South America Is Getting Ready To Roll

There are those who say that talking and informing people about a pole shift and Nibiru induces fear or that the motivation is to scare people. This simply isn't the case. It has to do with informing people on what's coming so that they can prepare and be as ready as possible, to try to save as many lives as possible.

The reason that we inform people is not out of fear but out of love. It has its base in the positive and not the negative. If it were the other way around, with the Zetas or us not saying a thing, then that would be a bad thing. Speaking out on this matter is a good thing we believe.

What we are about to say is not being said lightly. We have come to a reasonable certainty that a major earth change is about to happen. Back on 3/3, Gerard was feeling like some islands in the Caribbean were going to disappear within about 3 weeks. This was just after 3 waves that were 33 feet high damaged a cruise liner. Cheryl had a vision of seeing the western So. American coastline in bright moonlight with a dark line she felt was a tsunami rapidly approaching shore, and Gerard saw islands disappearing along the southern Caribbean plate area in a vision. This site was consulted and noted that the next full moon will occur on 3/30. Cheryl noted that was a lot of 3's and mentioned it, noting that 3/30/2010 was 3 + 3 + (2+1) = 333. Then Nancy was informed by a reliable contact who told her that she was sensing 3's involved in the next big change. So what's with all the 3's? We'll find out it seems.

After discussing it all with Nancy, she got some ZT on it:
Many contactees are in the loop as the 3 of you are, told WHAT to expect but not WHEN, as is the rule. Even prior to recall Gerard had the sense that S America was to be involved soon in a major way, rolling such that the Andes build and the Caribbean Plate is crushed and pushed down in places. Cheryl had the sense of a dark line moving toward the Andes, representing a tsunami as the roll will push down the Nazca Plate such that water will drop into it and then have no place to go except toward the S American spine. Calculations are something that are constantly re-evaluated, with all such contactees in the loop notified. The sense you had that more casualties were to be expected was due to a somewhat shortened time frame for some of these earth changes to begin. Those who were working with contactees, to get them to abandon their existing lives and move early to safe locations, are disappointed, thus. The visitors always hope for the best in these cases, and have a strong sense of mission.

Today, Gerard is sensing that the time is now to issue a warning. Thus, we issue this warning to those with interests in these areas…get ready NOW!

[Update 07/12/2010: The Zetas have said that we will reach a 7 (of 10) before the end of this year, so this potentially could be that event.  My opinion.]
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  • All for ONE; One for ALL!
  • Well, I shouldn't have said... under no tyranny... that was a bit harsh and I am trying to control my tongue. Just yesterday or the day before, I was actually on this site, my dining room light fixture started lightly shaking.. about 30 seconds or so... has done that before, when we had the quake in Ontario... so contacted the USGS and no quakes reported of any magnitude, but I was wide awake when it happened... so will keep an eye out, also. NE Ohio.
  • Hugs back!
  • After going through my older pictures, I realized that the "3" thing did materialize, but in a different way than we expected. Right around 03/30/2010 earth changes really started heating up...the magnetosphere was turning white hot on the pressure and Nancy was pointing out other things that had started (via email at the other ning, which is now gone). I will post those things here if and when I remember what they were. So, I think the "3" thing was valid after all.

    And here is another story about numbers. The big Chile quake had just happened on February 27, 2010 (at 03:34 local time, which I just found out). I was getting recall several days prior to that quake. I was seeing the number "8" in regards to something else, when suddenly a second "8" popped up and I was looking at two "8's"...88...and the Chile quake happened a few days later, registering 8.8. Whoa! Gerard knew about it when it happened but I never shared it publicly.
  • Brilliant! I will leave this one here for everyone to restart discussion and I will make a copy and keep it in my drafts folder as I piece together the old comments. Big hug for you, Dianna!
  • Why not have the old one as a 'cannot add responses' type, like an archive file, which you can keep adding to as you have time. Then, start a new discussion for us here, since this is a new day, and we are a new group, under no tyranny.
  • Okay, some of the comments have survived! I can restore them but it will take time. Plus if people start posting here things will get confused. Any ideas on how to approach this? Or is it even wanted to have the old comments restored?
  • I didn't have time to copy the comments. There were over 2,000! And the "3" thing never materialized, at least not for March 30, 2010. But who knows what the future holds.
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