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We are the Arcturian Group 10/31/21

OCTOBER 31, 2021

Dear readers, always know that the intention of these messages is to assist on all levels, those open to being assisted. We realize that in many ways ordinary life has become difficult because much that you have been accustomed to no longer functions as it once did. Allow the process for all is as it needs to be at this time in order for the un-awakened majority to wake up--if not fully, then at least into a new and higher sense of what life should be about.

The energy you are feeling has become increasingly intense as high resonating frequencies of Light come in contact with and expose the low resonating and dense energies that have dominated and defined mankind's thinking for eons. This high frequency energy is causing everyone to question their choices, beliefs and goals--life in general as they have always lived it and believed it to be.

The dissolving of the false is the purpose behind everything taking place at this time--the exposures, awakenings, change, resistance, and the dismantling of many old firmly entrenched paradigms. Never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth at this time not only to clear personal energetic debris but also to assist with the heavy lifting of the world's collective consciousness.

All is proceeding according to plan both within and without. Trust, and cease continually attempting to fix everything with old tools. Doing, doing, doing is a three dimensional activity that you have been programmed to do. Real change can only flow from within, the Source of creative thinking and new ideas. Go within for answers and solutions no matter how seemingly mundane the problem or issue and what manifests will be practical and seemingly ordinary but works.

Many for the first time are beginning to experience a sense of camaraderie with others. This is how awakening into a conscious awareness of oneness begins. The realization of every truth begins as a tiny crack of Light in a person's awareness. This little step is in reality a huge step for someone who has always lived fully from three dimensional thinking. That tiny crack of light will then begin to expand because it is Reality and Reality automatically dissolves everything unlike ITself.

Do not judge the efforts or non-efforts of those around you because every person must evolve at their own pace. Some have more three dimensional lessons to experience while others have completed theirs. Always remember that regardless of appearances, every person has a Higher Self and Guides. Knowing this makes it easier to pull back from the temptation to enlighten someone who does not wish to be enlightened.

Love is allowing and there may come a point at which you must simply allow another to fall flat on their face which can be very difficult if the other is a loved one. The job of a spiritual master is to have their hand out ready to grab the hand that is reaching out for help but is never to reach down and pull someone kicking and screaming out of their chosen gutter experience. There are occasions when an intervention is appropriate but only when those around the person intuit that he/she actually desires help.

Know the truth about every individual you see, become aware of, or interact with regardless of how spiritually asleep they might seem to be. This never means allowing yourself to be used, intimidated, or abused in any way in the false belief that you are being patient, loving, or spiritual. Evolved and spiritually aware individuals are empowered, not afraid to lovingly but firmly speak their truth and capable of taking whatever necessary actions may be required but never losing sight of the fact that they and the others involved are spiritual beings.

Many are not yet able to comprehend the quiet ways of peace and love and misinterpret these qualities as weakness. They often lash out with words and actions in fearful attempts to maintain their belief system of separation and life as they know it. With time all will come to know unconditional love for it is the reality.

Some of you will be discovering or have already found that others, often a stranger or someone you least expect is drawn to you asking questions about truth, what you believe, or what you would do about some issue. This is because they feel your energy, are able to align with it, and are spiritually ready for more. Give spiritual "baby food" to the beginners and spiritual "meat" to those ready for it. Giving a deep truth to someone not yet spiritually prepared will simply confuse or actually turn them away. Always trust your intuition to guide you in these matters.

Every thought you think and every false belief you hold becomes part of the collective. That is why we advise to limit news watching and three dimensional based involvement in outer affairs for when you do this you simply add old energy to the collective consciousness that you are hoping to enlighten.. Examine your own personal beliefs and you may find that you still hold beliefs from the collective that no longer serve your present and more evolved state of consciousness. Remember, there is no unexpressed consciousness and every little belief you hold will manifest in some way at some time because you are creators .

Allowing oneself to become embroiled in the right and wrong, good and bad of the outer scene, simply adds to or augments the contents of the three dimensional collective. However, this does not mean you close your eyes to the problems and issues of the world. You see them, are aware of them, and do not deny or resist them but rather observe them from a place of higher awareness, one that knows the reality underlying all appearances. When you do this you add light to the collective rather than more of the false.

There are some who have incarnated specifically to take an active role in world politics, law, religion, medicine, education, military, science etc. These souls are highly evolved and strong enough to open cracks of Light in the densest of areas. Some have been severely abused, even killed for their attempts to change the status quo but many continue to work for peace and change right along side those still fully enmeshed in old energy. If you are one of them you know who you are and we honor you for your strength and courage.

Simply and quietly hold the Light knowing that you carry it with you wherever you go. The Light of an evolved consciousness can be a beacon for those struggling to survive the "storms" now taking place. Many evolved individuals falsely believe that they are doing nothing and wonder why they have not been given a "spiritual" job. Every thought you think, every place you go, and every person you interact with is being spiritually served by you because the Light of your consciousness is you. This is the real meaning of Light work.

The artist who presents beauty to others is a Light worker. The farmer who lovingly provides healthy and wholesome food is a Light worker. The teacher who patiently serves her students is a Light worker. A wife and mother who cares for her family is a Light worker. The refuse collector who does his job with love and care is a Light worker. Everyone who does what they do from love and a sense of oneness is a Light worker.

A person's state of consciousness determines what they bring to the world. Let go of any remaining concepts about "saints", spiritual teachers, priests and gurus, psychics, and healers being "special", holier, better than you. It is true that some of have attained a high level of spiritual awareness and may be very evolved but others of them have not. Everyone is an expression of Divine Source--God for nothing else exists. This was the message of Jesus, but the people then and now did not understand and began to and still worship the man while forgetting the message.

We of see so many of you struggling with spiritual truth in the light of what you see happening in the outer world. Let the outer world do what it must do dear ones, while you continue to hold to your center. The things that you read or hear about are not yours unless you bring them in and make them yours. Allow others to work their way through what they need to work through.

Most of you have completed your necessary three dimensional experiences, done the work, and did not incarnate simply to live a satisfying three dimensional life. Rather you came to help lift the world consciousness to new levels of awareness but you cannot do this if you attempt to do it from the same level of thinking that created the third dimensional belief system in the first place. You must come out and be separate from that which you know to be old energy.

Allow previous beliefs about it being your duty to fix everyone and everything to drop away. You are no longer that state of consciousness but many of you are having a hard time moving beyond this belief because you were taught in many lifetimes that it is your job as a good person to save, fix, or heal everything and everyone that does not reflect yours or current thought about what is true and correct.

Trust that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan and know that every soul is on a journey of awakening and will eventually get there. The conflict, confusions, and chaos taking place at this time are all facets of earth's shift into higher dimensional energy. All is proceeding according to plan never doubt this.

Trust, allow, and BE.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/31/21

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Mike Quinsey

Matters have reached rock bottom on Earth, and out of the chaos shall come a new way forwards that will recognise the end of many old ways that still persist. You must move on and set up the Earth so that it can receive your help to manifest the new ways of life that will introduce many advances that have been held in check. It is because you passed the marker in 2012 that you signalled your readiness to take a great step forwards. As a result much of what you have taken for granted and has been part of your daily lives, will no longer serve you as you are now on a new path that will bring many improvements in your daily life. Indeed, changes will come very quickly and many are ready when the appropriate time arrives. After all you have been through you are due many pleasant surprises.

The most welcome surprises will come from your open contact with your brothers and sisters from other planets. Those who are already in your solar system are the Pleiadians who feel a greater responsibility for your advancement. They are very much like you in appearance and are so advanced they can travel instantly to your system through their power of thought. They have much to offer to help you evolve that literally nothing is beyond their abilities. However, you will need to show that you are ready to live in cooperation and peace before they will openly meet you.

You have so much to look forward to so look for every opportunity to create a peaceful world where every soul is treated with love and respect. There is much to do to create the ideal society but with loving intent and help you can achieve it. The sabre rattling that the bigger countries use serves no purpose except to delay a peaceful outcome. Put away your weapons of destruction and seek alliances with all other countries and create the trust that is sadly lacking at present. When you work together you will be surprised as to how quickly things will get done. We will do our utmost to help you achieve the best outcome.

Meantime look upon others with sympathy and willingness to treat all as One, because there is a need to bring people together. Living standards are so primitive in some countries that steps must be taken to lift them up. When you show the intention to do so, you effectively allow us to give you a hand. Whether you decide to treat all as One will depend to what degree we can offer our help. Somewhere down the line you will have to take positive action and the sooner the better. As always there are helpers that are both on and off Earth that try their best to point you in the right direction. You always have help if only you would accept it.

Time marches on and changes are rapidly occurring so that some advancements are made that will help you overcome present problems. If necessary we “arrange” matters so that you are faced with the answers you seek. We do much more than you would realise and we currently help with clearing up your sea pollution problems. Sea life has been at risk for a long time and progressively gets worse. You have so much to do as you have ignored the problems and still do so, it is no good paying lip service to them when adequate action is necessary and you know it to be so.

If you see ahead you would find the promise of new exciting projects along with a leap into the future. You can hardly visualise what lies ahead and all advancements are intended to make life more acceptable. In the past it has been arranged to give you the experiences you needed to evolve and clear karma. Wars have been necessary to clear it and give lessons to those who need help to overcome it. It is a sad affair brought on through a lack of understanding, but it is an object lesson on the results of lack of understanding of the Oneness of Humankind. Life is sacred and should be treated as such and much of the karma involved is where you have an experience that highlights the result of actions you have previously taken.

How much easier life would be if everyone treated each other with love and consideration, and it will come and already there is a tendency for more kindness to enter your lives. Not for the first time we also mention that the vibrations continue to rise up and that alone will lead to people becoming kind and considerate to each other. The last Age was barbaric and the sooner it is put behind you the better things will become. At heart you are all loving beings but have lost your identity through many horrendous experiences. Think kindly of each other and remember that in essence you are all the same and simply having an experience to help you evolve.

We know that some souls are reluctant to believe the truth, but as beings with eternal life it follows that each life expands your understanding of how things work. You may make mistakes but always have another opportunity to put it right, and more highly experienced souls are on hand to assist you. Understand that you are never being punished for your actions but have to accept the consequences of your actions. It may sound as if only the negative actions are addressed, but kindness is also rewarded. So always do your best and help a fellow soul in need, and at the same time you will be helping your own evolution.

You can look around and wonder how it is possible to organise a karmic event that may involve several people but it happens time and time again. People can clear their karma through it, but understand that it is set up especially for them and all persons involved gain from the experience. Mike Quinsey can relate to one of his experiences as an example of what can be done when he was helped to avoid a nasty accident. “I was decorating a ceiling standing on a chair that also had a large paint pot on it. I leaned over the back of the chair to reach a bit further and over did it, I fell over the back of the chair and realised I was gently being put down still holding the paint brush in my hand, amazingly the chair did not fall forwards and the paint tin was still in place. Not a drop of paint went onto the carpet so I avoided what could have been a nasty experience, undoubtedly with severe injuries to me”.

Dear Ones there is no limit to what the higher forces can do, you would call them miracles and on another occasion I was saved from being run over. I would like to think it was good karma for the work I was doing for Spirit. You must have heard the expression “what you do unto others shall be done unto you” So one good turn does deserve another. So keep the Light flowing and do good wherever you can.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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The Mutation Point: A New Age is Dawning


For FWC-Channel, written by Vital Frosi

Angel Vital Frosi, tells us what is about to happen. How, terror and fear is caused in the consciousness. The 3D-mind cannot imagine what it will have to understand.

The Earth has entered an octave higher in the Galactic spiral, and this changes its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will break open the veils and liberate consciousness. A New Age is dawning. Nothing will ever be the same again. All Earthly souls who have not yet finished their learning process will have to move to other Schools, other Third Dimension Planets. The mutation point is also the beginning of homecoming. An awareness that the frequency level of 5D has been reached. Liberation has finally arrived!


In the third dimensional world, nothing is real. We will not say here that everything is an illusion, because the way things are perceived in 3D, they actually seem to exist, because man’s physical senses confirm it. But it is nothing more than holographic projections, necessary for the preservation of limited consciousness.

Embodied souls are here to learn what it is like to live in an illusion, to believe that everything is real. It has been written in earlier texts that this is the reason for the existence of Schools, where the veils of oblivion further cover the still limited consciousness. The feeling is something of total disconnection from the Source.

In this situation, the incarnate truly believes that life is limited to birth, growing up, and dying. So the struggle for survival is always the greatest challenge. And even this is an illusion, for the soul survives the death of the physical body and integrates further into a new body, and so on, until all the lessons have been absorbed, understood and added to your version of the higher soul.

When this happens, the soul has achieved ascension. To ascend means to go up and forward. First, the steps of consciousness have been climbed enough for you to realise that you were here to learn, and that everything is only temporary, just as someone goes to a regular school. At the moment of climbing, the soul takes what it has learned with it and integrates into a higher version of itself, and step by step the soul reaches the level of Super Soul. It integrates with Spirit, which is in fact our superior self, also called the Divine Seed Atom.

All embodied Soul fractions on Earth are fragments or parts of Spirit. This apparent disconnection is what causes so much terror and fear in the consciousness of every human being. Because you feel weakened, abandoned, alone and lost, the world around you seems to be truly hostile and dark.

We are not even saying that everything became more difficult when the Archons conquered Earth and its people. But also the level of difficulty has become much higher, this situation has made learning in the School even more interesting: Earth has become one of the most difficult Soul Schools.

The Divine Plans for each Planet, Star or Galaxy are so extraordinary that a 3D mind cannot imagine what it will have to understand. But the soul follows the plan in its entirety, and nothing and no one can change it

There are always the Higher Councils who can ultimately promote changes in their Timelines, for within the Infallible Plans there are also opportunities and adjustments for better utilisation and productivity.

Everything is movement and evolution in the infinite Universe. It will be no different on this small Planet Earth, also known as Shan or Urantia throughout the Galaxy. The purpose within the School of Duality ends now. The long-awaited date has arrived for the apple of the Milky Way’s eye to make its debut. The Earth has moved up an octave in the Galactic Spiral, and this changes its vibration and frequency.

These frequencies will break through the veils and liberate consciousness from its limitations. All illusions will soon dissolve, and there is no longer any point in applying the lessons of duality, because any consciousness that remains here will know at all times who it really is. It is like applying the lessons of the first grade primary school to university students.

This radical change that the Earth is currently undergoing is called the mutation point. I have described it before as well with the name zero point. In fact, it is a curve in the timeline that will send the Earth and her humanity in a new direction, a new cycle, a New Age.

Nothing will ever be the same again. It is true that all Earth souls who are not yet ready for their learning process will have to move to other Schools, i.e. other Third Dimension Planets. But the heirs of the New Earth will have a broader consciousness from this mutation point onwards, which comes from the higher soul version of yourselves.

The mutation point is also the beginning of homecoming. A consciousness that has reached the frequency level of 5D, which can also be reached naturally by navigating the higher dimensional waves, up to the 9th Dimension. This will allow for such an amplification to directly facilitate movement through other planets and stars within the Milky Way. The dimensional portals will make this incredible and direct transportation possible.

Those who ascend now during the Planetary Transition will already have the satisfaction of duty done in the early days of the New Earth. But nothing compares to the joy and pleasure when they revisit the difficult battles and struggles for survival they endured during the long, dark night of the soul. Everyone will be able to retell, remember and relive their stories for all eternity.

There will be no forgetting, because everything is normal. Everything will be real, including the fact that every soul has experienced the illusion of the Third Dimension.

To avoid unnecessary questions, I hereby give the information that only 1/3 of humanity goes through the mutation point. And if you are interested in this, if you are reading or listening to this content, then you are certainly part of this group of souls. Certainly, there is still some distance to go, but it is short enough for everyone to complete the remaining distance. Most is completed. Just a little more… very little more! 150w" data-lazy-loaded="1" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" width="300" height="200" />

“And even if all this seems to be the end, it will not yet be the end, but the beginning of a New Age.” This is actually the point of change. It is the arc that will swing all ascending souls to the New Earth. The time has finally come!

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is to bring the light.


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Luce Light
October, 2021
I am Saint Germain. I come at this time, in these times that are expressing great change, across not only this country where many of you find yourselves now, but across the entire planet.
Many changes. Many changes that are seemingly not what you are wanting to happen, but knowing that these are changes that must happen. For it cannot be stopped. For the light coming into this planet, raising the vibrations, raising the consciousness of this planet and all within this planet, all must rise as one. So great many changes are in process right now.
You have been told to prepare for those changes, never knowing when indeed they will happen. But I tell you now, they are happening in this moment, many things yet behind the scenes. But for those that do have eyes to see and ears to hear, you can find these truths. They are there. And all you need to do is what is being called ‘connect the dots’ as many across the planet now are doing.
For it is all about the light coming into and illuminating the darkness everywhere, and the darkness fading away more and more. But before it fades away, it first must come into the light and experience the light, experience the higher vibrations. And then have a choice: to go into those higher vibrations and be within that light, or fade away from it.
And yes, many have decided already to fade away from the light. They do not want to be within the light. Think of many of them as the vampires within your fables, in your stories. They fall away from the light. They cannot handle the light. They fall away from the higher vibrations because they cannot handle the higher vibrations and as the Earth, as Gaia, indeed continues to rise in vibration, leaving less and less space for those of lower vibrations.
It is destined. You are destined, all of you. All of you that resonate to these words are destined to be a part of this Great Changeover that is happening.
But many of you are being more a part of it than you even begin to understand at this time. Some of you step out and are more vocal about standing up for yourselves, to declaring your freedom, your sovereignty. And others of you find that you are working with energy. You are working with the light. You are working with vibration within yourself. And as you focus within yourself, raising the vibration within yourself, you raise the vibration for all all of humanity, all of life here on this planet. So, as we have said many times, you are all doing your part. But whatever that part is, know it is what you are supposed to do if you are following your guidance. If you are shying away from that guidance, then you are indeed not following it.
So feel it. Know it within yourself. Hear those wee small whispers within that tell you it is time; it is time to move forward in whatever way that might be. As was said some time ago, you have your marching orders. They are not orders from us. They are orders from within yourself, from your own Higher Self to follow, to move forward, however that might be.
But there is need for those of you, the Boots on the Ground, to rise up as one nation, as one world rising up and saying, “no more!” Saying, “Enough is enough!” And not giving in. Not giving in to the system. Not even becoming a part of the system any longer. For this system must fall. It has to. It cannot sustain itself much longer.
And you have a great deal of help that is coming from every direction, even though they cannot go against the Prime Directive. They cannot directly interfere in your soul advancements. But they can intercede when they are asked to do so, whether it is the Galactics, or us the Ascended Ones. We can all intercede when asked. And the Agarthans as well. All are here to assist this process. And all of us have been assisting in various ways, more ways than you can possibly imagine.
For if it were not for the Galactics themselves, this system, this planet even, would not even be here. It would have been destroyed long ago. And civilization as you know it would have been gone. That was the plan, or their plan, those of the forces of darkness. Their plan, as you know it, was for depopulation of the planet. Where they then could control a small group of slaves. But that was not going to happen. And in the various councils that came together bringing the decision forward that this would never happen. It would never be allowed. For mankind, humanity must continue on, on this planet.
So you have a great deal of help much behind the scenes. But all of you, each and every one of you, have a great part to play in this to bring about freedom, freedom as those of the Founding Fathers of this country meant to have here. But not only this country, it spreads through the entire planet.
The fathers of this country had a mission. They set forth that all men were created equal. All of mankind are equal. In the eyes of the Father God, and The One, the Creator Being. And it is not for man to establish otherwise. But try, they have. And in many cases they have succeeded for some time. But those times now are over. They cannot continue to sustain the control they have over the population. For they are few. And you are many. And the many shall overcome the few.
I tell you now, rise up in whatever way that you know to do, and do not go gently into the night. Be those ones you came here to be to bust this system wide open. For without you, who?
I leave you know in peace, and love, and oneness.
I am your Saint Germain, always here to be with you, and even more so in the coming times ahead.
Channeled by James McConnell
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We are the Arcturian Group 10/17/21

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OCTOBER 17, 2021

Dear readers welcome to our messages that are presented for the purpose of bringing hope, information, and Light to you during these times of chaos and confusion. Never doubt that all is proceeding according to plan.

It is very easy to slip into fear and doubt when observing all that is taking place in the world at this time. Many unceasingly continue in their attempts to keep the status quo in place while at the same time some are using the presence of surfacing dense energy as an excuse to do whatever they please. All feel the incoming energy of Light and empowerment, but individuals can only interpret them according to their state of consciousness.

Duality and separation govern the third dimension and manifest in every aspect of daily life. Human minds see and judge the world through the collective three dimensional belief system. Change is bringing fear to those unaware of earth's ascension process. They fear that any change to what they know and are comfortable with will result in the loss of much that they have worked hard to attain even if their present situation is painful, unsatisfying, and less than ideal.

A human mind without input from Divine Mind is only able to interpret life in terms of black or white because it is based in beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers. The pairs of opposites will always manifest outwardly for those who hold duality, separation, and two powers in consciousness as truth. Some may go for a long time seeming to have everything in their favor with the good of duality manifesting, but sooner or later some facet of the other side of duality will manifest because consciousness is always expressing itself.

You are the creators of your world because you are consciousness and consciousness is the substance of form. There is no un-manifest consciousness. Whatever is held in consciousness as truth and reality must express because Divine Consciousness is always expressing Itself in and as infinite form and variety and you are that same Divine Consciousness. Ask yourself; "What am I choosing to create?"

All old, obsolete, and false beliefs still active in cellular memory as well as in the earth herself are being exposed by the presence of the intense high Light frequencies now pouring onto earth as part of the ascension process. Individuals in alignment with the rising dense energies feel empowered to act them out which is what is behind the seeming increase of crime. Others who are aware of what is taking place with regard to the surfacing of old energy are using these times to clear themselves of it and move forward.

Everyone is feeling the new frequencies and is being effected by them. Those who are spiritually asleep and unaware of the ascension process are finding themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally struggling with issues that never before touched them and wonder why. Many will seek counseling, health issues will pop up when least expected, and some will think they are going crazy because their thinking has become confused. Blame, regrets, anger, depression, self loathing etc. are surfacing for all because there is only one.

Many are choosing to leave and Covid has given them the "out" they sought. Many more will be leaving as events unfold because they cannot or are choosing not to align with the higher frequencies of the ascending world. Some simply know on a deeper level that they cannot attain the higher frequencies required in this lifetime and are choosing to leave in order to return at a later time into a higher resonating earth. Know that the human death experience is always a choice. For most it is not a conscious choice, but nevertheless is always a free will choice.

Know that there never was and never can be a "hell" as has been taught by religions for eons of time mainly for the purpose of controlling the followers. Divine Consciousness is only conscious of ITself because IT is all there is and therefore knows nothing about illusions of pain and suffering or even punishment. If these concepts were in and of Divine Consciousness they would be held forever in place by Divine Law and no one could ever rise above, change, or remove them.

However, if a person dies in a state of consciousness that is filled with beliefs of hell and punishment they may very well experience their creations until they are able to see through the illusion. There are always Beings of Light and Guides standing by ready to assist each and every soul the very second they reach out in any way for help. No one is or ever can be lost for nothing exists but Divine Consciousness.

Present times are not for the faint of heart but never lose sight of the fact that you chose to be on earth at this time and were fully aware before incarnating of what it would entail.
The increasing presence of high frequency Light energy and the fact that people are spiritually waking up is causing many beliefs, traditions, societal rules, and laws to crumble and dissolve into their own nothingness because all that has formed and held them in place is the belief in them.

Most things you will be happy to see change or disappear but a few things that you enjoy may also fall away. Never forget that anything real never dissolves or permanently disappears for Reality is held infinitely in place by Divine Law. Some things you have loved and may be feeling sad to see go will re-appear in new and better forms.

For example many of you are finding that you no longer seem to have anything in common with people you once felt very close to. Some entertainments, TV shows, books, etc., no longer hold your attention as they once did or have begun to feel boring and uninteresting. Favorite foods may no longer agree or seem to have no taste. You will not be needing as much material food because as you spiritually evolve you are fed more with energy. These experiences are taking place because you have evolved and are no longer energetically in alignment with many of the things that up to now have been a large part of your life.

Because love and friendship are spiritual realities (oneness), new and satisfying relationships on all levels will reappear if that would represent completeness for you (completeness for some may be to live alone). Because Divine Consciousness is self sustained and self maintained, that which you need or will make you happy cannot help but manifest in your experience once this truth becomes your attained state consciousness. New activities, less dense food, friends etc. will begin to manifest as you are able to release your old concepts and beliefs.

Trust and allow the process dear ones, both within and without. Trust that there is a Divine plan unfolding that cannot be stopped or delayed by human thinking or activities.

One with God is a majority.

Many of you are finding that you prefer to stay quiet and away from the hubbub of the outer world at this time and that is fine. Others of you may be guided to take actions of some sort and that is fine as well as long as you trust and allow your intuition to guide you. Much is happening in the outer world and is going to continue happening for a while yet.

Your job as a Light worker is to hold the Light at all times and in all situations knowing that your consciousness imbued with Light is with you wherever you go. Some around you will feel this Light and be attracted while others may feel it and be repelled but this is not your concern. Everyone's journey is their own personal journey and it is never the responsibility of another to heal, change, fix, or save them unless they reach out.

Never attempt to change the thinking of another for contrary to what many believe, this is not spiritual work but rather the expression of a belief in separation--that some people are not one with Source and need you to enlighten them. The person you attempt to enlighten may actually be very evolved and experiencing a chosen lifestyle/lesson/experience. Honor the free will choices of all unless you are asked for guidance or information at which time you can lovingly tell them what you know or observe.

Because you who resonate with these messages are spiritually awake and aware, your work at this point is simply to acknowledge the Divinity of every person and life form you see, interact with, read or think about. Most of you have already evolved beyond feeling a need to fix others because you know that in reality everyone is already perfectly ONE with Source and you no longer judge by appearances.

Change is upon the world dear ones, it is not coming, it has arrived. You are going to witness the dissolving of many beliefs within your present systems of education, science, medicine, law, religion, etc. concepts and beliefs that have been accepted as being high intellectual truth. This will create outcries and resistance from intellectual communities, human minds who believe that present facts and information represent the highest reality.

Stand back and observe the world from that safe and secure place of Light within your heart knowing that nothing can make you less that who and what you already Divinely are.

Be the Light, see the Light, and live the Light for you are the Light.

We are the Arcturian Group 10/17/21

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Zeeva Amrita De Paz Y Amor

Age of Aquarius   Zeeva Amrita De Paz Y Amor 
Dear Ones DO read the whole thing, this is just a clip! Brilliant words by maestro Alejandro Jodorowski '...Whatever happens during the transition, remember one thing: it was you who offered yourself. To stay here and now. Whatever happens. Whatever you see. You are the engines of change. Only one thing is required of you. Only one. Don't be "food". It is the only thing you have to do. A simple thing. Don't be food. The human being is one of the most powerful generators that exist. We are whirlpools. Depending on the polarity you align to, you create high or low frequencies. These dark entities feed on low frequencies, we have been feeding them for millennia. The awakening of humanity has tilted the collective vortex towards high frequencies. This is why they are attacking with such ferocity. They are starving. Connect with your soul. And watch yourself. If your soul resonates with these words, don't give a second of your existence anymore to be food. Eliminate the low passions of your life. Hatred, resentment, envy, fear, vices, junk foods, lies, ambition. Selfishness, sadness, distrust. All of this generates dense energy. Food for the dark ones. Be aware of your emotions. Listen. Of you. And if on any occasion you feel in any of these low vibrations, ipso facto change your energy. Put on some music that will lift you up. Sing. Dance. Breathe. Light an incense. Hug your cats. Hug a friend. Hug your dog. Hug your mom. Embrace your pet family. Go for a walk in nature. Meditate. Exercise. Do whatever it takes. But that energy changes immediately. Because you are serving as food. Always be aware. And the only thing that is asked of you is not to feed the dark hordes. Feed your soul with everything that helps you get up. If you get used to living in the frequency of love, your reality will change to your will without effort. You are a powerful being. You are unstoppable... "
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Simplicity, Patience, Compassion

Lao-Tzu: "I have just three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures." Tao Logic has adopted this quotation to become the cornerstone behind our philosophy. While the three items seem basic enough, they are much more difficult to achieve and maintain than most realize, especially in this day and age of high-speed everything.
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