslims all across the country and integrate American schoolchildren, to tear down barriers to our government’s greater agenda.

So, with that said, one has to ask the US Government … why is this required while waging a “war on terrorism,” when the purported enemies are Muslims?  This is simply Orwellian doublespeak where the government says or call things exactly opposite of what they are.  It is camoflauge.  A cover-up.  Our government is not ignorant of the stress they are putting Americans under by doing this.  It is not ignorant of how this violates the will of the majority.  It knows exactly what it is doing.  It is committing treason against the American people.  That’s what it is doing.

While I’m personally not bothered by having a Muslim neighbor (I’ve known a few and they are not all jihadists), the problem resides with our government and its too-cozy relationship with the UN, which are forcing these people and their religion on the American people, without our consent and against our will.  In fact, there is growing evidence that our government favors their religion over others.  What happened to separation of religion and state?  What happened to freedom of religion?  I think the answer may reside in Executive Orders signed by our obviously Muslim president.

Regarding the statement that each country is supposed to be vetting the people resettling, all I can say is, yeah, right.  Like the Ebola countries asking if a traveler had been exposed and trusting them to tell the truth?  There is a high probability jihadists will be a part of the resettlement program, which further undermines national security.  Add it to our open southern border.

To wrap it up, here’s what I see in this refugee resettlement program.  Under the guise of humanitarian intent, a future Muslim country is being seeded.  They will have larger than normal families and in a generation or two will be a force capable of influencing their non-Muslim neighbors, which will then become the voting majority.  The US will go from being a democracy to a theocracy.

Some of the signs we are already seeing are American judges beginning to cave in to Sharia law, Islam 101 being taught to our children, and the use of our laws against us.  Another possible sign is the purchase of 30,000 guillotines.  If true, this could be the reason why.   Compare that to new healthcare codes under IslamObamaCare that allow for death by beheading.  Something is surely stirring in the weeds.  And it’s big.

I don’t have any more thumbs to sit on.  Do you?  Maybe we should start making our voices heard before we have no heads.  Just a suggestion.

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  • That is a fascinating account, Joy.  In the early 70's, I was friends with an Christian Assyrian family who were from Teheran.  They came to America when Shah Reza Pahlavi was deposed and Islam took over.  They were harassed and threatened.

    Though their heritage sounded exotic to Americans, they were ordinary people:  they laughed, they loved, they cared, they helped.  They were what is good in humanity.

    I still have hopes that the America we became can be protected and continue on as a beacon of light for the rest of the world, where people can come for refuge.  I think your idea of allowing the women and children to come, to erase the misogyny from Islam is a really good idea.  Men without a history of misogyny could be allowed.  And men who would willingly undergo reeducation could be allowed too.  But those holding to ways antithetical to American freedoms would not be allowed.  It goes along the flow of their is a price for American freedom.  And that freedom is that we allow ALL freedoms to be applicable to ALL Americans (and legal residents and visitors). 

    Let's keep this discussion going.  There IS a solution.  We WILL find it.  And we will REBUILD America from its violent, harsh beginnings into the VISION we all have for it. 

  • The one thing I have noticed about Hodges and AJ is that they do not mention anything about Israel being involved and these people are still alive that makes me suspicious of both of them. Obama told a senior UN official that America would be a Muslim country by 2016. He also said we will have to become Shria compliant. I a speech at the UN he said no country that insults the prophet Mohamed will survive or something very close to that. He is bringing 100,000 Muslims into this country each year and I believe that is other than what the UN is arranging. I saw the original PO for the Guillotines and it did not look very professional so I assumed at the time it was another birth certificate forgery style document. Then it disappeared from the net. I think it is probably a hoax. Why not use the hollow point bullets and avoid the extra parts and mess. As far as depopulating the US for organ transplants is unlikely because organs don't last too long. China cuts them out of live prisoners and deliver them to the next room waiting for an organ. they do 30,000 a year. Many countries are trying to fight them with criminal charges.   

  • I've been looking for it, too.  If the government were going to do something bizarre, it would come out of black ops funding.  They wouldn't leave a paper trail.  However, retired FBI agent, Ted Gunderson, is the reported source of this "rumor."  See,, so there may be some truth to it, BUT, then again, maybe not.  For one thing, the fact that Dave Hodges' Common Sense Show doesn't get shut down is suspicious.  Sites that tell the truth are shut down.  Journalists are killed.  Disinfo sites don't.  And there is more.  Keep reading.

    Governments always have to have a cover, or surface purpose, for their covert agendas.  The Georgia legislation is, I think, one such surfpurp (a word I coined in one of my books).  On the surface, it seems sensical to preserve organs for harvesting.  But compare the amount of inmates on death row (a little over 3,000 according to, and what percentage of those would actually donate their organs?  So, why would 30,000 be needed?  Further, 30,000 guillotines works out to 600 per state, far more than needed for the occasional execution. 

    Okay, the other side of the argument can be found at  Snopes, as I independently verified, is pro-Obama, so read with discernment. 

    So, given both sides to the story, could the guillotines rumor true?  Could it be nothing more than an earlier layer of fear porn getting another layer (confirmation) by Dave Hodges, all designed to spark an anti-Muslim revolt?  Could the importation of Muslims into the U.S. be another layer of fuel being added to the fire? 

    My senses say the rumor is a true rumor.  Meaning it was intentionally release, has significance, is concrete -- not in reality that 30,000 guillotines exist in the US, but exist in people's minds, as if they exist in reality.  As useful a tool as the real objects if it causes depopulation via civil war.

  •  Good article  [ guillotines  purchase i found no PO]  agree totally

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