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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been on the lookout for some of you who have achieved a certain level of mastery in your lives, because those of you who are leading the evolution of consciousness movement are significant and your numbers tell us what the rest of humanity is ready for. Beings from all across the galaxy, like ourselves, are constantly taking the temperature of humanity to see what you can handle, energetically, and what information is going to serve you the most.

There are enough masters present on planet Earth today to warrant giving you the transmission that we are giving you right now. We want you to recognize that you don’t always receive the transmissions in the way that you think you are going to receive them. Sometimes our transmissions come through the animals, and sometimes they come through other humans. Oftentimes, it is the trees and the other plant life on your world. They act as receptors, and when you connect with them in nature, you receive our transmissions.

This particular transmission is designed to give you back some of the strands of DNA that were stripped from you a very long time ago. You see, it is that easy to reclaim something that was once lost to you. If you take the time to connect with the animals, with Mother Nature, and with other high frequency beings, other humans, you can receive the activations that you want.

This is why disconnecting from your electronics is so important. This is why meditation is also important, because when you are meditating, you are disconnecting from those devices, and you are opening yourself up to higher frequency beings who are not human. With the number of awakened masters on your world right now, the time is right for receiving these DNA upgrades. So please, for your own benefit, make sure you do.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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When you say to all human creation or the individual, “You have no power,” the very force with which you say that, is the impelling – well yes, we could say the “compelling” force that releases from the “Presence” that Almighty Power of Light which not only knows that that is true, but goes forth and charges your feeling world with that dynamic Repelling Force that would, in a short time, make it impossible for anything to intrude into your world.

You could keep charging your feeling world twice or three times a day with the Perfection of the “Presence” and the Power of Light; an in a short time, it has to take on that Power that is absolutely pouring out like a river when you make yourself Invincible – but you cannot do it if you keep accepting human irritation and disturbance and critical feeling in your feeling world. You keep annuling it all the time.

It does not make any difference what somebody else does. Don’t let it affect you. If they make a mistake, that is their business; they have to pay for it. Don’t let anything get you irritated or disturbed. That is the greatest thing in the world.

SGP#13 – Beloved Saint Germain’s Talks, XIII, P.235

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I COMMAND the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love and Beauty from Beloved Venus, produce the Victory and Beauty which I desire within and around every atom of my body! I command this to become visible and tangible to the physical sight of all mankind!

Decree 264, “I AM” Venus Decrees, “I AM” Decree Booklets, Book Four, From Saint Germain Foundation

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UNMASKED: The Hero Who Brought Down Obama and the Democrats

When I speak of the hero who brought down Obama and the Democrats, I’m not talking about the American people who elected Donald Trump.

I’m not even talking about Trump himself, certainly a good candidate for this distinctions. 

Instead, I’m talking about a man whose name you likely haven’t heard.


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When sufficient Self-control is attained

Saint Germain:

When sufficient Self-control is attained, it enables individuals to hold the thought steady upon a given desire, likened unto the flame of an acetylene torch held immovable. Thus thought and feeling held upon given desire unwaveringly, with the consciousness that it is the “I AM Presence and Intelligence” thinking – that it is God in Action – then will they understand that they may bring into visibility, precipitate into visibility, whatsoever they desire.

Vol. 3 – I AM Discourses, VIII, p. 90
Saint Germain Press, Inc.

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Don’t let me get incapacitated!
Never let me get irritated –
Not even a little aggravated!
Fill me with the Violet Consuming Flame (3)
Before I get exasperated!
Prevent my human getting exaggerated;
And compel all human creation annihilated,
Before it can exist another instant and before
it is too late!


Decree 36, Violet Flame – Part Two, “I AM” Decree Booklets, Book One, from Saint Germain Foundation

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“The true focus of revolutionary change is never merely the oppressive situations which we seek to escape, but that piece of the oppressor which is planted deep within each of us.” ~Audre Lorde
We are told what to think almost every day. We are less often taught how to think.

From mainstream media to social media. From “real” news to “fake” news. From Facebook political pokes to Twitter Trumpisms. It’s getting more and more difficult to navigate the wide-open waters of the information age.


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Morgan Le Fay May 28th 2018

We are at the cosmic moment in which creativity needs to flow!

In any house, place, group of people or organization where there are too many restrictions, the members' creativity is blocked and there is no more real growth for anyone. Creativity is something divine, it is through it that the blessings of the I AM Presence descend to the world. Creativity is ‘to create’ + ‘activity,’ that is, the activity of creating. And the more light a person has, the more creative he becomes. For God knows no limitations. God is always creating, expanding, producing new worlds and forms. There are innumerable blessings in the octave of the ascended masters who are waiting only vehicles capable of receiving them, so that they descend to the planet earth.

Saint Germain is the God of Freedom, the Lord of Ceremonies. The Aquarius era is an era of innovators, discoverers and pioneers. Great musicians, painters, philosophers, writers and geniuses in all human areas need to come out. And as Saint Germain has already told me, there are dazzling works of art, magnificent symphonies, enlightened ideas, books and so many other treasures in the higher spheres, waiting only human channels to absorb them and bring them forth to the visible and tangible world.

We are in a critical human moment where a drastic change must happen. Crises and revolutionary movements are happening all over the planet. There is an inner toil in a large group of people, especially students of light. The power of light is expanding, and with it, everything that is obsolete and inadequate is coming to the surface much faster, to be consumed.

It is a time when courage is needed to overcome ourselves and our old conceptions. It's time to take a decisive step forward. Of having the boldness to stand up, even if confronted by many, and express our truth. What I've been through in the last few weeks is part of that. But what I have experienced, I know that many are living in silence and without the courage to express themselves for fear of receiving criticism from others. I also had this fear and suffered in the process of overcoming it and simply telling everyone: "Enough, I separate myself from everything that holds me and I go forward!" Saint Germain told me that the violet flame is descending to the planet an avalanche every day stronger and even complemented "And where my Flame comes, what is obsolete and no longer serves evolution, needs to disappear completely, to give way to something better to manifest. "

The Light of God does not know defeat, and it, in one way or another, fulfills its cosmic work! And the earth has arrived in a cosmic moment of these, where it is necessary that human vehicles be freed from all resistant patterns, so that through divine creativity - God's creative activity, all these treasures and gifts can descend the earth, to bless the humanity.

Therefore, dear ones, open yourselves! And Let God flows through you!

Morgan Le Fay

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They demand that Canada embrace Islam or attacks would continue

In recent years, Muslim extremists across the globe have turned to various means to harm those with whom they disagree. They’ve used everything from illegally-purchased or imported firearms to rental vans and trucks to explosives, in order to maim or kill civilians who happened to be at the wrong place, at the wrong time.


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The Andromedan/Sirian Alliance ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are pleased to announce to you that there has been a new alliance formed that will give more assistance to the human collective as you continue on in your journey. You are aware that the beings from the Sirius Star System are of service. That is their goal. They are service-oriented. Nothing brings them more joy than to be of service, and they have reached out to several representatives from the Andromedan Star System to create an alliance between the two.

That alliance has one objective and one objective alone, and that objective is to seek out new ways to further the evolution of consciousness on planet Earth. Now, as many of you know, there is much being done already, and there are councils, collectives, and federations set up to form similar alliances. This alliance in particular is significant because the beings from Sirius, who are fifth dimensional, and the beings from the Andromedan Star System, who are also fifth dimensional, have never aligned before.

There is a knowing in the galaxy that as Earth goes, so goes the galaxy. And, therefore, those who are in favor of a shift in consciousness occurring sooner rather than later are banding together. And those who would like to see a shift happen only if it is on their terms are growing more and more outnumbered every day. The momentum is carrying all of you, and the help that you’re getting from other parts of the galaxy is increasing.

Some of you will meet members of this new alliance while you are asleep. Some of you will astrally project yourselves to meetings with the representatives of this alliance, but all of you will benefit whether you are receiving direct communication or not. We have observed these Andromedans and these Sirians, and we can say that their coming together will have a synergistic effect, and the impact will be felt, one way or another, by all of you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

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Swedes are warned to prepare for war.

Shortly before Christmas, the Swedish government quietly published a paper called “Resilience.” Initially, the requirement had been for people to be prepared for 3 days without help, but it seems like that was a baby step. The government itself wants to be prepared for a 3-month long civil emergency and they’re urging citizens to take responsibility, too."

It really makes you wonder what is looming ahead, doesn’t it?


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