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  • It would be a much different world now if there were no interference. 

  • Every which way that can be dreamed up.  Imagine what uninterferred with health would be like.

  • Oh boy is it being interfered with.  

  • "We are having to intervene in the organic processes, which have run out of time for the human collective to reach the optimal levels of DNA activations required to safely integrate an acceleration of frequency. We have been given special permission and clearance to directly intervene in humanity’s awakening and to assist with reconnecting the templates because the organic (ascension/evolutionary) process is being negatively interfered with beyond humanity’s ability to achieve an ascended state on its own. Therefore our assistance is required to bring forth the alignments that will allow the flow and integration of intense light frequencies and shifting affecting your planet in the weeks and months ahead."

  • By whatever means, do what we can to achieve the goal!

  • Much of what is in this message has been spoken of over and over again in Jesus/Marian prophecies over the past few decades.  The only thing that has been left out of this message is to PRAY (BVM knows what is best and has been encouraging prayer like crazy).   This helps to set the stage for an easier ride!  

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