April Gardner April Gardner:

2/23/2011 About 4:15 PM EST

Dear Sir:

Thank you for responding.

I have been reading much of the arrival of c/2010 X1 (Elenin). To verify that the 3600 year orbit is accurate, I thought I would share with you what I found today (when I got home from work) that is proof that «Elenin» was here before and the 3600 year orbit it correct. There was a man named Mozi, and he was a follower of Confuscius and his writings were compiled and put into a volume set titled «Mozi». What is in parentheses is written by me as a point to surrent time events/theories: In Book 5 of Mozi, Mozi writes of the end of the Xia Dynasty, which gave rise to the Shang Dynasty. Mozi recounts, from the oral tradition handed down, that the climate experienced extreme changes (raging cold in Europe), the paths of the sun and moon were altered (pole shift?), withering crops (change in weather?) and supernatural events (comet?). Mozi also recounts that the «Sun came out at night» (comet?), and «Blood rain» (debris from the comet, whcih will occur because the sun’s heat will melt and cause its «tail» to expand and drop on us after it crosses our orbital path.) Some believe it was froma volcano, I do not. Anyway, I went to school to be a physicist…I am a school teacher. If things remain the same…and they do…have to get a plan together! Actually, I started about three weeks ago. I will write back to you about my other opinion Mass of c/2010 vs. Mass of Jupiter. Did you know that there are direct correlations between the conjuctions and gravitational pull and earthquakes? I am sure you do. Thanks for writing back. April P.S.: Thanks for spreading the word. Someone had to, and God chose you.
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