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I received this article by an esoteric astrologer who also mentions the New Madrid line. For those of you who are into astrology or predictions, you may find this interesting.

The solar eclipse of Cancer 2010 takes place on 12 Jul 2010 at 5:33 AM AEST (10 Jul 10
7:33 PM

UT). It is a total eclipse, but will only be visible from the southern part of the Pacific
Ocean. It is a member of
the 146 Saros family of eclipses, which began on 19 Sep 1541. That series is

marked by uncertainty in loyalties, a need for reassurance, fickleness, but also the

ability to move through that and further cement bonds as a result of emotional trials by fire, so-to-speak. This

eclipse is the complement to the lunar eclipse we just had (and it was a lovely one to watch here in the

southern lands). The proving or disproving of ideals and attachments is a key theme with both of

these eclipses, but particularly with the one under consideration. This indicates a marked

disillusionment, hopefully of a positive sort, and it will eventually bring healing, although a ‘healing

crisis’ will be in evidence first. The first eclipse of the 146 series had a stellium in Libra,

with Venus at the midpoint of Mercury and Saturn, with Neptune opposing, indicating the disillusionment.

However, Mars was in sextile to Saturn (rebuilding and building for the future) and Venus was in

applying sextile with Uranus (help from unexpected sources, unusual alliances and sudden insights).

Mars and Uranus were conjunct then, further highlighting the suddenness of events, independence

of thought and action, and the healing crisis.

In the present eclipse we see the Sun and Moon at the 20th degree of Cancer, the
Sabian symbol for which reads:

Venetian gondoliers giving a serenade.

This festive symbol would appear to be in stark contrast to the somber tone represented by
the Saros series. It would also seem to be contraindicated in the figure for the present eclipse, with the t-square on cardinal points and the Saturn clash with Chiron and Neptune, both of which are opposed by Venus, and with that same Venus/Neptune opposition being a feature of the first eclipse of the 146 series. No, the image of singing gondoliers just does not seem to fit with present astrological conditions. What exactly is there to sing about in the world? Well, there is much more to this symbol than singing and romantic images.

Water is always a symbol for emotions and life in general. As Dane Rudhyar in An Astrological Mandala has rightly pointed out, Venice is a city that literally sits on top of the water, like a lotus risen form
the muck and mud of the pond. What this symbol is really trying to impart through this eclipse is
the idea that, instead of getting lost in the water (life in general) and the twists and turns of the city
canals, we should rise above any emotional concerns, keep our course firmly in mind and use the oar
of calm-abiding to see and propel us through. This symbol is a distinct reminder of the happiness
that can be had when one conquers inner turmoil and gets on with life unperturbed by the surrounding karma working out. To use an analogy, water is
not an obstacle if we have a sound boat and a good oar. The ‘boat’ and ‘oar’ in this case are simply whatever techniques we have to place the mind in calm and focused state.

In the eclipse figure the Sun and Moon are in a close sextile with Mars which accelerates anything that comes up around the event or its subsequent activations. That sextile can be a bit overwhelming for people, but if the eclipse falls on planets or angles of your own chart be assured that you will have whatever energy you need to work through whatever challenges the eclipse represents. At the same time, though, we do not want to overwhelm those around us who may not have anything they have to particularly work out as a result of this lunation.

There is no eclipse lord by conjunction in this figure, but Neptune is the esoteric ruler
of the sign the eclipse
falls in (Cancer), thus making that planet, along with the Moon (the orthodox

ruler), the lords of the eclipse. The Moon and Neptune both rule over the oceans, hence we would

expect some kind of events associated with the oceans or big water, and both planets have dominion

over the emotions in some way. The general state of the emotions in this chart is not exactly


Although the Sun/Moon conjunction is well-aspected to Mars, Venus (the other indicator of

emotions) is opposed to Chiron and Neptune, as has been mentioned. Also, there is a classic
Magi heartbreak
clash with the Saturn linkage to Chiron and Neptune. However, Venus is trine to

Pluto and linked with the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, indicating powerful magnetism and help.

People will be there for us if there are trials to come from the eclipse. That conjunction is

part of the t-square mentioned before, however, so its benefits to Venus depend upon how the rest of

the t-square impinges upon it.

Regarding water and the emotions in connection with this eclipse, I had a look, as I previously mentioned, over the past week at various countries and some of the states within the US.

There is a fair amount of spin going around on the net about the possible ramifications of the

spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and I wanted to see what the astrology showed around it over the next

few months, if not years. It was quite interesting, especially with regard to the southern states

along the coast of the Gulf, and I will get to that in a moment. There was one particularly dire possibility

that has been mentioned on the net that bore investigation, and that was that the cracks appearing in the rock seams surrounding the oil volcano might theoretically trigger an earthquake in the New Madrid seismic area in the Bootheel region of Missouri.

The New Madrid Quake of 1811 was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in the US
and there were over one thousand quakes in that area from 1811-1812, to the extent that a lake

was created due to the shifts in the earth’s crust in that area (Reelfoot Lake). The

Mississippi River runs through that area and it was actually seen to run backwards at one point during the


According to one source, earthquakes in the New Madrid region have their origin in the Gulf.

Whether the Deepwater Horizon event will cause a quake in the New Madrid region is
debatable, but I will
tell you that my preliminary astrological investigations do not show that a

major quake in the New Madrid seismic area is immanent – certainly not in the State of Missouri.

Instead, what I see is a great amount of upheaval for the Gulf States, especially with regard to the

populace, the national mood and agricultural issues in the area.

The general theme that runs through the states that lie along to Gulf of Mexico for the
next year or so is one of
general discontent and public outrage. It is fairly obvious anyway, is it not?

Tourism is a big draw to the Gulf as well as the fishing industry, and if the water is fouled

with oil it tends to put a damper on people’s holidays and jobs in that region. I don’t mean to seem

flippant here.

I see a particularly difficult period in store for Louisiana and Mississippi, with
major solar arc activity
from Mars and Neptune for Louisiana and Saturn to the Descendant of

Mississippi. I do not, I should reiterate, see a major earthquake at this time, although I do not have a

foundation date for New Madrid, MO, only the year (1808). Interestingly, San Francisco is in for major

events in 2012-2014 with first Mars and then Saturn progressing to its horizon in that period. The

eclipse will affect the Gulf States of Mississippi, Florida and Texas via the Moon in their charts

and New Orleans via its Chiron. New Orleans had Neptune on its ascendant by solar arc when Katrina

passed through and it will have Mars on its meridian in a couple of years. It might interest

astrologers to know that the Moon of the Deepwater Horizon event was conjunct the MC of the New Madrid

Quake (22 Cancer), not that there is any physical connection, but the real point to be
made here is that the few
degrees on either side of this eclipse are strongly indicated in both events

and several US states. In fact, the third quarter of Cancer seems to figure powerfully in major world

event charts, especially bombings and disasters.

If you want to know how this eclipse will affect you, if at all, look back at your life
from the period of Oct
1992-Oct 1993. In October of ’92 there was a triple activation of the Jul 1991

solar eclipse at the 19th degree of Cancer by Mars, Uranus and Neptune – life-changing stuff, that. It

was ‘finished’, by the final passes of Uranus and Neptune over that point toward the end of ’93. It ushered

in the constitutional crisis in Russia under Yeltsin, the nuclear test by China which ended the de

facto nuclear test ban, a large battle in Mogadishu, Somalia with US forces and the Killari Quake

which killed 10,000. If your life was uneventful during that period then this eclipse will likely

not affect you. That eclipse was of a different Saros series (136), which is particularly hard

series, having its start at 0º of Cancer. The present eclipse and series is nowhere near that tough. If

your life was completely turned around in the early ‘90s, then breathe a sigh of relief, for this time

around it will not be nearly as difficult. The present eclipse we are considering receives only Sun

and Mars activations. The Mars activations come at 2Jan11, 2Sep11, 13Dec12 and 12Aug13.

The Chinese astrology for this new moon and event bears a look, too. The auspices of the
45th /46th tetragrams
for the 11th/12th resp. read as:

Enlarging a house on crooked foundations still produces a crooked house. (nighttime)

All things
left unattended, however great, fall. (daytime)

The two symbols are similar in a way. Both of them refer to the foundations upon which
our actions take
place. If we are inattentive to or ignore what underpins them, then the outcome

will be questionable at best. At worst the entire structure of a course of events could come

crashing down.

What is to be done, then? To pay attention to what wells up within us is paramount at this
time and with the
activation times just noted. One should take careful notes on what is taking

place at the moment if one is to know what to expect at the activation times. If one’s own chart is

unaffected then no special care is needed after the eclipse. Basically the main course of action

is to stay calm in the midst of any difficulties that might arise and to stay one’s course if the course is

correct. As the Buddhists say, keep a calm mind and let the karma work out around you. If the

course one is on is not correct for what one needs in life then one will soon be shown the need for a

change. If we do not buy into the dramas then we create nothing that has to be worked out in the future,

regardless of whether we have to abandon an endeavor or not. In fact, if we can
keep a cool head and see the best possible outcome, work toward that and
celebrate it, then we can live to the best result of the Sabian symbol for the

This eclipse refers to possibly having to make adjustments to one’s course, but never to the
ultimate outcome if
we can see that we are on a sound course and footing. It is a bit like crossing

a running stream. We might have to jump back and forth across the rocks on the way across, but the

object is not to fall in and ultimately to get to the other side. There is no need to fear the

stream, or to have trepidations about what we are doing. All this might sound a bit trite, but I have seen

firsthand what the eclipse holds because it affects my own chart strongly and the attitude just described

worked quite well for me. Nineteen years ago when I last had an eclipse on that point my life was

turned upside down. It was both painful and joyful at the same time. I left an entire life behind,

but the one I created after the fact was better than I could have hoped for, and that was a powerful

South Node solar eclipse. If I had known then what I know now I could have made even better

effect of how I have lived since then, but I knew what had to do and that my course was sure, even though

there was no certainty in the outcome. There have been many ‘bends in the road’ for me since

that time, but at least I have learned to have an easier mind about things and just let certain matters

work their way through.

Every ‘karmic interlude’, as it might be termed – that is to say, every situation
that we have to go experience
rather than freely choose to go through (and yes, it does seem are certain

things we have to experience and that are ordained before we come into this life, both because of

our own choices in past lives and because of the collective choices that were made when we were

members of groups, communities or nations) – has several main features: a time element, certain

actions that must be undertaken and mental/emotional resolutions as a result of actions undertaken and

time allowed. A friend mine has said on several occasions that time is the great healer. One of

the biggest problems we have when we encounter one of our karmic interludes is that we want it to be

finished almost as soon as it starts if it is a difficult one. We do not wish to allow enough time

to let the lesson, the true blessing, soak in. We want it all and we want it
now. How much better it would be if we could
just enjoy the ride and listen to the gondolier (an analogy for one’s higher Self) sing our cares away
and give us some answers. Everyone around us and especially those locked in a drama with us
would appreciate if we could do that, and vice-versa. The journey would go a lot quicker.

Our friends in the Gulf States are in no mood for singing, though, needless to say. The oil
spill will
eventually ruin BP or cause its restructuring, more from post-disaster civil suits than anything

else. The
astrology for the company is very stressful and indicates either a ‘death’ or a

major restructuring of the life of the company. The ramifications of the oil washed up on the

beaches and the loss of animal life will be with us for many years to come. People living in those

areas are angry and rightly so. Maybe this collective anger is what is needed to effect a major change in

our energy policies. I do not know what will happen around it all and I can see many possible


There is very big money involved, many lives encumbered and affected, basic power
structures in
government and industry that are directly threatened by a negative outcome from

the spill and subsequent suits. There is talk of a possible coup if a hurricane comes through and

disrupts the area.

I think that is a lot of scaremongering, but stranger things have happened. You can believe
this, though: The
governments of Britain and the US had better think things through very

carefully and not act too harshly or foolishly. I wonder how many people see the ultimate stakes here.

BP employs tens of thousands of people and they are not the only players in the Gulf. If BP is shut down it directly affects hundreds of thousands of people through loss of income and the uncertainty that would
generate. People calling for the seizing of BP should realize that would not be likely to happen and
that it would have international ramifications. There are some very vexing matters to be addressed
about the spill and none of it will be effectively solved by calling for blood on any side. Yes,
those responsible need to be held accountable. Yes, the mess needs to be cleaned up. Yes, safeguards
need to be upgraded and enforced, and on and on. None of the answers will be easy and all of it
will take a lot of time. Draconian measures will not help and will only exacerbate matters.

Yes, this event ups the ante on a lot of fronts. I do think Deepwater Horizon is going to
bring about major
changes in many areas of life, especially for the US, but that in itself will affect the rest of the world. Watch
what happens around that scenario carefully, for the ripples from it will affect us all for a long
time to come.
What is
being called for through this eclipse and this period in world history is a
more measured way of
acting and clear heads. The only thing we ever really have any control over is

our own mind, but we have no idea the power that a calm mind can wield in a troubled world. It is a

remedy that can sweep away a lot of negativity. Only a calm mind can create better conditions

for the future, both in this life and in future lives – especially in future lives. Perhaps a brief

quote from A Bodhisattva’s Way of Life might be helpful in that regard:

Now, having paid my body its wages,

I shall turn my life to something meaningful

And, relying on the boat of the human body,

Free yourself from the great river of pain.

As it is hard to find this boat again,

This is no time to sleep…

My wish for us all is peace of mind and true happiness. Every birthday and Christmas my Dad always said that was basically what he wanted. It’s not a bad wish, I have found. I always thought he was a bit
flippant in his answer when I was younger, but the years have shown me that he actually
really meant what he said. The path may be crooked, but a calm mind will always assure a good
ultimate outcome. May it be thus for us all. I hope this eclipse and its legacy is a source of joy when all is
said and done.



11 Jul 2010

These letters are sent out as a gift and a service. If you feel so inspired, feel free
to pass them on, but do so
without charge or alteration. If you wish to be added to or deleted from the

mailing list, please let me know.

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Comment by Kim B on July 13, 2010 at 2:54pm
Interesting. Several different prophets (Marian/Jesus visionaries) have been mentioning the New Madrid and California recently, but have not listed a timeline (like usual).


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