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Nibiru’s affects on the planet Mars and on Earth … before and at the time of the Great Flood

This is an edited account from all 14 Tablets in the Lost Book of Enki ... only those events and affects were chosen to make this point.

In reading the 14 Tablets, I was surprised that from the point that the Anunnaki first arrived here on Earth, and until right up to Nibiru's passage just before what we call Noah's Great Flood ... everything went well for both of our Races. 

Nibiru had made countless passes through our system with no problems.

The Anunnaki were extreamely surprised to find that their DNA and our DNA were only off by 2 strands! ... both of our systems came from the exact same point.

No problems that is, until a fatefull alignment of all of the outer planets ... from Jupiter to Pluto happened at the same exact time as Nibiru was approaching our system from deep space!  


This fateful alignment altered Nibiru's orbit!


So, I am asking all of you're help to track down this astronomical date ... From Jupiter to Pluto, they were all in alignment ... since Nibiru orbits through our system clockwise ... from right to left ... all of these outer planets would have been pointing somewhere between 1 o-clock to maybe 3 o-clock in the heavens ... this should/will give us a ballpark date that we can project forward in time with


So, one with the show!


Nibiru’s affects on the planet Mars and on Earth … before and at the time of the flood


Upon the Earth the warmth was raising, vegetation flourished, wild creatures overran the land; The rains were heavier, rivers were gushing, abodes repairing needed.

Upon the Earth the heat was increasing, the snow white parts to water were melting.  The bars of the seas the oceans were not containing.  From the depths of the Earth volcanoes were fire and brimstones belching. 


The grounds were trembling, each time the Earth was shaking.  In the Lower World, the snow white-hued place, the Earth was grumbling.  At the tip of the Abzu (South Africa), Enki a place for observing established.  To his son Nergal and his spouse Ereshkigal command thereof he entrusted.


A thing unknown, an untoward thing, thereunder is brewing! Nei-gal to his father Enki said. 

In Nibru-ki, (An orbiting Space Station) the place of the Bond Heaven-Earth, Enlil the heavenly circuits was watching. By the ME’s of the Tablets of Destinies celestial motions he was comparing; There is turmoil in the heavens! Enlil to his brother Enki said. 

From the planet Lahrnu, the place of the way station, Marduk to Enki his father was

Complaining: Strong winds are disturbing, annoying dust storms they are raising!


So Marduk to his father Enki words was beaming: In the Hammered Bracelet (The Asteroid Belt, turmoils are occurring! 


Upon the Earth, brimstones (Meterites) from the skies were falling.  Pitiless demons havoc causing, violently the Earth they approached, into flaming fires in the skies they were bursting.  In a clear day darkness they were causing, with storms and Evil Winds they raged around.  Like stony missiles the Earth they were attacking! 


Kingu, Earth’s Moon, and Lahmu (Mars) too by these havocs were afflicted.  The faces of all three with countless scars were covered!


Enlil and Enki to Anu the king urgent words were beaming, Nibiru’s savants they alerted: The Earth and the Moon and Lahmu a calamity unknown are facing!

From Nibiru the savants were responding; their words the leaders’ hearts were not calming: In the heavens the family of the Sun were taking stations.  The celestials of whom Earth is the seventh in a row were choosing places.


In the heavens Nibiru was approaching, the Sun’s abode it was nearing.


By the seven, in a row arraigned, was Nibiru distracted.  The path through the Hammered Bracelet it was missing!


From the Bracelet bits and pieces it has been displacing!


Bereft of the celestial bar, Lahamu (Mars & a Moon or Space Station) with Mummu near the Sun were crouching.  In the heavens Lahamu (A Moon or Space Station) her glorious dwelling place was abandoning.

Toward Nibiru the heavenly king she was attracted, a queen of heaven she wished to be!

To quell her, Nibiru from the celestial deep a monstrous demon made appear!


A monster once to Tiamat’s host belonging (A Moon), by the Celestial Battle fashioned!


From the celestial deep made its way, by Nibiru was it from slumber awakened!


From horizon to the midst of heaven like a flaming dragon it was stretched!  One league was its head, fifty leagues in length it was, awesome was its tail. By day the skies of Earth it darkened!


By night upon the face of the Moon a spell of darkness it cast!


Who will the dragon obstruct, who will stop and kill it? she was asking?


Only valiant Kingu, once Tiamat’s protector, stepped forward to respond.


To intercept the dragon in its path Kingu was making haste.  Fierce was the encounter, a tempest of clouds upon Kingu was raised; By its foundations was Kingu shaken, from the impact did the Moon quake and shake!


Then the heavenly havoc was calmed.


Nibiru to its distant abode in the Deep was returning.


Lahamu (A Moon of Mars or a Space Station orbiting Mars) its dwelling place did not abandon.


The stony missiles upon the Earth and Lahmu ceased their raining.


Enki and Enlil with Marduk and Ninurta gathered, a surveying of the havoc they   undertook.  The foundations of the Earth Enki surveyed, of what its platforms had befallen he examined.  The depths of the oceans he measured, in Earth’s far corners the mountains of gold and copper he scanned. 


Of the vital gold there will be no shortage. This was Enki saying.


In the Edin Ninurta was the surveyor, where mountains trembled and valleys shook.  In his skyship he soared and journeyed.  The Landing Platform was intact; in the valleys of the north the Earth fiery liquids was pouring!


So was Ninurta to his father Enlil telling; sulfuric mists and bitumens he was discovering.


On Lahmu (Mars) the atmosphere was damaged, dust storms were with life and work interfering.  So Marduk to Enki was saying. To Earth return I wish! to his father he disclosed.

Enlil to his olden plans betook himself, what cities and their tasks he planned he reconsidered. 


A Chariot Place in the Edin must be established! to the others he was saying.


The olden designs of the layout on the crystal tablet to them he showed.  The conveying from the Landing Place to the way station on Lahmu is no longer certain.


What conditions on Earth and on Lahmu/Mars were altering, they wondered?


On the Sun flarings they observed. In the netforces (Gravitational and possible Magnetic) of Earth and Lahmu (Mars) there were disruptions.


In the Abzu (South Africa), at the tip the Whiteland facing, instruments far observing they installed; In the charge of Nergal, the son of Enki, and his spouse Ereshkigal the instruments ware put. To the Land Beyond the Seas Ninurta was assigned, in the mauntainland a Band Heaven-Earth to establish.

On Lahmu the Igigi (Anunnaki/Mars workers) were restless; to pacify them Marduk was the task given: “Until what are the hardships causing, the way station on Lahmu/Mars must be kept!” So to Marduk the leaders said.


“Of that I too did wonder”, Enlil was saying: “Is it a thing on Nibiru, a thing on Earth?”

“Perchance the life cycles (Between the two planets) that differ it concerns”, so was Ninmah saying.

To watch and see what transpires, the three leaders decided.

At that time Fate, or was it Destiny? In its hands the matters took.

In those days the sufferings on Earth were increasing.

1 The days colder grew.

2 The skies their rains were holding back.

3 Fields their crops diminished, in the sheepfolds ewe lambs were few.


In his days the sufferings on Earth intensified; Plagues and starvations the Earth afflicted.

In those days the Anunnaki for their own surviving were concerned. Their own rations were diminished, by Earth’s changes they themselves afflicted became.

On Earth as on Lahmu (Mars) the seasons their regularity lost.

For one Shar, for two Shars, from Nibiru the heavenly circuits were studied. 

Oddities in the planetary destinies from Nibiru were observed.

On the Sun’s face black spots (Sun Spots) were appearing, from its face flames (CME’s) shot up.

Kishar (Jupiter) also was misbehaving, its host its footings lost, dizzying were their circuits (Orbits)

The Hammered Bracelet was by unseen netforces (Gravitational or Magnetic Forces) pulled and pushed.

For reasons unfathomed, the Sun its family was upsetting!

The destinies of the celestials (Planets & Moons) by unsavory fates were overtaken!

“On Earth the tribulations were increasing, fear and famine their heads (Tilted, Faced) reared.”

For three Shars (Years on Earth), for four Shars the instruments the Whiteland (Antartica) facing were observed.

By Nergal and Ereshkigal odd rumblings in the Whiteland’s snows were recorded.

“The snow-ice that the Whiteland covers to sliding has taken!” So did they from Abzu’s tip report.

In the Land Beyond the Seas, Ninurta in his haven foretelling instruments established.  Quakes and jitters at the Earth’s bottom with the instruments he noticed.

“An odd matter is afoot!” So did Enlil to Anu on Nibiru words of alarm send.

For the fifth Shar, for the sixth Shar the phenomena gained strength.

On Nibiru the savants an alarm raised, of calamities to the king they forewarnings gave.  “The next time Nibiru the Sun shall be nearing, Earth to Nibiru’s netforce (Gravitational or Magnetic Force) exposed shall be!”

“Lahmu Mars) in its circuits (Orbits) on the Sun’s other side shall a station take.”  “From the netforce (Gravitational or Magnetic Force) of Nibiru, Earth in the heavens protection shall not have!”  “Kishar (Jupiter) and its host agitated shall be!”  “Lahamu (Mars) shall also shake and wobble!”

“In Earth’s great Below (Antartica), the snow-ice of the Whiteland its footing is losing!”

“The next time Nibiru the closest to Earth shall approach, The snow-ice off the Whiteland’s surface shall come a-sliding!”  “A watery calamity it shall cause: By a huge wave, a Deluge, the Earth will be overwhelmed!”

On Nibiru great was the consternation, uncertain about Nibiru’s own fate, King, savants, and counselors about Earth and Lahmu also greatly worried.

The king and the counselors a decision made: for evacuating Earth and Lahmu to prepare!”

In the Abzu (South Africa) the gold mines shut down. There from the Anunnaki to the Edin came.

In Bad-Tibira, Smelting and refining ceased. All gold to Nibiru was lofted.

Empty, for evacuating ready, a fleet of fast celestial chariots to Earth returned.

On Nibiru the heavenly signs were watched, on Earth the tremors recorded were.

“The floodwaters I cannot arrest, the Earthling multitudes I cannot save”

“To what oath to bind me you therefore desire?” So did Enki his brother ask.


“To let it all happen as if by fate decreed, let it as Enlil’s Decision be known”  “On Enlil alone let the responsibility forever rest!” So did Enki to all pronounce.


His brother Enki Enlil then addressed, to him he was thus saying: “However if ever the calamity might be survived, let all that had happened be remembered.” “Let us tablets of records (Hall of Records?) in Sippar, in the depths of the Earth, safely bury”  “Let what from one planet on another done in days to come uncovered be!”


At that time word from Ninurta came: Earth’s rumblings (Earthquakes) ominous are!



At that time word from Nergal and Ereshkigal came: The Whiteland is shaken!


In Sippar all the Anunnaki gathered, the Day of the Deluge they awaited.


In the one hundred and twentieth Shar was the Deluge awaited.

In the tenth Shar in the life age of Ziusudra was the Deluge forthcoming.

In the station of the Constellation of the Lion (Leo) was the avalanche looming.

For days before the Day of the Deluge the Earth was rumbling, groan as with pain it did.

For nights before the calamity struck, in the heavens Nibiru as a glowing (Red) star was seen.  Then there was darkness in daytime, and at night the Moon as though by a monster was swallowed.

The Earth began to shake, by a netforce (Gravitational Force) before unknown it was agitated.  In the glow of dawn, a black cloud arose (Same description as in the Kolbrin) from the horizon.

The morning’s light to darkness changed, as though by death’s shadow veiled.

Then the sound of a rolling thunder boomed, lightnings the skies lit up!

Depart! Depart! Utu to the Anunnaki gave the signal.


In Shurubak, eighteen leagues away, the bright eruptions (Lightning) by Ninagal were seen: Button up! Button up the hatch! (The Ark) Ninagal to Ziusudra shouted.

On that day, on that unforgettable day, the Deluge with a roar began; In the Whiteland, at the Earth’s bottom, the Earth’s foundations were shaking; Then with a roar to a thousand thunders equal, off its foundations the ice sheet slipped!

By Nibiru’s unseen netforce (Gravitational attraction) it was pulled away, into the south sea crashing.  One sheet of ice into another ice sheet was smashing!

The Whiteland’s surface like a broken eggshell was crumbling!

All at once a tidal wave arose, the very skies was the wall of waters reaching!

A storm, its ferocity never before seen, at the Earth’s bottom began to howl!

Its winds the wall of water were driving, the tidal wave northward was spreading!

Northward was the wall of waters onrushing, the Abzu (South Africa) lands it was reaching. 

Therefrom toward the settled lands it traveled, the Edin it overwhelmed (Iraq?). Outside the storm’s wave the people overtook like a killing battle!

No one his fellow man could see, the ground vanished, there was only water. 

All that once on the ground stood by the mighty waters away was swept! 

Before day’s end the watery wall, gathering speed, the mountains overwhelmed!

After the immense tidal wave that over the Earth swept, the sluices of heaven opened, a downpour from the skies upon the Earth was unleashed!

For seven days the waters from above with the waters of the Great Below were mingled; Then the wall of water, its limits reaching, its onslaught ceased!  But the rains from the skies for forty more days and nights continued.

From their perches the Anunnaki looked down: Where there were dry lands, now was a sea of water.  And where mountains once to the heavens their peaks raised, their tops now like islands were in the waters. 

And all that on the dry lands was living in the avalanche of waters perished! 

Then, as in the Beginning, the waters to their basins were gathered, waving back and forth, day by day the water level came lower.

Then, forty days after the Deluge over the Earth swept, the rains also stopped. 

Mankind, all living things, off the Earth’s face are wiped out! 

No one except us few survived, but there is no dry land to set a foot upon!  That the waters of the Deluge to recede continued, and the face of the Earth gradually from under the waters was showing.

The mountainlands were mostly unscathed, but the valleys under mud and silt were buried. 

All that in the Olden Times in the Edin and the Abzu had existed under the mud was buried!

Eridu, Nibru-ki, Shurubak, Sippar, all were gone, completely vanished! 

But in the Cedar Mountains the great stone platform in the sunlight glistened! 

The Deluge we have survived, but the Earth is devastated! So did Enlil to them say.  All ways to recover we must assess, be it on Earth, be it elsewhere! 

Lahmu (Mars) by the passage of Nibiru was devastated! So did Marduk relate: Its atmosphere was sucked out, its waters thereafter evaporated, a place of dust storms it is!

The Moon by itself life cannot sustain, only with Eagle masks is staying enabled!  So did Nannar to the others account give, and then words of enamor he added: Once there, that it was Tiamat’s host’s leader one must recall, of Earth a companion it is, with it Earth’s destiny is connected! 

With satisfaction did Enlil all this to Nibiru words send; with words of concern Nibiru responded: The close passage that Earth and Lahmu (Mars) affected on Nibiru too much damage caused; The shield of gold dust was torn, the atmosphere was dwindling again!

Now new supplies of gold quickly were needed! 

Fervently to the Abzu Enki went, with Gibil his son to survey and search he journeyed.

All the gold mines were gone, by the avalanche of water they were buried.

In the Edin, Bad-Tibira too no longer existed, in Sippar a place for the chariots was no more!  The hundreds of Anunnaki who in the mines and Bad-Tibira toiled, from the Earth were gone!

The multitude of Earthlings, as Primitive Workers serving, by the Deluge were to clay (Buried in the) turned!

No gold can from Earth anymore be provided! So did Enlil and Enki to Nibiru announce.


On Earth and on Nibiru there was desperation. 


At that time Ninurta, his tasks in the mountains of cedars completed.  To the mountainland beyond the oceans once again journeyed. 


From that land, on the other side of Earth, astounding words he delivered: The avalanche of waters deep cuts into the mountainsides there tore!

From the mountainsides uncounted gold, in nuggets large and small, to the rivers below fell down, without mining can the gold be hauled! 

Enlil and Enki to the distant mountainland hurried, with amazement they the discovery viewed: Gold, pure gold, refining and smelting not requiring, all about was lying! 

A miracle it is! So was Enki to Enlil saying. What by Nibiru was wrought, by Nibiru was amended!

In the high mountainland on this side of Earth, some Earthlings have survived!

Descendants of Ka-in they are, with the handling of metals they are knowing!

Four brothers and four sisters are their leaders, on rafts they themselves saved! 

Now their mountaintop in the midst of a great lake is an island.

As the protector of their forefathers they me recall, the Great Protector they call me!

By the report that other Earthlings had survived the leaders were heartened.

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