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Prepare for Disclosure! A Message from Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 1, 2013

A different point of view about UCC filings, trusts, etc.  Also, some interesting information about twin flames...

Greetings! This is Sananda. I would like to address the issue of let down following the Cosmic Events of December 21, 2012. Most could not fathom Ascension coming to completion without seeing the other anticipated changes coming right on its heels. We are floating in an Anomaly Bubble. This will be a period of some months. We are doing this because more issues needed attention before removing duality permanently from Earth.

If you are reading this then you are aware that you are a Member of the Ground Crew. When you incarnated into this human suit then you came with One Mission, to Ascend Earth and welcome back your Galactic Family. I need you to dig deep down and come into your full maturity as a Sovereign Spiritual Being. Come into your Knowing. You Know by Knowing. Remember! I need you to stop wasting time by pleading for the same things again and again. Shhhh. Step back into the Silence and See What Is In Front of You. You are a Divine Creator God many times Ascended before. You have MADE IT. You are existing in the matrix programming of Earth but you are Not It. That limitless, boundless, ephemeral part of you exists in some form or another in this Multi-Dimensional Cosmos at all times. You are focusing your attention on Earth Ascension now. No matter what vessel your mind is bound to - you are never changing. You are That Divine Spark of Life from Source, the Force within your body. I need you to remember and act accordingly.

The Financial Issues

One of the greatest issues of our Time is the few who have enslaved the many. The goal has been to ruin the world governments by crashing the banks. That is not going to happen. You may have noticed Tim Geithner is gone now. The Treasury is ready for changeover. So many others you cannot see - tens of thousands are also gone. You have posted their resignations and have acknowledged those who have left this life.

Many have been circulating false hopes based on lies and phishing schemes. You know when you read this information that it is not true. It is hard to face up to your own deeds of going deep into debt knowing it could never be repaid. The argument always is as slaves you had little other choice because you would have starved otherwise. Now with creditors calling daily many feel trapped by their lack of fiscal responsibility. The tendency is to escape, surf the net for answers. Buy into schemes designed to string you along endlessly and make you wonder if everything is not a fantasy. This is a tragic mistake. Get rich quick and UCC claims are not going to work. Not the way it is being presented. You have not educated yourself on the issue deep enough to see the folly in their claims. You hang on to key words and buy it all lock stock and barrel without seeing what is to it. As long as you deny the truth then you will stay on a merry-go-round designed to torture your ego mind and sensibilities. Some ego minds talk people into suicide. It is this ongoing torture which only you can end by turning away from the lies.

NESARA Law is the basis for Spiritual Government. It holds within the solutions we have longed for to a bankrupted treasury, degraded environment, fished-out oceans, holes in the sky, and a corrupt political system that kills ideas before they are born. The Baby Boom Generation allowed these malignancies to fester under their watch. The Gen X and Gen Y and beyond deserve to know that humanity has already been found by Extraterrestrials and they are part of a Galactic Civilization. It is your responsibility (Yes. You.) to do what is needed to correct these miscarriages of justice. NESARA took a turn in history on 9.11.01 We have corrected all that was undone. Now we are in this Anomaly Bubble in order to bring everything to completion. I need you to STOP forwarding emails about pie in the sky dreams and take the action steps necessary to bring changeover. The dissolution of duality on Earth.

The Issue of Arrests

The arrests continue on the front page and behind the scenes. No time is being lost on this issue. These are occurring in order as a sequence of events leading up to changeover. When evolving within a duality consensus it is necessary to pay the price for misdeeds. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What has been taken from the WHOLE must be returned to the WHOLE. All is in Divine Order. No one will escape that which they have created. Great care and love is being made available to Dragons who are still here and still creating karma for themselves. All means available are offered in love. All that is needed is a return to love. There are Dragons reading this still wondering what they should do, fearing their time is over. We know who you are. We are always standing by to help you. You MUST ASK.

Integrating Wholeness ~ Connecting with your Twin Flame

Many of you pine for, long for, ache for contact with your Twin Flame. Within the light realms where your Highest Form, your Atma, exists as light you are constantly formed with your Twin Ray of Light. It is the other half of you, created at the same moment of your birth. You are never apart. You are exactly the same, one divine masculine and the other divine feminine. As you descend into the physical realm you exist as Twin Flames. You incarnate into a body. You both take turns being male and female. Most Twin Flames today have their Twin Flame remain on the Ships as they have incarnated to Earth and their TF assists their difficult Mission here with all the assistance from above. If you are not living with your TF now, likely your TF is on the Ships and not on Earth.

Those looking for their TF often join dating sites, go on endless dates over the years and they are always looking, looking. Their ego tells them with each new blind date THEY ARE THE ONE!

Here is the good news. It is possible to dissolve the ego and understand the truth. You are never separate from your TF. They are just on the other side of the veil. They can and do see and hear everything you do. They know when you think about them and they long to speak with you. Instead of looking outside for them, One must go within. The sooner you take this step, the quicker you will be reunited. I need you to begin an intimate relationship with your WHOLE SELF on the INNER. Integrating Wholeness is a step required in Ascension.

It is easy to do. Begin an internal conversation with your TF ongoing throughout the day. When you open your eyes, send them Greetings. When you go through your day, comment to them on the inside about the events in your life. Go to bed early and tell them everything bothering you and all of your hopes and dreams. Talk to them. You must say it. Make it a daily habit. You will find they are listening. They will find ways to let you know. Do not delay this next step in your progress. If you find yourself in a committed relationship and you are not sure how to proceed REMEMBER! This is not about sex. It is NOT about romance (though it can be) This is about INTEGRATING WHOLENESS! You are having a conversation with your other half, the other half of you that is never outside of you. This will make you a better person, better friend, better lover. Allow yourself to comprehend this and hasten to build this relationship on the inside.

The Tales Being Told (Whistle blowers who have lost their lives waiting for Disclosure)

The few wishing to control the many have over the years used weaponry that was brought to Earth from the future. They have taken the lives of the whistle blowers. This has lead to the Truth Embargo. Others who have evidence of our Galactic Family are forced into Silence because they fear for their lives. youtube is over run with Truth Tellers and so the few have employed shills  to mock the whistle blowers and have the weak minded among you fenced away from the truth. Look at the history of the Majestic Documents and the people associated with telling the truth. Look that up on your little computer. Understand that spending time on the illusion holds you within the Anomaly Bubble. How long is up to you.

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure

You have created through your diligent efforts to change everything a way out. Together as a Collective you have brought forward into reality a Citizensʻ Hearing on Disclosure. Full Galactic Disclosure is THE ISSUE of your time because through revealing the secrecy kept by your worldsʻ governments it remedies the monies needed to solve all the other issues. We The People must face up to the lies in order to shift attention off fake politicians and onto solving Humanityʻs suffering.

I need you to educate yourself on this issue and understand that until we have Disclosure we cannot have World Peace, an end to Mass Starvation or the other solutions for problems plaguing the Planet.

We do not know when Disclosure will happen but we do know that what you have created a cure. The Citizensʻ Hearing on Disclosure will effect the timing of Disclosure. As you throw yourself into this project whole heartedly you speed forward to the dissolution of duality on Earth.

Abductions and the Galactic Federation

There was a time period on Earth were ET Abductions by a small group of negative extraterrestrials was rampant. The Galactic Federation is made up of positive benevolent Extraterrestrials who came here to free Earth from the control of these Ones who invaded the bodies of those abducted and stop the practice. These surgeries, experiments and implanted pregnancies were very real. They were a violation of the Prime Directive. The Galactic Federation comes straight from the Godhead with the Company of Angels and Archangels to right this wrong. Those violating the Prime Directive are Intergalactic War Criminals who will stand trial at the Solar Tribunal. These atrocities no longer continue. Those dark Ones have been driven out of Earth, although their Dragon conspirators still remain and cause havoc today. They have lost their power and they know it. The Anomaly Bubble allows those who have suffered abductions to have their say of peace. It also allows all of us to acknowledge We Are All One and we are responsible to bring back into the fold any who have made mistakes and wish to return to love. We cannot throw this issue into the Conspiracy Theory basket but rather must look at it and understand how it is connected to the Whole. A great deal of healing is needed and with that compassion.

Conspiracy Theory ~ A term used to keep you from TRUTH

One issue that has been hard to deal with is the Conspiracy Theory lie. The dark Ones took verbiage, took truth and added it to a false message. For example, HAARP was dismantled by the Galactic Federation long ago and is no longer in use. However, dark Ones tell you OH! This One uses HAARP. It is not true. The dark Ones take news that was true a decade ago and weave it into todayʻs news and it is no longer true. This creates a whirlwind of false flags of fear. The truth about the Galactic Federation gets twisted up and makes those still evolving afraid to believe in anything. Ultimately the confusion and especially viral emails makes it so it is very hard to discern what is real and what is illusion. I need you to stop blindly forwarding every new email you get. Think about it. Let the lies die in your inbox.

Connect with Your Highest Self and Let Go of All Meaningless Parts of Your Life

Right Your Relationships. Stop Fighting. Stop Hating. Turn your back on any relationship which holds you there. Go out on your Own. Focus on your own imbalances. Make yourself into a nicer person. Do not give me any excuses for bad behavior. STOP IT NOW! Be compassionate with yourself and get the guts to make the necessary changes which will lead to your authentic Self. Say You Are Sorry and You Want To Make Peace. Swallow your pride, it enslaves you away from love.

If there is a part of your life which is unbearable, for an example, if your financial situation is in dire straights you MUST make a choice. Either sell everything you have and pay off your debt OR embrace it. Be OK with the idea that you have decided to ignore it. Allow your Psyche to Become Empty. Go before God with an Empty Cup. Open Your Heart to God. Tell God you and your ego mind are OK with allowing God (that Higher part of YOU) to come up with a solution WITHOUT the need to analyze it to death. Tell God, you know that He is bringing your Highest Good Your Way and you receive it with an open heart. Tell God you are willing to be mature, patient - and wait. You will wait WITHOUT expectation. Tell God you know that pre-NESARA funds and Trusts of all kinds are duality thinking and not the solution. Tell God you have aligned yourself with the solution with an empty cup, an open heart and devoted unfailing trust. THIS DISSOLVES DUALITY and speeds forward abundance for all on Planet Earth.

Be In Joy! We Are Almost There ~ Dissolve Your Ego and Find Your Bliss

Do not despair as you face up to the TRUTH that Disclosure will likely not come before the Citizens Hearing. Take this gift of time to get your affairs in order because where you leap from in the old becomes where you can launch form in the new. Take your perspective Higher. Open to a New State of Mind in the Collective Consciousness. Everything is unfolding in a Sequence of Events. Understand if we move forward too quickly MORE LIVES will be lost and we wait as a compassionate act to allow ALL to come forward. In order to save lives a decision had to be made. In order to bring completion to the endless games and nonsense a decision had to be made. You are Warriors of Light. You know what is Right. Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong and always has been. Complete your Mission of Ascension for every living Being on your Earth. Die to the old. Let it Go. Become the New. Be Love in Action like NEVER BEFORE! Everything you have worked for, longed for, sacrificed for - is rushing to you now. Know that I am here and I love you beyond words. Call on Me and I am At Your Side Beloved Warrior of Love. Namaste! This is Lord Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, February 1, 2013. © All Rights Reserved.

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Comment by Jacks on February 5, 2013 at 8:27pm

Thank you for the signatures still need more only three days left

Comment by Jacks on February 5, 2013 at 8:19pm

This one says that the OPPT will not work.

"Buy into schemes designed to string you along endlessly and make you wonder if everything is not a fantasy. This is a tragic mistake. Get rich quick and UCC claims are not going to work. Not the way it is being presented. You have not educated yourself on the issue deep enough to see the folly in their claims. You hang on to key words and buy it all lock stock and barrel without seeing what is to it."

Comment by Jacks on February 5, 2013 at 3:08pm

I know what you are saying Steve It works for me as well!

Comment by Steven Harris on February 4, 2013 at 12:17am

Can never get enough of these "channeled messages" Always leaves me feeling great.

Comment by Jacks on February 2, 2013 at 10:26pm

Need signatures

we petition the obama administration to:

Require representatives from the Office of Science & Technology Policy attend the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in April

Disclosure Petition VI - the Citizen Hearing


On 9/22/11 PRG petitioned the President to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. The White House response on 11/4/11 from the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) stated, "The U.S. government has no evidence any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race. In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public's eye."

White House staff should attend the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure (, April 29-May 3, at the National Press Club when evidence the OSTP claims does not exist will be presented to the world's press

Created: Dec 28, 2012
Comment by Kim B on February 2, 2013 at 11:09am

I am still receiving on and off healing vibes from my friend and telepathic communication on a daily basis.  :D

Comment by Jacks on February 2, 2013 at 9:33am

The Energy seems to have a different tone to it as well

Comment by Peter S on February 2, 2013 at 12:07am

Interesting thought that we are now "floating in an Anomaly Bubble".

This somewhat seems to feel true - it does feel like we are still moving forward incredibly fast, but somehow at a very slow pace - as if in a "bubble".

Almost like how everything seems to slow down just before an accident - perhaps not the best analogy - maybe more like sitting on the top of a huge wave waiting for it to break so that its energy can be used to propel me/us forward.

So I just sit waiting and preparing in anticipation of the ride!


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