We're glad you're here. We have just a few simple rules. The Golden Rule is one: treat others as you want to be treated. In other words, be courteous. We have many different viewpoints and beliefs here so this is a point that will be enforced. If you find someone who is not courteous, notify the owner by email or the “Report an Issue” tab above and the necessary action will be taken. DO NOT RESPOND TO DISCOURTEOUS PEOPLE. This takes the wind out of their sails.  Thankfully they are few and far between.  This group is generally well behaved and respectful, and we intend to keep it that way.

We suggest that you read some of the blogs and discussions to get a feel for the culture of this ning. Then jump in and share your information about earthchanges in your area or your preparedness information or discuss spiritual preparations. We even post poems and songs, and occasionally diversions and jokes to keep the morale up, because we are focused on a heavy topic.  It's inevitable that we go off-topic, but the moderators will give gentle nudges to get back on topic.  Some people have mistaken us for a technical group.  We are not a technical group, just ordinary people with an interest in the topics we discuss. 

A number of people here already accept the existence of Planet X and the coming pole shift. However, if these are not your realities, that's okay. But, you should prepare for disaster no matter what you choose to believe. 

It is our intent that this blog be a safe space for discussion of contactees, UFOs, crop circles, Planet X, earthchanges, end time prophecies, alternative scientific and spiritual views, and such. While recognizing the many different spiritual points of view here and the importance of spiritual preparation for the coming cataclysms, we ask that this site not be used as a platform for proselytizing or debating religion. However, we do allow discussion of religion along the lines of preparation and end time prophecies. 

While we post relevant news articles, if political debate becomes divisive the blog or discussion will be closed with no notice.  No personal marketing outside of these guidelines:  https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-marketplace.  Please keep discussions limited to earthchanges and related events and know that your odds of surviving them increase when you prepare for it.  However, just like the rest of life, nothing is guaranteed.

Also, be aware we are not a dating service.  We maintain a family atmosphere on this site.  Your personal picture should not be provocative.  Everyone needs to be wearing adequate clothing in their pictures.  Pictures wherein you are wearing skimpy clothing (or conveys otherwise provocative ways) will result in immediate suspension.  We also do not allow any form of negative images, whether personal or otherwise.  For instance, someone was using a dark version of the Joker from Batman as his personal picture and many people here found it disturbing and offensive.  We will not give notice. Just don't post negative pictures.  If you have a question whether a picture is okay or not, please ask first before posting.

In regards to dating service spam, we act fast because, if we don't, it gives their spam time to circulate.  There will be no appeal of these types of suspensions.  Occasionally, one slips through.  Please, do not respond to any communication from them.  Instead, please use the Report an Issue Link in the top navigational bar.  This will send your report to the owner and all the administrators.  If the issue is in a blog or discussion, please send the link.  On a related note, if you receive private emails from someone asking you to contact them and giving an outside email address, it is likely spam.  We advise you to ignore it.  Sex spammers are after your wallet.  

While it is okay to post personal pictures because we consider ourselves a family, this group is growing, so please limit personal pictures on your profile page.  Videos should only pertain to things related to earthchanges and related things. Also, if you are new to the Ning blog experience, please see the link for Ning instructions.

This site is configured for the Discussion section to be used for posting relevant earthchanges news and the Blog section for everything else.  These sections are intended to be applicable to everyone.  Most groups are open, but a few are members' only.  Groups allow messages to be sent to all group members and, if members only, also provides added security for group discussions.  Groups keep Google from landing your sensitive information into their public cache which can be searched.  

A few final things: if you are new to sun-watching, here is a blog that will help you understand the images and charts occasionally posted here: https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-interpret-nasa-and.  If you don't understand something, just ask. Most knowledgeable people here are always glad to help, so don't be shy. 

We also recommend that you use a fictional screen name because of the Google cache issue, if you need to protect your privacy for various reasons, such as background checks, employment, etc.  If your email changes, update it in the Settings link (in the box below your Inbox link).  If you don't, you can still sign in.  However, you will not receive broadcast messages, which are for members only, so it is in your interest to update your email address when it changes.

If you need to reach a moderator or the owner immediately, look at the chat window to see who is on line.  If you click on a name, a menu opens and you can click on private chat.  This causes the Administrator you select to have a blinking window.  Of course, if we are logged on but away from our computer, it doesn't work, but it's the best thing we have.  If the Admin you select doesn't respond quickly, try another.  Who's an Admin?  KeithH, KimB, and me.

If you change your residence or email address, please let us know via private mail.  Changing your residence changes your IP number and changing your email, while still allowing you to log in, will prevent you from getting broadcast messages.

And, lastly, you are not to ever give out your login or let anyone else use your account.  Your account is for you and you alone.  Should you allow it and it is discovered, it is grounds for instant suspension. 

These rules have been effective in maintaining the peace of this group.  We value free speech and find it works well in this environment.

We hope you have an enlightening and enjoyable experience here at earthchanges.ning.com. 


Cheryl Nelson, Owner

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  • More info on Cheryl's Golden Rule.


  • You're welcome, Ellen.  It's a public service.

  • I don't know why it took me so long to sign up.   Glad I am here now, and thank you for all you do.

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