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I posted this as a comment in another blog discussing a timeline but think this topic needs more exposure.  ******************************************************************************************************************************************

No matter what timeline you choose to follow, just keep preparing.  Don't let things like timelines lull you into complacency.  One reason to keep preparing is that survival food is still available.  We don't know what the case may be even in the latter part of this year so don't delay in this regard.  Also, keep in mind that the price of oil influences the price of food, one of many factors that is pulling prices into an inflationary situation.  Even if food is still available, most of us will likely be struggling just with current needs and won't be able to afford any extra. 

I also remember in one of Professor McCanney's publications (the Survive PX pamphlet you can order from his website at that he anticipates a deluge of rain in the four months before the passage and four months afterwards.  The rains will continue to increase until it becomes impossible to repair the infrastructure, which means roads won't be repaired, trucks can't run, etc.  If the economy collapses before then, then you would need to have a supply of food in addition to the pre-passage rains.  I would have at least a six months' to a year's supply of food (canned goods, packaged goods, things with a one-year shelf life and be sure to rotate it as long as you can) just to get you from the point of being unable to get food/supplies/equipment up to the passage and then at least two years' more worth of food consisting of at least a minimal diet for after the passage (staples like beans, rice, honey, virgin olive oil, dried goods, etc., all of which have a longer shelf life).

At this late stage of the PX game, there is no time to lose when it comes to preparing.  The more people who are prepared means the less that will suffer in the aftermath, not only because the prepared can take care of themselves, but because many of those who are willing and able are preparing to help others as well.  That means less violence committed out of desperation on the part of the unprepared.

Also consider as that brown dwarf moves closer to Earth the changes will continue to escalate; in other words, it won't go zero to sixty in thirty seconds.  The changes will continue to escalate, both in quantity and intensity.  Eventually something big will snap, but overall you will "see" it coming even before it is visible in the sky just by watching the increase in earth changes. 

I suspect however that once something big does happen (and that can include more than just a tectonic plate moving -- tides rising worldwide, a first-world city evaporated by an incoming bolide or a massive earthquake, Rush Limbaugh swallowed by a sinkhole, whatever...the possibilities are endless) you will see a panic that will suck up survival commodities in a heartbeat.  Then whatcha gonna do? 

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Comment by Buckworth Jackson on March 7, 2011 at 6:00pm

Many moons ago, I drove a big rig, just for something to do. Memphis is full of warehouses and transit - transfer points..

Lots old bridges, narrow freeways, all kinds of choke points. 

Comment by Buckworth Jackson on March 7, 2011 at 5:58pm
Good post ... don't stop even  for a  week.  I don't often agree with Nancy Linder, but she did say '.... so how many orphans you going to take care of".
Comment by Kim B on March 5, 2011 at 6:45pm
Yes good advice. 
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 5, 2011 at 12:18pm

You're right, Shadow.  With an earthquake it can go that fast.  I was thinking of PX when I made that comment, but you are absolutely right about 0 to 60 in 30 seconds.  (And not just earthquakes, a dirty bomb or any other kind of false flag on US soil, super severe weather, you name it.) 

And we have also seen in the news how the US gov't is requisitioning a lot of survival goods for that area, and major suppliers of survival foods are being tapped out.  This is another way survival foods can disappear quickly, the gov't ordering all their supplies, even creating laws in an emergency (or maybe these laws are already on the books) that the suppliers can only sell to the gov't.  Many, many possibilities, seen and unseen.


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