Tolec -- Inside the Ships -- June 2012

Primary biosphere is a galactic U.N.  Has many dignitaries on it.  "Extra protection" because of dignitaries aboard implies some sort of threat exists.  Size of Pluto.

Pleideans are involved. 

Setoria, is defense biosphere, extra armament, shielding, volunteer warriors. 

Next is Sarsta, the engineering biosphere (planet), multiple technologies, focus on creating matter, replication tech, transpotation, housing structures, clean air, clean water, spaceports, food replication, mfg of starships, small scoutcraft, large city-size scoutcraft. All tech the A.C. has available, all are 4D technologies, after all changes happen, all will be available post-January 2014, and this world is functioning in 4D.  Sarsta is the size of Venus.  All people live and work inside the planet, not on the surface.  All biospheres have a complement of about 65,000 people. 

Viara, Communication biosphere, size of Mars, intergalactic and interstellar multi-dimensional communication center.  Specifically for the Milky Way galaxy.  Telepathy and vocal communications.  Do due diligence on A.C. applicants on their communication abilities. 

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