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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on October 29, 2012 at 12:09pm

Page 3 is a repeat of Page 1.

Sandy's Hook: How Unusual Is This?

Jon Erdman,Nick Wiltgen Published: Oct 26, 2012, 6:07 PM EDT


Tropical cyclones with central pressures at or below 960 millibars passing within 200 nautical miles of Atlantic City, N.J., Montauk Point, N.Y., Bangor, Maine, and Halifax, Nova Scotia.

How Unusual Is This Track?

In the historical best-track database, there have been only 6 hurricanes with surface pressures at or below 960 millibars (lower pressure = stronger cyclone) within 200 nautical miles of the Eastern Seaboard north of Virginia Beach, Va. to have also made a U.S. landfall:  Irene (2011), Bob (1991), Gloria (1985), Esther (1961), "Long Island Express" (1938), Unnamed (1869)

Interestingly, not one of these particular landfalling systems occurred in late October.  The two most recent examples occurred in late August.  Gloria, Esther and the "Long Island Express" were in late September.  The 1869 hurricane was in early September. 

Not in this list was Hazel, which made landfall as a category four hurricane on October 15, 1954 near the N.C. and S.C. border, taking a quick northward path into eastern Canada as an extratropic....  A total of 195 were killed in the U.S. and Canada, with severe rainfall flooding in Toronto.

What about the "Perfect Storm" you ask?  Despite the significant damage from coastal flooding, beach erosion, and high winds, the center of the "Perfect Storm" never made U.S. landfall.  While it's the pressure gradient that ultimately drives wind speeds (VIDEO), the lowest central pressure of this historic storm was "only" around 972 millibars.  This storm ahead could have a significantly lower central pressure!

Sandy's Hook: How Unusual Is This?

Jon Erdman,Nick Wiltgen Published: Oct 26, 2012, 6:07 PM EDT


Upper-Level Pattern

Upper-Level Pattern

The Pattern Behind the Track

In this scenario, we do have an arriving polar jet stream which would normally guard the East Coast from approaching hurricanes.

However, the atmosphere over the north Atlantic Ocean is clogged.  An upper-level blocking configuration called a "rex block", high pressure to the north of low pressure, is acting like north-south wall, preventing the typical west-to-east movement of weather systems over the Atlantic.

Now, enter Sandy.  With its eastward progression stonewalled, Sandy is forced north.  Furthermore, the powerful polar jet stream trough approaching from the central U.S. would provide strong lift in the atmosphere.  Even if Sandy is not entirely a tropical cyclone, this additional lift from the jet stream trough would further intensify the cyclone, similar to how a classic Nor'easter forms in the winter months.  

How unusual is such a potentially intense storm this time of year threatening the Northeast seaboard?  Click here or the next button above.

Comment by elizabeth foster on October 29, 2012 at 11:12am

please note that this link no longer works, if you happened to download this info please post


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