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  • Interesting indeed!

  • I was looking through my old NASA files, and stumbled upon the following image.  I don't know where I found it, don't know if it's been photoshopped into a heart shape or what.  I uploaded it in 2010.  However, I wonder if it's the same as the orb with lights.  They both have seven lights...

    2891255442?profile=originalThe orb with lights:


  • The race of ONE!

  • Maybe not those, specifically, Bill, I don't know.  I pulled the image from what you posted and ran them through the Photoshop filters.  But I have caught some myself.  So very cool!  What race controls the orb with lights?

  • All of those are your Ships Cheryl and they are letting you know, when you take pictures!

  • She is a Channeller and has very strong connect meaning that her veil is very thin!

  • Who is Christine?

    Here's my photoshop images... yes, it's that orb we've been seeing with the lights on it.  It shows up on the Film Grain filter further below...






    See for other images of this object...




    See the arc above the orb in this next image?  I saw a similar arc (upside down) following an orb that showed up in one of the images I capture (the one that was right above me that day). 


    **************************************************************************************************, orb over my head with the upside down half-arc "wake" or energy stream:


  • c1d02e7a-a9d9-42de-aafd-b7c3469ac7d3.jpg?a=1124445151300


    Photos of Christine's Security  Ship.  
    Confirmed by Ashtar.   July 2015.
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