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  • It only looks worse. The Great Divine Light is Shinning on it exposing it (it looks worse because it was hidden)so it can be dealt with, it is also got an effect of waking others up bringing in more Divine light! Everything Changed on Dec 23rd 2012! All of Lightworkers were about to be removed I floated above my bed for a week til Mother Earth decided to allow everybody to rise with her! Has never been done before in the entire Multi D's Universes' 12 know and #13 being Created soon By Beloved Sanat Kumara!

    U don't want the veil to be removed to soon there are things around that will scare U sh_tless!  That is way David Wilcock says not work on U third eye first, but last.

    I sent U a ebook did U get it?

  • Wm, it doesn't surprise me they would not sell healthy stuff.  It does seem like when I finally find something good, it quickly disappears.

  • Journal 095...

    Top of p.49.  This was written back in the 90s, so it is probably too late to do anything.  If anything, the world seems to have gotten worse.


    By Jesus Sananda, Lord Michael & St. Germain
  • I actually believe we got past that and even jumped the time line for that!


    “The cataclysms will begin WITHOUT WARNING! Everything will happen so fast, you will not have time to think! Think on these things NOW!"

  • I have also noticed that if it was Good for U it was removed from the list of things that was available to be ordered by all Groceries stores in including Walmart! It just stopped be on the shelves when ask they would look it up, and was not even on list of things that could be ordered.

  • Top of p.49

    “There is still a chance--a SLIGHT chance, that this great upheaval can be avoided. However, it will take extreme cooperation from you people of Earth--co-operation unlike you have ever exhibited before in this age.

  • “The cataclysms will begin WITHOUT WARNING! Everything will happen so fast, you will not have time to think! Think on these things NOW!

  • Yes the Thoughts of everybody believing in Satan made it so. And so when found by the Company of Heaven Prime Creator Gave him two options to be given Light and become a real entity, or be scattered to the wind! The Created by Man entity (Satan) with there thoughts," asked for the Light of God from God and so Blessed! So he is not working for the Dark side anymore!

    Now there was Archangel Luther a supposed fallen Angel that basally an undercover operative for Father God and also has returned !

  • Note the words "appropriate ones," meaning don't do nothing because someone is going to do it for you.  I have also noticed the vegetable sections (freezer and canned) in Walmart are not as abundant as they used to be.)

    Man should lay up stores and provisions, for seasons shall not be as kind to Earth as man has known in the past. Man’s time of great bounty and food abundance will greatly be altered. Space Brothers stand ready, however, to render help and instructions in that area. Food substances which will suffice for survival will be given to appropriate ones on the planet and, properly prepared, will be quite palatable.

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