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Comment: Like the Clintons, Obama will not go away. He continues to spread his poison where ever he can. He has become far more dangerous out of the WH than when he was in residence.

Those who have been following his actions since Trump's election are not surprised now that his mask is completely off.

"Obama is behind NBA’s BLM/social justice propaganda movement"
M. Dowling

Prior to the latest announcement by the NBA to further their Marxist propaganda, Lebron James, NBPA president Chris Paul, and a small group of players met with Barack Obama to seek advice.

According to NBA senior writer, Shams Charania, the former president offered them guidance to go back to work but with a plan of action.


Obama is behind NBA’s BLM/social justice propaganda movement

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Did Chuck Schumer step on a rake?

"Schumer’s Days As Senate Leader Could Be Numbered, McCarthy Says"

August 25, 2020
Martin Walsh

Comment: Chucky is apparently so full of himself that his own arrogance just may well cost him his cushy job as Senate Majority leader. Like too many other Dems, he seems to be enamored of burgeoning Leftist lawlessness.


Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer came under heavy fire earlier this year when he attacked two Supreme Court justices.

As a result, his leadership in the Senate could be at stake and he could be removed from his position after the inflammatory remarks.


Did Chuck Schumer step on a rake?

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Trump quietly applied in February of 2019 for a patent

Trump quietly applied in February of 2019 for a patent on a BRAND NEW, secure, BLOCK CHAIN voting method where every voter receives a unique code in the mail and has to verify their identity and ballot information. All the voter info is stored securely in a block chain. This will COMPLETELY secure the integrity of our elections. The left is FREAKING OUT.

All we’ve heard for 5 MONTHS from the left and media is ‘WE NEED MAIL IN VOTING DUE TO THE CHINA VIRUS’!!!

Trump let them scream it all summer while, at times he would casually say ‘No, we need to vote in person safely’.

THAT was met with pure horror from the left and the media every time he said it.

Then, Trump’s new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy goes in and fires 23 top Swamp Rat Executives at the Post Office.

The left and the media LOST IT!

6 days later it’s revealed DeJoy ordered the removal of ‘certain’ sorting machines.


Trump got the left to defend the USPS like never before!

Then, yesterday a NUKE was dropped….and that NUKE’S name is BLOCKCHAIN!!

What is Blockchain?

A seemingly ironclad voting system the left CAN NOT USE TO CHEAT.

Trump started working on it 17 months ago and NOT ONE WORD LEAKED OUT ABOUT IT.

Now, we watched Big Mike on tv last night say that ‘WE SHOULD BE VOTING IN PERSON’.

So much for ‘WE CAN ONLY VOTE BY MAIL!!!’

They can’t cheat with IN PERSON voting, the NSA TOLD US THAT.

And now they can’t cheat using the Post Office!

See WHY DeJoy announced today he would suspend any further changes to the Post Office until AFTER THE ELECTION?

The safeguards are in place and DeJoy provided the cover for it to happen.

(Pay no attention to the FeckBook voting info attached below. It's BS and NONE of their business)

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Joe hasn’t changed a bit


Joe Biden plagiarized himself for his DNC speech  By M. Dowling

At a speech at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday Joe Biden plagiarized himself. He copied his own 2008 speech. Not only that, but he is also accused of using plagiarized lines from a speech by the late Canadian politician Jack Layton.

Joe Biden’s final address included the lines, “For love is more powerful than hate. Hope is more powerful than fear. And light is more powerful than dark.”Social media was quick to point out that the words were eerily similar to ones found in a letter Layton wrote before he died in 2011.

“My friends, love is better than anger,” said Layton in his letter. “Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair.”


Joe hasn’t changed a bit

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Arcturian Group Message 8/23/20

church-820339 1280

AUGUST 23, 2020

Greetings dear ones. Once again we join you old souls to explore the issues involved in living on earth during a time that has become confusing and troubling even for those who are aware. You already know that it is a time of great change, but many of you unconsciously continue to hope and wait for everything to return to "normal" or the way things were.

This cannot happen because consciousness being the substance of form, is changing and evolving both personally and globally. The energy that formed the creations of the world you are familiar with is not the same and will no longer energetically support much that you have come to accept as normal. Many aspects of three dimensional living are dissolving in order to reappear in higher and better forms, that reflect a higher state of consciousness. It is simply cause and effect.

Compare the present to a seed in the ground that is forcing its way up through the darkness of heavy, dense dirt before it can emerge into the light as a strong healthy plant ready to grow into its full potential. The seeds of a new and higher dimensional world are present, alive and well, but must work their way through the dense and heavy dirt of duality and separation.

Cells store and continue to hold energy from intense experiences of past and present lifetimes. Some of these experiences were good, some bad, and a few horrendous and terrifying. This old energy remains alive and well, affecting a person's life choices until cleared through conscious intention or spiritual evolutionary growth.

High resonating frequencies of Light dissolve and replace those of a lower resonance because there is no Divine law to sustain, maintain, or hold them in place. The higher frequencies of Light now pouring to earth along with your intention and choice to spiritually evolve and clear old energy is exposing a tremendous amount of low resonating energy globally as well as personally.

Increasingly more people are beginning to experience a sense who and what they are and that they themselves and not others are the creators of their lives. This move into empowerment is effecting everyone differently because every person interprets life according to their state of their consciousness. This is why there is a lot of negative chaos is taking place while at the same time, there are individuals acting from their newly awakened sense of empowerment with positive, uplifting, and more evolved activities based in love.

Because you have evolved to being consciously aware that God/Divine Consciousness is the reality of you and everyone else, your job during these times is to stand back and in the light of your awareness and allow the outer process to unfold without trying to direct it. All is progressing as it needs to which may not be how you or the majority think it should or want it to based on limited three dimensional concepts.

Try not to be overly concerned with outer appearances, but rather use them to focus more fully on the truth underlying them while examining your belief system with regard to particular appearances that may be effecting you .

Information is beginning to surface that is shocking to you. You knew that many would be shocked when
long embedded dark activities began to surface, but you didn't expect that you yourself would be shocked. This well runs very deep. Be aware, but do not become overly involved with energetically dark and heavy information. More is to come, the swamp is indeed being drained but not in the way many anticipated.

Be in the world, but not of it for you have evolved beyond the need for the lessons of old energy. You have played the games being played at this time over many lifetimes and your work now is to be a Light Holder wherever you are. A Light Holder stays centered in truth, in oneness, and in the consciousness of God as the one and only power fully present within every soul whether or not they choose to accept this.

The core essence of every person is Divine for there is nothing else. How can there be something outside of ONE? To believe that there is, is duality, the false energy that has formed most three dimensional creations. There is not and never has been a faraway God keeping track of who is naughty and who is nice.

Even some very evolved individuals continue unconsciously holding beliefs of a punishing/rewarding God because these beliefs ruled throughout many lifetimes and have become deeply embedded in collective consciousness. Recognize this old energy if or when you find yourself expecting to be punished for some unintended infraction.

If there is only ONE omnipresent God, where would any other life come from? Where would any other mind come from, or any other consciousness? There is only One and that One is forever expressing ITself in infinite form and variety. This is the truth that every person must at some point acknowledge, accept, and live. Do I believe this or not? This is the essence of the spiritual evolutionary journey.

Picture a "body of water", then picture a "body of land", now with that same concept in mind imagine a "body of consciousness". This is the reality of you. You never have been a material body housing a consciousness, but have always been a "body of consciousness". What you see as the physical body is a material concept (necessary for living in third dimensional energy) of the perfect spiritual "body of consciousness" reflecting the conditioned beliefs and state of consciousness of the individual. Ponder this, take it into your meditation.

Nothing exists but One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousness/God. Therefore no one is or ever could be separate from that One or for that matter, each other. Everything is formed of the "same stuff"-Divine Consciousness- but interpreted by human minds according to their attained level of awareness. The realization and consciousness of ONE is the bottom line, the period, and the only key to true happiness and fulfillment.

What am I believing that is manifesting in my life this way? What do I hold in my consciousness as being truth? Experiences are taking place in the lives of many awake individuals that are no longer a part of their belief system and this is leaving them confused and wondering why. You must understand that over hundreds of previous lives everyone has accumulated low resonating energies that are now surfacing.

If some intense unpleasant experience is currently presenting in your life consider it to be a graduation rather than a failure, for it indicates that you have achieved a level of awareness prepared to clear and move beyond the remaining remnants of the energy. Old energies hidden in the corners of every person's consciousness are being swept out at this time. Issues that previously would of not been noticed are now declaring themselves with a loud voice.

No one is presented with experiences beyond their ability to learn from or are incapable of healing. Every individual's Higher Self directs and guides their personal evolutionary journey in unity with the person's pre-birth contract. Pre-birth soul contracts are created before incarnating with the help of a spiritual guidance team and do not simply reflect a person's current state of consciousness but rather what they are spiritually prepared for and need in order to learn and spiritually grow.

During these intense times of spiritual awakening, everyone is experiencing a full plate of "stuff" to be acknowledged rather than just one or two issues as has been usual in other lifetimes.. This is because you have chosen and are on earth at this time to move into the higher frequencies of earth's ascension process and low resonating energy cannot be carried into the higher frequencies.

Everything is proceeding according to plan. Try not to resist anything but rather allow unconditional love to be your shield and sword in every situation. If you are drawn to these messages it means you are not a beginner in the evolutionary journey and are no longer experiencing random events representative of the third dimensional belief system. Rather, you are being pushed and guided to a higher level of awareness.

Trust your intuition. Stay centered at all times, meeting every low resonating situation you see, read about, or personally experience from your highest realization of truth. This does not mean you do nothing of a practical nature, but means you do what needs to be done from a place of spiritual realization and knowledge.

This is your segue into that state of consciousness you have unknowingly sought lifetime after lifetime. One in which the personal limited you no longer exists, having been replaced by YOU.

We are the Arcturian Group 8/23/20

Donations are welcomed

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Report: Obama/Brennan Imported Overseas Terrorists Into US To Form ANTIFA

Many Americans to this day are wondering how all of this violence, mayhem, riots, and criminality came upon America. It’s as if someone just flipped a switch, and it all started, and our world changed.

Well, that is essentially what happened. The groups that are executing this insurrection were carefully planted, groomed, and prepared by the Obama administration and its remaining shadow government once President Trump was elected, just waiting for the green light to burn, destroy, and yes, even kill.


Report: Obama/Brennan Imported Overseas Terrorists Into US To Form ANTIFA

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Comment: Between Biden’s venality and his apparent dementia, one may ask the question “what is really behind the Dems pushing his candidacy.” Clearly, the Dems are planning to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Whatever their endgame is, it will be a doozy.

"For Biden Family, a History of Tax Problems"

by Alana Goodman

Hunter Biden hit with $450,000 tax lien last month, the latest in a series of tax problems for Biden family members

Hunter Biden was hit with a $450,000 lien in July over delinquent state income taxes, which he paid off in six days despite having no discernible income.

Last year, he told the court judge in his paternity case that he was broke and unemployed.


Biden corruption is well in tune with leftist corruption

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Comment: The following article discusses what many suspected all along regarding the veracity of the subject.

"Yale’s “Trans” Research Discredited and Retracted"

Written by Faith Kuzma

It’s hard to overstate the importance of the recent correction by the American Journal of Psychiatry of a landmark study purporting to demonstrate mental health improvements of “transitioning.”

According to Dr. Mark Regnerus, who analyzed the data:


A beacon of light in the dark abyss of insanity

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