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  • All Nuclear Weapons have been neutralized, there is the missile and their is explosion but no Radiation period. That is one of the Big Dispensations The Mother/Father God have made Clear!

    Law of Attraction: What you spend time on comes to you weather it is positive or negative!, same as what the Cabal Internet/MSM is doing is flooding both with things that are not really happening but if enough people go to these and let them have your power it will become so!

    While you are at it we create with our minds w/emotion so when seeing a chem-trail keeping it your mind w/emotion that it is only water vapor! And so it will be SO!

    Hears another one:

    Empowering the Governing Soul of America

    Empowering the Governing Soul of America

    Transmission going on NOW! Help restore true democracy to the United States government and its entire nation during this pivotal election year. We are Building the Field for Divine Governance  Our Transmission is Starting Now. Live stream or download the Mp3! The rumblings of a political revolution are being felt all across the USA.

  • Yep  and right next door there genocidal friend Israel may have 300. They just dropped one in Yemen and sent two into Syria.

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