Ning Basics

You cannot comment on a post unless you are logged in. Occasionally, the system logs you out, so if you don't see the Comment box, log in again.

You can create a blog post from 3 different points.

1. From the main page, near the top, on the right hand side is a drop down box called "Quick Add." Click on the down arrow and select the item you want. You have to click Options to be able to add pictures.

2. At the bottom of the Blog section there is a link "Add a Blog Post" (or at the bottom of the Discussion Forum there is a "Start a Discussion" link) on the left. On the right, you can view all prior Blog posts (or discussions) by clicking "View All."

3. "My Page" is accessed at the top of the main page. On the left, click on Blog Posts. This displays all of your blog posts. Above your picture is a link "Edit Blog Post" for fixing mistakes after publishing your post.

The left-hand column of the Main page shows Recent Activity and convenient links. If it says David G replied to such and such blog, if you click on David G, you go to his page, if you click on Reply or Comment, it takes you to his reply or comment, if you click on the title of the blog, it takes you to it, and so on.

If you posted a reply within a discussion you only have 15 minutes and you want to change it, you only have 15 minutes to do so. This won't work with a comment on a blog.

As you can see, the middle of the Main page contains the blog or discussion posts.

To upload a picture, first "Add a Blog Post," then click on the camera icon just above the "Entry" box. To upload a file, click on the icon just to the right of the camera.

The right side of the Main page links you to your Inbox, Alerts, Friends and Settings. Click on Inbox to pick up your ning emails, but you need to reply to them from your ning account. Email alerts are sent to your private outside email address as well. We send out notices to alert you to important items and these also appear in your outside email. There are settings to control whether you want these alerts or emails sent to your outside email. Click on the Settings link, then click on email to control these features. At the very bottom of this page there is a link to use should you choose to leave the group.

Besides the blog and the discussion forum, there are currently two separate groups (accessible under the Groups link on the navigational menu at the top of the Main page, or beneath the Discussion Forum). One group discusses earth changes and the impending pole shift. The other group discusses how to survive the impending pole shift. These groups started in January 2010 and are evolving. There are lots of great older blogs and discussion on the main page. You can use the search feature at the top right (to the right of the sign-out link) or click on the "view all" link at the end of the blog or discussion section OR by clicking on blog or forum at the top in the menu. Either way will give you a reverse chronological list (newest on top) of all blogs and all discussions. You have to click on the Groups link, then click on the group you want to access those. New entries to Groups are noted in the Recent Activities bar on the left side of the Main page, as well as new Blogs and comments, and Discussions and replies. So check there for the most recent activity.

If you can't figure out how to do something, just ask, either by starting a discussion or emailing one of the moderators/administrators or a friend on the blog.
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