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I know there are a few people here who used to be involved with Nancy and maybe some others who follow her zetatalk stuff or are just generally interested in aliens, so might find my experiences interesting.  About a year and a half ago aliens injected themselves into my life in a huge way.  I also now realize it was these same ones who have been directly involved in my life from the beginning, but they now engage me directly.

These aliens claim to be the Zetas, though it is of course impossible to say with any certainty or authority exactly who or what something like this actually is, or to say what their agenda ultimately truly is.  So far they aren't very nice to me.  At first I thought maybe they were just kind of frustrated with me for having not done enough awesome things with my life, which I thought was fair enough.  They quickly went out of their way, however, to try to convince me that they weren't being justifiably-upset parent-like figures, but were in fact being deliberately mean to me, and that I shouldn't be okay with it.

This has gone on ever since, with them constantly trying to play weird mind games with me, saying and doing anything they can think of to try to get a rise out of me.  They have repeatedly attempted to goad me into "fighting" them, "busting" their abhorrent behavior by telling people how they treat me, that sort of thing.  For a while the whole thing felt like some weird sort of test, perhaps seeing if I would let anger and vindictiveness get the better of me and put personal bullshit ahead of the greater good or the greater "message" (of zetatalk for instance).  It's been going on for long enough that at this point I rather expect them to just keep trolling me indefinitely, without any kind of resolution or evolution of this experience.

Eventually I asked Nancy if these are really the Zetas and why they treat me the way they do.  She sent back a private zetatalk stating that I had asked to be mistreated in this life because I mistreated others in a past life.  That explanation perfectly fits (in a twisted backwards sort of way) with the completely backwards nature of this whole experience.  In fact, that's been a pervasive theme throughout all of this: a lot of stuff out of what I refer to as the hypothetical "Abuse 101 handbook" - all the weird mind games and backwards things an abuser says to you to try to justify their behavior and get you to continue to go along with it.

One such thing being to tell the abused that they brought this on themselves, the abuse is justified, and even that they in fact asked for it.  Other examples (that are also recurrent themes in my interactions with these aliens) include "I abuse you for your own good" and "I abuse you because I love you."  Going further down the list of favored tactics in the Abuse 101 handbook we also have gems like occasionally bestowing gifts upon you to keep you feeling conflicted and make you feel guilty about trying to stand up for yourself, along with pleas to just put up with the abuse a little while longer because it will all get better some day soon.  (Hopefully for anyone experiencing abuse of any kind, it goes without saying that "some day" never comes.)

At this point, the intense shock and awe of interacting with aliens on a daily basis has mostly worn off, and I'm simply left to smirk at their attempts to troll me or draw me back into silly mind games.  Beyond possibly being some strange test of character or fortitude, another aspect to that angle seems to be to test if I would blindly take them at their word that they are the Zetas, and then, when prompted to do so, run around trying to slander the Zetas as being psycho and abusive.  My primary instinct with this experience has been to do my best to just ignore it, and resist any urge to engage with it too much or allow it to influence my decision making.  Certainly I don't want to run around claiming to know stuff like a fool when I don't actually know what's really going on.

I also, however, have an incredibly strong affinity with openness, truth telling, honesty, being straightforward and forthcoming, standing up for what's right, standing up to what isn't right, and dealing with darkness by shining a light on it.  I also feel strongly that a person has a sort of scientific / sociological obligation to document an experience as mind-blowing as continued daily interactions with aliens.  Ultimately, I feel like perhaps the best way to approach my experience is to simply describe it as honestly, accurately, and objectively as possible, taking care to point out that it's impossible to really know anything with any certainty, especially when it comes to stuff like this.

For now, I just wanted to make a post confirming through my own experience that aliens are not only real, but they are here in a big way!  Perhaps someone might find that interesting or useful.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 24, 2020 at 10:35pm

Nancy has some low-level psychic abilities, so she could be playing games.  I don't for a minute believe their treatment of you is for your good.  It's abusive.

Comment by q on December 24, 2020 at 9:53pm

Cheryl, they imply that that's who they are.  Until I'm sitting in a room with Nancy Lieder and her aliens, and they are like yep it's us, it's impossible to know what's what, who's who, or what's really going on with any of it.

The main trick these guys use is telepathy.  According to zetatalk lore at least, only the "good guys" use telepathy.  Of course, just because Nancy's Zetas self-identify as good guys doesn't necessarily mean that's actually the case, and even if they are, it still doesn't mean any particular thing they've said is necessarily honest or accurate.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 24, 2020 at 3:05pm

q, would it be right to say that these are the "Zetas" that Nancy hangs with?

Comment by Kim B on December 24, 2020 at 2:33pm

"Things that are not righteous will be exposed and stripped bare" 

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 24, 2020 at 7:20am

Thanks for posting, q.  Higher-level beings would not act this way, as they resonate on the frequency of love.  It's probably best to just ignore them (if you can).  These lower-level entities feed on negative emotions.


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