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Resentment is hate; It really is quite as important to call for the complete cosmic annihilation of all resentment of selfishness & discord.

Mighty Victory explains about resentment – the cause of all lacks in our lives and the origin of all evil on earth:

Now you know why I offer you my love and invite you to come into the garten of my heart, for no resentment can exist there – none whatsoever! There is no resentment in the flame of my victory which I can direct everywhere, and I do direct it whenever it is called into outer action! So as you are willing to call the powers of the sacred fire into action in the world about you, to burn away all human qualities and pour the perfection of my cosmic flame of cosmic love, forgiveness, and victory into all the substance and energy you contact, so shall sixty percent of it take away from your atomic structure, the discord which outpictures as illness or age or distress.

Resentment, my dear ones, in business activities and in home condition too, is ninety percent of the cause of financial failure or financial lack in the activities of mankind. You cannot have supply when there is held about an individual the frightful vibratory action of hate or resentment. Now remember, resentment is hate; and from this hour henceforth, never for one moment forget that! It really is quite as important to call for the complete cosmic annihilation of all resentment of selfishness and discord. Resentment should be handled individually, because mankind have charged forth so much of life’s energy qualified with the feeling of resentment, and they have felt justified in doing it! That is the biggest mistake of all. That is self-deception; that is hypnotic control and suggestion to life. That is why in the orthodox world of today, such frightful conditions come in, because when they discuss things of a religious nature, the devotees on both sides feel they are justified in hating someone else who does not agree with them. The feel justified in resenting something that did not agree with their own opinions! Therein, my dear ones, have come the frightful tragedies of war; and in this present one (*World War II), you will find the battle is between communism and those who recognize God.

I plead with you from this hour henceforth, do not allow any of your life to go forth charged with resentment to feed one second longer the frightful, frightful conditions of the outer world. If someone does something to you that is unjust, something distressing or downright vicious and wrong, draw your wall of blue lightning from your “Mighty I AM Presence” instantly! Ask the other person’s “Mighty I AM Presence” to take command and shut it off, and see that it never touches any energy, substance, or consciousness in the universe again! Go into action and make your call, and know that you are the master authority of the cosmic flame of cosmic love’s forgiveness! Then you are my victory, if you will do that! You can be dynamically positive against every condition that is wrong or vicious, but you do not need to hate! There is a vast difference! You can be as positive as dynamite against a thing, but you do not have to hate – and resentment is hate!

SGP#09 – I AM Discourses, VI, p. 447
December 10, 1944 – Chicago, Illinois

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Comment by Kim B on September 15, 2018 at 3:20pm

When being subjected to abuse i can see how that can cause resentment.  However for someone holding resentment because for example the other person likes to spend time with animals is totally ridiculous and that person who holds such ridiculous resentment needs to work on themselves. 

Comment by Walk&Reflect on September 15, 2018 at 3:34am

good message that resonated with me. Resentment over abuse from others, especially in the work place by self entitled silver spoons, has often gotten in my way. Getting rid of resentment is no small task.

Comment by Kim B on September 14, 2018 at 9:59am

For people who resent others, they need to work on themselves...

Comment by Kim B on September 14, 2018 at 9:58am

Jealousy also fuels resentment and crap templates.

Comment by Kim B on September 14, 2018 at 9:57am

I have been resented and its possible i still am.  Just Unbelievable that people would resent someone due to their passions in life.


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