I worked in Germany at  an Aeronautics and Aerospace research Institute as a teenager. It was quite an honor. I was selected from thousands and worked wih NATO Security Clearance and 124 PH's and myself.(a teenager)


I have 34 inventions.Most of these inventions cocern 'waves'. and converting 'wave enegy' to other forms of energy.


I have spent most of my adult life focused on earthquake waves, seismic and audio waves.


I was asked by Cheryl, my opinon about various surival enclosures.


I have a 'perfect solution".


I came to the conclusion that the 'design' must deflect ...without..causing turbulence. It must be smooth..After going thru all shapes and all the characteristics I came to the conclusion that the perfect shape is a disc. It can smoothly deflect all waves, from every direction.  Cutting everything short.... because I type with one finger at a time. Here are my conclusions.


I thought: what would be the perfect design? ..then I thought what would the ultimate design ..of the future be?..then I asked what indication or clue would exist which would lead me to 'get a glimpse of this futuristic design'?.


 I thought of several things at once and started noticing that the perfect design for surviving a disaster on earth is exactly the same as interterrestial travel vehicles..which would travel to harsh and extreme climates and conditions on other planets.


I recognised that there is no 'air in space'; therefore, drag considerations are unimportant..in space. I, also, realised that our primitive..first attempt..vessal is a rocket..a rocket is designed to carry fuel that uses a controlled explosion to project it..with minimum drag  forces.


The most sophisticated design to travel to harsh planets is the same as the design of the ultimate earthly survival enclosure...only the propulsion is not a controlled explosion. It must be 'moved' by another means..such as, magnetic field manipulation, anti-matter (taking advantage of manipulating the 'glue' that holds all matter..of every kind.together..in our world) or some other means.


Bottom Line: The Ultimate Survival Vehicle or enclosure for surviving all the various kinds of 'wave disturbances' that we experience on our planet is the same as an interplanetery travel vehicle...( just add ceramic polymers for deflecting heat and a few other gizmos) and you have a Flying Saucer.


Is it another co-incidence that the ultimate design for surviving the extremes of planetary surfaces..happens to be the same design that we have concluded that 'space travellers use'?


I have a sense of humor ..I won't tell you that Flying Saucers exist..absolutely..but I guarantee you this..no design can survive our collective disasters on earth..like a disc that is held in place hovering, a few feet, over the ground with superconducting magnets. This is something that we can build..NOW!

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  • BTW, your moderation of comments is still on.
  • Thanks, Doug.  I agree sacrificing banksters would definitely make our world a better place.

    If you saw the movie Broken Arrow, there was a ground wave after a nuke was detonated underground, so I get the visual.

    The scenario I am referring to is Comet Elenin and what's following behind it, allegedly a heavily magnetic brown dwarf planet 4x Earth's size, coming within about 20 million miles.  If this comes about as predicted, it's magnetic influence could stop rotation of Earth and there could be a crustal shift of up to 90 degrees, tectonic plates slamming into each other.  Of course, if it's trajectory changes for whatever reason and it passes Earth further away, it wouldn't be so destructive.  But one has to plan for worst case scenarios.  As for little time left it will be happening Aug-Nov, covering the approach, the passage, encountering the debris trail with the second, massive object a month or two behind.  See this blog for dates:  https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/elenin-update.

    You referred to an aboriginal structure.  Do you have more information, a link, how to build one, etc.?

  • A boat is a seismic resistant platform. I lived on one for 6 years but in this case ..no go..won't work. In an earthquake the poole water would get splashed out and the boat would be smashed to pieces on the sides..if the pool itself didn't smash to pieces..too.


    I thought of all the possibilities. The design I came up with will work and it will work very effectively.

  • Dear Cheryl:


    I thought that I had disconnected moderation and the comments were automatically posted.


    To answer your question. The simplest earthquake design can be built for less than $1,000 if you use the Original ancient India aboriginal design.


    If you use carbon then it woulkd be expensive. If you use fibreglass it will be less. I wouldn't use concrete but maybe plywood.


    Regarding 1,000 mph You need to understand a little more about earthquakes and what really causes the destruction. There are at least 1,000 different elements, in the equation, which determines the amount of destruction that will take place. Years ago, I actually wrote the equation. It was 10 pages long.

    Speed is only one of the factors.

    I can tell you that Einstein's theory of relativity simply put means that the resultant force is directly proportionate to the speed of the mass. I would be much more concerned about the Magnitude, closeness to surface and immediate soil conditions rather than speed.

    Also, I can tell you..( as someone who has actually jumped up, in the air, over an earthquake....... as an earthquake wave lifted the concrete road up, formed a visible wave (like an ocean wake from a boat passing by) in the air and went past me. I had 3 people with me. On my 'count' we jumped over the wave. I believe this would have snapped our legs in to pieces and thrown us like a catapult..if we hadn't simply jumped over it.


    Hovering over an earthquake.neutralises the effects of the earthquake...an effective cabling design would be the next best thing.


    I don't know anything about 'time being short'. I do know that man's greed is 'ripping hell' out of our climate and environment. But I do not see any reason to think that the internal forces binding our core, magma, and surface movement is being disrupted. In other words I don't see it changing by anything man is doing.


    Regarding destruction from another celestial body interferring with or changing our 'clockwork' like process which keeps our world 'together' I can only go on logic and reason. Considering that our world has survived for billions of years and the last major interference which caused massive extinctions was 100 million plus years ago. ...I would think it imporobable that it would happen any day soon.


    Of course, the world will end..as all things in existence end. This is the way of the universe but there are more important and relevant things to worry about.


    To me, the concept of 'surviving ' a major disaster is NOT just an ummediate concern..it is a long term..multi-faceted process...and it doesn't hurt to get ready for 'all hell breaking loose'..because 'all hell is breaking loose'.

    Hanging some bastards on Wall Sreet by a lamp post will do more to 'save our world' than any other action.


    These are my thoughts.

  • Sorry, Doug, for the duplicate.  I forgot you moderate comments and I didn't see mine and thought it didn't send, so I sent it again.
  • Doug, interesting theory.  Is it viable?  Could the average person make one with common materials?  There is so little time left. 

    Prof. Jim McCanney believes that there will be a 1,000 mph ground wave at the point the crust shifts.

  • Is this something the average person could build using average materials.  Time is so short now.  Any ideas for plans on how to build one?
  • Dear Jason: My computer is only typing one out of 3 letters I hit.. I'll fix it tomorrow. but regarding ORB's ..the answer is no..orbs ; that is globes, make too much pattern distortion and would blow away like a balloon. DISC is best.
  • yes! You are right.That is the whole point....but aother initresting point..the disc makes a perfect laboratory design.
  • Dea Jason:

    Not really the same..A house would still be destroyed by hurricanes, tornados and much more. Even if te disk sat on the ground it would still survive ..almost everything...liquifaction would be a minor problem and a carbon based body would endure the seismic waves.

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