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Why you shouldn’t try to escape America to avoid the coming collapse (and subsequent chaos)

Advice for choosing a location to make it through the social chaos
Mike Adams

People ask me whether they should leave their home country and move to somewhere else to escape the social and financial chaos on the horizon.

Based on what I've learned in the last ten years, my answer is, "Stay where you fit in." You can't escape globalism, and it's better to be considered a "local" than a "foreigner."

I've posted an article and video about this to help in your decision process.

Click here for the article and (short) video.

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Comment by Byron wilkins on July 20, 2017 at 12:42pm

So it seems we have a problem here without going to another country. Mike Adams went to Ecuador a few years ago and set up a community and to find out he really was not welcome especially for the long run. I was at that time thinking of the same type of move.   

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 15, 2017 at 12:07pm

Appalachia!  Everyone born and raised in Appalachia is a local and everyone else is a foreigner.  No kidding.  We "ex pats" (those from other parts of the U.S.) band together because that wall is unbreachable.

Floyd County is the worst.  They kept Walmart out.  When the Food Lion opened a pharmacy, they drove it out of business.  Now the local pharmacy sold out and CVS bought in.  I went in the other day, all new faces, no local people, and no business either.  Their fatal mistake.  They fired the local people.  Taking bets on how long CVS will last.

Just because your family is from Virginia doesn't matter.  My grandpa was from Virginia, but he was a "low lander," out of south central Virginia.  You have to be a hill person to belong.  End of story.  You will either be greeted civilly and then ignored, or just ignored out right. 

They have a curious code.  I have had men hold the door open for me, but won't look at me, and say nothing when I thank them for their courtesy. 

Comment by Wm on July 15, 2017 at 8:20am

Ozarks! Everyone that is born raised in the Ozarks is a local, and everybody else is a foreigner. Now that you are established as a foreigner, and need the Locals to build there are going to be costs over-runs, it's like there doing it on propose, People have run out of money trying to get established here because of that very reason. And have when back to where they came from to get there old jobs back so they could come back to there homes that are not finished.

Ozarks in two states and whoever made the borders could of made the Ozarks as a state for less conflict but I guess that was their propose!

Some believe the Civil war and other smaller wars was started Burger county which there is a book written and the county is now Dougles. It festered here and moved to where everyone thinks it started, well that is what I getting from the folklore here.

Many stories like that across the states even where the Smith's & Hatfields maybe on was established the other was the foreigner that moved nearby.

Well thinking on it a while, each and every state could be there own country!


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