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Senate earlier this week discusses mandatory vaccinations...

Pray that they do not succeed!! ......................

For those who aren’t up to date with politics/senate hearings, please read: 
This week (3-5-19) there was a senate meeting addressing Mandatory Vaccines on a federal level.
Translation: EVERY ADULT and child in the US may be FORCED to receive ALL vaccines that the CDC says to. THIS INCLUDES THE FLU SHOT.  
You would lose the right to choose what is injected into your body.
There was discussion about how to enforce mandatory vaccination for adults, which included:
*Denying adults their ability to renew their driver's license, professional licenses, and hunting/fishing license. 
*Denying new or renewal passports. 
*Withholding tax returns. 
*Denying health insurance.
...unless proof of vaccinations is submitted.   This doesn’t mean childhood vaccination records; it would mean boosters on all childhood vaccinations (because they wear off after a few years), proof of ANNUAL flu shots, and ANY other vaccine the government decides we should have.
This effort will affect EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN. 
Here’s how we can all help: Call this number 202-224-3121 every single day for the next 9 days and tell them your state and zipcode and then they'll redirect your call and you tell them you DO NOT consent to mandatory vaccinations. 
Those still in support of stricter mandates—consider this:
According to the CDC (source links in the first comment), currently:
✅ 73.1% of adults (18-49) OPT-OUT of the flu vaccine. 3 out of 4 adults—parents of school-aged children (where stricter mandates are being proposed)—used their own medical CHOICE and decided NOT to get the vaccine last year due to low efficacy and reported side effects.
✅ 15% of parents OPT-OUT of the chicken pox vaccine for their child because many feel chicken pox is a mild childhood virus, and not risky enough to require a vaccine.
✅ 51% of teens OPT-OUT of the full HPV series. Half of U.S. teens and their parents utilize medical CHOICE each year by deciding NOT to get the full vaccine series due to the reported risks and adverse reactions associated with the vaccine.
✅ 10% of parents OPT-OUT of the Hepatitis B vaccine for their child because many parents do not agree with giving a newborn/infant 3 doses of a vaccine for a sexually-transmitted disease that is not transmitted through casual contact.
Did any of the above scenarios👆include you? Have you EVER skipped a dose...ever? What if you couldn’t. People don’t seem to realize they are exercising VACCINE CHOICE every single time they decline even one dose of a “recommended vaccine”. More and more of the CDC recommended doses are becoming mandated for school entry, or as a condition of employment. Because every single body is unique, medicine—including vaccines—should not be universally prescribed. And because there is guaranteed harm to a certain percentage of individuals, medicine—including vaccines—should never be mandated. 
To Recap: Most Americans are selectively vaccinating themselves or their children. The majority of adults are nowhere near “up to date” on the the CDC adult schedule, and many pro-vaccine parents opt-out of certain doses for their children. Removing exemptions with stricter mandates takes away that right to opt-out of even one dose, so you may want to think twice before lending your support to one of the dozens of bills popping up all over the country. This is bigger than simply believing in vaccines. You can be pro-vaccine and still support medical choice—it’s one of our most fundamental rights. 
Medical choice works for all of us...even you.

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