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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Good Stuff:

They are still saying announcements in a few days giving Americans a chance to return from the Olympics first.

Said that they are taking down Bank of America which will become Washington Federal.

Said that the FRN will devalue by 50%, so like a loaf of bread will go to $11 for a short while and then drop to prices in the 1950s.

Money in the bank will be exchanged 1 for 1.

If you need money for food, the banks will make you a loan until things change.

The most important thing said was "O" is on the run. He went from South America, to Australia, to Mexico, and now believe he went to Canada. They said he never thought this day would come. Remember that Zap just said about shutting down HAARP, "Maybe the next president will do it."

BofA was involved in a lot of criminal activity on behalf of the Cabal. They were one of the places that they kept the Freedom packages which were by protocol to be the first Prosperity Program delivered as arranged by Bush 41 and they kept them on the road between BOA, Treasury, White House, ect., so they could not be delivered nor could any other of the programs that were to follow. They even had Homeland Security remove them fro UPS planes on the tarmac when they were to be delivered and put them on the road again. When the money was traunched in to Leo Wanta's account at BOA for the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol funds, BOA sent them on to either JP Morgan or Chase where they were hidden in a secret account. When the Chinese were traunching in money for the RV, and sent money to BOA of which part was to be sent on to other banks, they refused and placed the funds in the "roll" program to make money for themselves. They were involved in the fraud of the purchase of AIG. When they got the bailout moneys from the government, rather than move it to the economy making loans to businesses, they kept it for themselves. They had some honest bankers who were ready to do the right thing and had come to a meeting in New York. They were on Sully Sulenberger's plane that ditched in the river because it was hit with a missile that was meant to kill them. They have been involved in so much of the cabal's crimes that they deserve to be taken down. The Chinese even bought controlling interest in BOA before traunching in the RV moneys. It is now to be Washington Federal.

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Comment by Keith H on February 27, 2014 at 1:42pm

We can only hope this is a sliver of truth. That would be a godsend if O never returned to DC.


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