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Like others, I've been looking for the purchase order to confirm the US government has, indeed, purchased 30,000 guillotines.  No luck yet.  If the government were going to do something this bizarre, it would likely come out of black ops funding.  They wouldn't leave a paper trail. 

It would have been easy enough to dismiss, except that it was a retired FBI agent (Ted Gunderson) who started the rumor.  See,  So, for many people, the fact that he was an FBI agent adds credibility and, thus, there may be some truth to it, BUT, then again, maybe not. 

One reason not is the fact that Dave Hodges' Common Sense Show doesn't get shut down for all the speculative connecting-the-dots he is doing.  That is suspicious.  Sites with (1) big followings (2) that tell the truth about the government are shut down, journalists are killed.  Disinfo ops aren't. 

Governments always need a cover, or surface purpose, for their covert agendas.  The Georgia legislation could be one such surfpurp.  On the surface, it seems sensical to preserve organs for harvesting.  But when you look more closely, the flaw becomes apparent. 

Compare the amount of U.S. inmates on death row (a little over 3,000 according to, and then subtract out the (small?) percentage of those that would actually donate their organs.  I say small because those on death row are not exactly known to be altruistic.  So, why would 30,000 guillotines be needed?  More math reveals that 30,000 guillotines works out to 600 guillotines per state, far more than needed for an occasional execution, the epitome of overkill.   

The Georgia legislation, as far as I know, wasn't proposed as part of the 30,000-guillotine deal, though one author suggested it was.  It seems like it was a straw that was later grasped to legitimize the rumor.  Isn't it odd how some obscure legislation was picked up by the guillotine rumor movement?  It seems like it might have had a little help, you know, to help fuel the guillotine fire.  (Where would the Georgia legislator get this idea?   I can see that this type of legislation could possibly have its roots in the State making money off of organ harvesting (big business in China), which could incite more death penalty convictions.)

Another side of the argument can be found at  Snopes, as I have verified for myself, is pro-Obama, so read with discernment. 

And, another log that was thrown on the fire was the use of an international system of coding (in or by Obamacare) that listed death by decapitation-guillotine.  That rumor made the rounds, as you can see here:

Whether any of this is true or not doesn't matter.  What matters is the public perception has been saturated and many will never read any rebuttal.  Thus, another layer of fear porn has been affixed to public perception.

Given the various sides to the story, could the guillotine rumor true?  Or, could it be nothing more than an earlier layer of fear porn being resurrected (given another layer, this one of speculative confirmation) by Dave Hodges, and the "help" of others, that is building an increasing bonfire of anti-Muslim revolt?  

Now, take it a step further.  Could the importation of Muslims into the U.S. be another layer of fuel being added to the fire?  The rogue government in DC has overtly been trying to start race wars, and this new wrinkle looks like a potential religious war is being provoked.  Islam is still a threat, but the DC gang is using it to do their dirty work.

My senses say the rumor is a "true lie."  Meaning it was intentionally released, has significance, is concrete -- not in the sense that 30,000 guillotines physically exist in the US, but in the sense that they exist in people's minds as truth.  A psyop, in other words.  Fear porn.  As useful a tool as the real objects would be if it leads to civil war and depopulation.

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Comment by nimra' on July 1, 2020 at 1:32pm

 update   6-31-20 Natural News reported FEMA  has guillotines/ did not check it out / just noting the story is back 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on May 14, 2015 at 10:52am

Thanks, Nimra.

Keith, I'm not surprised.  That's why it was said that many people would find him credible, because of his former official status.  Of course, who did he work for, but the Fib-bers. 

And now, isn't Stew Webb coming under fire, or is it another guy at VT?

Comment by nimra' on May 14, 2015 at 9:09am

     good report ,thanks

Comment by Keith H on May 13, 2015 at 11:52am
Ted Gunderson I believe, was reported by Stew Webb to be Cabal in an interview.


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