10958063479?profile=originalSee the BIG FISHY?

A whale of a tale's been told of old.10958063492?profile=original

Add the states and listen to the debates.

Speaking of Tail, lets take a peek up the Seat.

Examine a bit closer!
A finger pointing may help everyone see, what it be!!

10958064081?profile=original10958064465?profile=originalThe writing is on the wall. Daniel 5:22-25

Is that Washington D.C.. I see?
located all the way up the Whales anal canal???
Yes, There it be.

10958064482?profile=originalI think it be sooo, and a whale of a story
we been sold.

Praying for better days!

Our country needs healing...

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  • LOL!!! This was too funny.........good one!  Needed that.

  • LOL!

  • Thank you, Alesiah.
  • Amen, Sista Alesiah!

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