For those who know me, you'll know I'm not a big fan of dwelling on the fear aspect of the upcoming changes, but I came across this information which seems to be historically accurate in it's predictions. What do you think? At the very least, any friends on this ning that are on key fault lines might want to know ...

Strong planetary aspects in the next two weeks suggest a possible large earthquake or storm between the 23rd September and 8th October 2010. When I first discovered the connection between the Sun’s transit over the Galactic Centre and the Tsunami on 26 December 2004 I checked out the conjunctions oppositions and square of the Sun to the Galactic Centre and found that the largest and deadliest in each year looked at had occurred when the Sun aspected the Galactic centre, as it will do in the next two weeks.

I found the largest earthquake of 2001 occurred in Peru, an M. 8.4 on the 23rd June, the Sun was opposite the Galactic centre.

The next year, 2002, the deadliest earthquake occurred in Afghanistan on the 25th March with the Sun square the Galactic Centre.

The deadliest of 2003 was on 26th December in Iran with the Sun conjunct the GC, and the largest of 2003 occurred as the Sun was square the GC on the 25th September, an M 8.3.

The largest and deadliest in 2004 was also on the 26th December with Sun again conjunct the GC.

Finally the largest of 2005 followed as the Sun again squared the GC on March 28 2005.

As to the areas involved I am not sure this time, the most likely is near 180° east ( 10° to each side) ,where the Fiji islands are placed, maybe New Zealand. Also somewhere on the American continent is possible. 90 east longitude and 90 west longitude are two of the most endangered zones by the grand cross on the Holy Cross, the Deepwater HorizonOil disaster occurred within 2° of 90 W just recently.

In the hope that forewarned is forearmed☺

S. Seymour Hedke 22 September 2010


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  • Looks like we're having a hug-fest here, can I join in? hugs to all ... and as we all know, it's the perception that controls our destiny ... it controls our genes, and our experiences ... love, light, unity to you all my friends.
  • Right Back at you, AC, then forward it on to PB, if you please, :D
  • :) Hugs to all and know that I do believe that we are all connected through the vary basic concept that we are all energy, first.
  • Teresa, Bobby, your comments remind me of a request I received one morning when I woke up, last March, to deeply comprehend what it means to be a radiant being in a reflective universe. I felt like the two of you were describing that understanding, this is way cool!!! :D
  • OK, here is some good news to balance the upcoming bad ...
    Yes we are all connected, and more than we thought before; A brilliant young British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, has also put forth the hypothesis that we are all connected through a 'biomorphic field', and he proved it in countless experiments. Thus, not only is quantum physics saying we are connected, Sheldrake is now the first to say we are connected biologically (ants and flocks of birds and fish shoals are good examples of this field, how else do these animals know what to do in a group? it works the same for people too).

    Also, in terms of evolution and learning - he says evolution happens in waves, and he has seen data (2 cycles) going back to 50,000 years. Has anyone heard that number before? The Mayans talk about 26,000 year cycles, the 'Law of One' talks about 25,000 year cycles, and now a biologist has come to the same conclusion, but via the route of science. Co-incidence? maybe, but ... Wow (!)

    I also feel we are heading towards the latest wave of 'cosmic energy' somehow connected to the galactic center, that will allow us to evolve positively, as long as we can keep our fear in check and our hearts full of love (and keep out of the way of falling rocks, etc). Peace.
  • Bobby, I thought of you when I saw Brian's post of the two quakes today, this theory here may prove useful, thanks for posting it.
  • I agree with you Alex. I was only stating my personal feelings on the matter and the Mayan warning. I know that it might be wrong, but as mere ants all we can do is speculate. We don't have the knowledge at this present time to do any more than that.
  • Ok, I feel the need to put forth a little scope. The ant sitting on the hood of a car has no clue what is move out a little and you have an ant sitting on a a little further and the same ant sitting on the sun......scope people, the earth would be the ant in comparison to the galaxy.....we really have no idea other than conjecture and speculation when it comes to how the earth is affected by the sun passing above or below the Galactic centre. I always have a hard time when we as humans try to rationalize things that are a bit beyond our comprehension. Just because a scientist says it doesn't make it so.........I will heed the warning to beware of large disruptions but I hope we are all doing this regardless. Sorry for the tone I honestly don’t mean any insult by what I have said.
  • Thank you for posting Bobby. There's nothing wrong with being forewarned. I think the Galactic rift is playing a big part in what we are going through, if it wasn't, the Mayans wouldn't have felt the need to mention it.
    It has been very quiet lately Kim...we seem to be in a bit of a lull.
  • I'm also just posting this in the hope that nothing happens ...
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