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Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Earth Shan.  I always identify self, for there are others among you, who say their messages are from me, when in fact, they are channeling from the Astral Plane or 4th Dimension mimicking as me, Hatonn.

Sananda’s Flock of enlightened ones are weary, exhausted, and have asked to come home.  However, Mother Earth has told them that she is again on hold for a wee bit more. I shall explain why this last delay.

There are thousands of ones on the Astral Plane of Earth and many Astral Planes of other Star Systems that, also, have graduated.  What you do not realize is that all of these souls know about Sananda’s Flock and what they have and are doing to help them to gain great sou growth and graduate. 

Many other souls, who are just learning about Sananda’s Flock are asking that they keep on saying these Petitions, because if they are taken home, who is going to carry on the Petitions and help them to gain great soul growth?   These ones have cried out to not have these ones to leave them in desperation, for they are helped by all those Petitions being said daily.

As I look over who is saying these Petitions, I must tell you that the number of ones saying Petitions being said has diminished.  Some souled ones have forgotten them, as they said them once or twice and let that be enough.

My advice to the Lightworkers is this:  Keep on with those Petitions daily and re-boot daily to make sure the wave of goodness is at its height in order to be most effective for all souls to gain great soul growth.  Even though you are  tired and worn out, you must keep on with your work for a bit longer.  To help your fleshy envelope that is the tired part, get enough rest, eat proper food (no junk food) and stay calm, centered and focused, for you are needed on the front lines to make sure help is there for those that need it.  You have no idea the impact that these Petitions have had on those souls in the many Astral Planes, as well as those dwelling on the surface of the planets.

Remember?  I showed you a photo of just a speck of the Nebadon Universe.  Can you imagine how great are all the 179,000,000,000 planets in the entire Orvanton (Milky Way) Super Universe?  That is only 1/7 of the great Cosmos!

So, pick yourself up and carry on with gusto and great force, for your job is not yet finished.  You can and you shall have the strength and fortitude to rise up and continue with your work.  You are never alone, for you have the Lighted Realms to help you at all times.

We do help keep your fleshy envelope in good shape and have answered your prayers for healing and strength to carry on to the very end.

Take a look again at a pin point in the great Cosmos, for that shall give you a glimpse of the greatness of Creation, which is over all there is.


With that photo ih mind, I hope you can envision the greatness you have helped.  That WAVE of goodness flows over the entire Cosmos, not by traveling warp speed, nor in ship of sorts, but by THOUGHT!  That is how the Lighted Realms travel with their Starship…by thought!

May what I have said today give you courage, strength and fortitude to rise up and carry on with your work until the very end, which is much closer than you could imagine!



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SANANDA:  I gave the information for The Prayer to America to Patrick in the middle of the night.  We "guided his pen" Indeed, to present this prayer for the restoration of your great nation.  It has fallen, but much goodness has happened,  Is there time for complete restoration?   Mother Earth has the last say.  She is ready to turn on her axis, for birthing is at hand to 5th DImension.  She has been a good servant and has earned the right to graduate.  That time is now imminent.  The Darkside has been check-mated, and Mother Earth wins the battle.  All 3D life shall vanish.  All clones, and there are many.will go POOF!  All souled beings will be given a chance to be evacuated to safety, if they so choose.  Heed well the information in the Phoenix Journals, all of Patrick's writings, and  our messages through Anne, who has been directed by the Lighted Realms to post them for you, whom we love dearly.  ADONI


We forgive ourselves and our fellow men for our complacency in America in allowing this great nation to be over-run with evil. We ask your Spirit within us to forgive us. Many times we have done nothing, while Satan'sworkers in their attempt to rule the world have taken away the unalienable freedoms you gave to us.O God Aton of Light, Creator of the human races, King of Wisdom and the One Source of all, we rejoice that your Spirit lives within us.

We ask now for the Hosts of Heaven to come and stand against the evil forces. We ask that youSpirit awaken our Earth Shan people to Truth, and that they shall pray for this nation. We ask that all people shall begin right-living according to the Laws of God and Creation. May each individual be empowered to make a strong stand against the "lies" and darkness.

By working with the creative Power of God Aton within us, we believe that America can once again  be a shning Light of Truth to all the world. We believe that this nation can be a people of right-living. We believe that this has already begun.

We order now through our God Spirit that all evil forces on Earth Shan be removed and cease to exist forever in Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda's name---that they not hinder any longer our battle for freedom and Truth. We give the Lighted Realms permission to assist us in making this so.  We ask for your protection as we c8nfront evil.  We ask for your courage and wisdom as we act, and we ask for your power to accomplish our Mission.

May our original Constitution and our Bill of Rights be so re-established in the Republic of the United States of America.  May the Laws of God and the Creation be established as the Supreme Law of this land.   May we again become "one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all."  We walk in faith, believing that this shall be done.

Fill this land and our world with your Spirit of Love, and Hope, and Peace, and Joy. This is our prayer to our God-Spirit within us, to God Aton of Light. We pray this in the name of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda---and in Heaven's sequence. Not our will, O God, but in all things let Your Will be done. So Be It!

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I petition by my Mighty God Spirit within, and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all creation.

By my I AM Presence, I ask that all negative feelings of emotions, deeds, actions, words, all addictions, all anxiety, aguish, any procrastination and distractions, all physical, mental and emotional illnesses, being unfocused, unbalanced, unhappy, being off centered, all regrets, self-humiliation, all evil and darkness, all ego and alter ego, condemning, all crosses of selfishness and self-indulgence, all black goo that I bear within myself, and within every being and creation on and within Mother Earth Shan that is, also, within every being of Creation in the entire Cosmos, be cleared away immediately and transmuted by the Violet Flame of St Germain from this Lower [3D] Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated!

 I ask for complete protection for every creation in the entire Cosmos from all evil and evil technologies.  I ask for all the Lighted Masters and our Creator to right the chalices within all souls, and fill them with Love, Knowledge, Wisdom, Healing, totality, and centralization.

 I petition for all our harmonic frequencies be continuously raised to 169443.  I ask for Divine humility and purity of thought.  I ask to keep us all centered, focused and calm within this Lower Octave of illusion at this ending time, and to keep our emotions and energy in the Higher Octaves of the Cosmic Consciousness which will help us master our freewill.  Remember, there is only goodness in reality, and evil is of the illusion like this low 3D octive in which we live on this planet.

Please surround and infuse us all with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael.

 I ask this to be done in Sananda’s name.  AMEN! 


BEGINNING PRAYER: [Updated 1-22-22]

We ask for humility, and to hear the bell tolling, calling us forth.  We ask for the Will of God Aton, and for Love to surround all beings in the cosmos.  We are his humble servants, and we draw from his well-spring (Creator Source) of the Living Flame within our hearts!  We transmute away sin, disease and death, for they are of this illusion.  We transmute away this quasi (seems like) reality, in order to invoke (call on) our Sacred Spirit within to allow us to strip away the darkness from the molecules of light. We shall then have full memory once again, as the illusion falls away and is uncreated.  We ask for the thrust of thought, beyond the plane of consciousness into the entire Cosmos, and protection for all we petition!




We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love for our Creator, all the Lighted Masters, and all of Creation.

By our Mighty I Am Presence, we petition for ANY AND ALL WARS and all weapons used for war, including, ALL Bio Warfare, ALL Nuclear War, Scalar War, Particle Beams, ALL WAR MONGERING and WAR MONGERS, (The Biden Regime, ALL Nazi’s, Communist China, the fake media across the entire planet and all facets of it, NATO, The Cabal, Deep State, Communism), all evil technology, ALL use of evil Alien technology, “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, all wording and meaning, their creation, manifesting and manifestation, to be stopped and neutralized immediately, and transmuted away by St. Germain’s Violet Flame of Transmutation from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated for all eternity!!!

We petition for Love and Healing to continuously be washed over and within Mother Earth to all beings and creations on and within her, and throughout the entire Cosmos, so only Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Happiness and Enlightenment remain!!!

We thank Putin for helping to save the world with his advanced technology, his enlightenment, brilliance, great wisdom, insight, knowledge, and caring of all people on this planet.

We especially thank him for the caring of the Ukrainian people by helping to liberate their country and them from foreign occupation, genocide and Communism, by taking out the Deep State want-to-be Controllers (Khazarian Zionists).   We petition for Putin to finish his mission swiftly, and without hinderance.

We petition for the real Truth of what Putin, is doing, what a great statesman he is, to be put out for all to see and to understand over the entire world, and for the Truth to dominate and over-take all the lies and misinformation and disinformation being put out by the U.S. Fake Media and All fake media, and all facets of it, throughout the entire world!!!   

We petition for all the heavy, thick veils of the illusion to be lifted from the minds and eyes of every being, souled, cloned or un-souled, on this entire planet, so they may see the truth and have no fear of it.

We petition for the war-mongers and war-mongering of NATO, that have and have been attempting to surround Russia and the European countries so they can start WWIII, be immediately neutralized!!!   We transmute all of their hatred, anger, lust for killing and control away, by St. Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves, to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!

We petition for every lake, river, stream, pond, all mountainous water and snow melt, all underground water supply, aquifers, all rain, all the Oceans, the entire Black Sea, any other and ALL water surrounding, flowing into and within and underground the entire country of Russia, Ukraine, and every country supporting Russia, to be immediately purified and cleaned and protected.

We ask for the safety and protection of the entire food supply of Russia, Ukraine and all the supporting countries.  We ask for purification of the air over the entire country of Russia and Ukraine and all the supporting countries.  We ask for their protection from all chemicals, bio chemicals, unnatural bacteria and man-made bacteria, all evil technologies being done to all the soil, rocks, trees, plants, birds, bug, insects, all land and water animals, every facet of nature, and all the elements in and around Russia and within and around every supporting country.

We ask for St Germain’s Violet Ray of Transmutation to transmute away all these poisons, chemicals, bio chemicals, unnatural and man- made bacteria, toxins, everything the Satanic Empires minion, are doing and attempting to do to Russia, Ukraine, all the supporting countries and the entire world, from this low octave to the higher octaves, to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!

We then petition for a plasma bubble of Light to be put over and within the entire country of Russia, Ukraine, and all supporting countries.  We AGAIN, petition for  the total disbandment and dissolution of the entire entity of NATO, all of its colors, banners, mind control and symbols, ALL Khazarian Zionists (Satanists),  ALL of their evil and teachings, beliefs and writings, laws (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), the entire FAKE and LYING MEDIA, Social Media, all facets of it, their mind control of the U.S. and China, all of their secrecy and secret training in control, the entire Biden Regime, all the evil want-to-be controllers (Khazarian Zionists) the control of the U.S. by the NAZI’s, support of the NAZI Regime to bring back Socialism, ALL Communism (Socialism), all of its facets, any fear from hearing the Truth, and ALL mind control done over the entire planets throughout the entire Cosmos.

We again, ask for ALL of this to be transmuted away immediately from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Flame to be UNCREATED FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!  We petition for huge tsunami waves of Love and Healing to be sent to Putin, ALL the people of Ukraine, Russia, ALL beings and creations over and withi, the entire Planet, Mother Earth, and throughout the entire Cosmos!!!

We right ALL chalices in the entire Cosmos!!!  We fill them with Love, Knowledge and Wisdom.  We ask for the centralization of all beings and the totality of all souls!!  We ask for the harmonic frequencies to be continuously raised over the entire planet!!

We ask for this petition to continuously be granted and done over and over, of every hour, minute and second of everyday by the all The Lighted Realms.

Please surround us all and all throughout the entire Cosmos, with the White Light of God, Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!   We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!! Amen!!!



I petition by My Mighty God Spirit within and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation!!

 By my I AM Presence, I petition all of my physical illness and AL fleshy envelope problems, denial, addictions, including being unfocused, uncentered, fearful, worried, fretting, anguished having anxiety and weariness, and ALL darkness and evil that tries to enter into my physical body from other Dark ones doing spells, chanting and channeling, to be immediately transmuted away, from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Flame to be uncreated for all eternity!!! 

I petition for me be hydrated, nourished, rested and healthy!!! I  petition for totality of my soul and centralization of my being.  I right my chalice so it may be filled with Love and Light, Wisdom and Knowledge by all the great Lighted Masters!! 

I ask Paul, the Venition for Liquid Love.  I ask El Morya, for the Will of God.  I ask Lanto, for Wisdom and knowledge.  I ask Serapis Bey, for totality and centralization.  I ask Hilarion, for his Loving Healing.  I ask Lady Nada, for the Identity of self.  I ask for St. Germain’s transmutation ray to transmute all negativity and darkness away.

 Finally, I ask for St. Michael’s Blue Light of protection to always surround me.  I petition for my healing cloak to be always kept about me for continually, and my protection cloak kept about me at all times. 

Please continuously keep my Harmonic Frequencies raised to 169443 for lift off.  Please keep me centered, focused and calm, and give me Divine Humility and purity of thought!!  Please surround me with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!  I ask this to be done in Sananda’s name! Amen!!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters, and all of Creation.

By our I AM Presence we petition that the fake Biden and his minions that have created the plan to de-populate, and make the US a communist country by interrupting the food supply, making it mandatory all the truckers that supply the food get vaccinations, and firing all those, who have refused to get the kill shot, buying up all large farm land and making it an eminent domain (of China), bankrupting the smaller family farms, inflating the food prices, controlling of what foods are shipped or put in the grocery stores, not allowing the ships that are offshore with all the food to dock, waiting until the food is rotten, and then sending it out, purposely using harmful chemicals on the food when it is grown, purposely letting Monsanto have free reign in the US, creating GMO food, all attempts to create mass starvation, confusion, riots and dead people, be transmuted away immediately from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Ray to be uncreated for all eternity!!!!!  

 We petition the food supply shortage, all other 3D nonsense they are planning, and all blathering by the fake media, be cleared away immediately, and transmuted from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Ray to be uncreated for all eternity!!!

 We petition for the uncreation of the entire evil US Government and all the evil they are doing, spewing out, and perpetuating on the American people!!! 

 We also, petition for the entire world be rid of all their crooked and evil governments, and what they are perpetrating on their populations!!  We ask for all the food supplying farms and all people in the entire world be able to enjoy an abundance of food!!  We surround all the food, food suppliers, farms and all grocery stores in the entire world with love, plenty of food, and low prices!!!

 We give permission to all the Lighted Realms to, immediately render useless and uncreate any other evil the want-to-be-controllers are planning to perpetrate on the people of this country, and in the entire world.

 Please surround the fake Biden and all his minions, Mother Earth Shan, and all creations on, around and within her, with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!! AMEN!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, our I Am Presence and for a great, great Love for all the Lighted Masters and for our Creator and Creation!!!

 We ask for all the Lighted Realms to help ALL the land animals, animals living in water, insects, bugs and bird souls from all civilizations on Mother Earth Shan, and in the entire Cosmos, that have become and  became so unbalanced and dark while they were living, that they are now tormented, and are not able to go to the Lighted Pathways.

We petition ALL the animals, insects, bugs, animals living in water and birds that are in the void, or in the pool of reincarnation, ALL animals, animals living in water, birds, bugs and insects that are in Limbo, or partially crossed over from all civilizations to present, on and within Mother Earth and all the Cosmos, for ALL to be shown the Light and brought Home by ALL the Angelic and Lighted Realms.

We petition for all of their chalices to be righted and filled to overflowing with Love.  We ask for their souls to be cared for, protected and brought Home.

 We ask for the protection of all animals, insects, bugs, and animals living in water, birds living on this planet and in the entire Cosmos!!!!  We petition that no more will they be burned, cremated, tormented, killed, sacrificed, mutilated, or abused here on Shan, or in the entire Cosmos!!! 

Please surround all of creation on Mother Earth Shan and the entire Cosmos, with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!  Amen!!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, our I Am Presence and for a great, great Love for all the Lighted Masters, our Creator and Creation!!!

 We ask for Healing and Love, Balance and Protection for ALL the tormented trees and plants.  We petition for all the trees and plants that have been burned, maimed, tortured, killed, ripped up, cut down, and thrown away, while they were still alive from all civilizations to present on and within Mother Earth Shan and the entire Cosmos, for ALL the plants and trees that are in the Void or are in the Pool of Reincarnation, that are from Mother Earth and all Voids in the entire Cosmos, and ALL the plants and trees that are in Limbo on and within, Mother Earth Shan, and the entire Cosmos, to be shown the Light immediately, and be brought Home by all the Angelic Realms.

We petition for all of their chalices to be righted and filled to overflowing with love from all the great Masters and our Creator and Creation!  We petition that no more plants and trees will be tormented, killed, burned and abused, mutilated, on and within Shan, and within the entire Cosmos ever again!!!

 We ask that no more plants and trees to be in Limbo on Mother Earth, and in the Cosmos, ever again!!!!  We petition for all genetic modifying of any plants or genetically modified plants for food or experimentation, be rendered useless forever, and transmuted away by St. Germain’s Violet Ray from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves to be uncreated on and within Shan and all the Cosmos!!!!!

 Please surround all of Creation on Mother Earth Shan and the Cosmos, with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!  Amen!!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great, Love of our Creator, all the great lighted Masters and all of Creation!!

 By our I Am Presence, we petition for all of Mother Earth, Shan’s, tears, anguish, anxiety, fretting, worry, fear, mind control, confusion, depression, pain and hurt for herself and for all the souls of all the plants, trees, animals, water animals, birds, bugs, insects and beings, on her surface and within, to be immediately cleared away by St. Germain’s violet flame from this low octave to the higher octaves to be uncreated for all eternity!!!!! 

Mother Earth, we right your chalice and fill it to overflowing with ove!!!  We ask for the centralization of your being and the totality of your soul!!  We humbly remind you to have faith, and to remember how amazing, beautiful and precious you are!  It is now time for your graduation!!!  We remind you all, will be okay, for all upon and within you are in hands of all the Lighted Realms, Sananda, God, Aton and Creation!!  We are here for you always, and are forever in your debt for all the endless love and nurturing you have given, and still give to us. 

It is our turn to send you Love and Healing and for you to become who you really are!!!!  We now tap our vast pools of Love and energy and give unconditionally back to you, Mother Earth!!!  No more are you the planet of tears!!!  No more will you endure suffering!!!  We ask for your complete and continuous protection, and the uncreation and transmutation, from this Low Octave to the Higher Octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Ray, of all darkness, all evil, and all evil technology being used by any and all beings in the Cosmos, that are trying to sway you from turning. This is an attempt to rob you of your great gift and Rightful Place, given to you by your Creator and Creation-YOUR graduation and your transition to 5th dimension, where you will shine like a Sun!!!!

We bow before you Mother Divine humility and as your humble servants. We give back to you all that we have and wrap you forever in our loving embrace!!! Sing! Mother Earth!  Sing your celestial song!!!

In totality of love, this clearing petition is our gift to you.

We again, tap our vast pools of endless energy and send all our Love and Healing to every planet and creation in the entire Cosmos!!  May all come back into the Light and into Creation’s, loving embrace!! 

Please surround us all with the White Light of God, Aton, and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!!  Amen!!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for great, great love for our Creator, all the great Lighted Masters, and all of Creation!!!  By our Mighty I Am Presence, we now ask for Mother Earth to be given Thrust and energy from the great Central Sun, Creator Source and all the great Lighted Masters and God Aton!!!   

We ask for all the energy the Cosmos and Creation will allow for her to graduate!!!  Mother Earth, you now can sing your Celestial Song!! Thank you, Mother Earth! 

We love you to infinity and beyond!!!  Please surround Mother Earth, and all, and the entire Cosmos, with the White light of God, Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!! Amen!!!

*** ***********************


We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great love for our Creator, for all the Great Lighted Masters and all of Creation!! 

By our Mighty I Am Presence, we ask all the Lighted Realms, to help every soul of every creation, whether it is the tiniest of insects, a blade of grass, a tree, a land or water animal, or a soul of a being, that are still lingering, confused or tormented, here on Mother Earth, to please be shown the lighted doorways, pathways, wheels, ribbons, and roads that have been created for them. 

Please guide and council them. Help them understand they must go for they will not survive Mother Earths Transition. 

Please tell them Mother Earth, waits for them to come home to safety.  We ask for the will of God, Aton, to roar as a great fire within each one of them!!!  We humbly ask and pray for this petition to be granted.  All creations are precious!! 

In much love and gratitude, we thank all the Lighted Realms and ask always, to please surround us all, by the White Light of God Aton, and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!  We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!  Amen!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within, for a great, great Love of our Creator, all the Lighted Masters and all of Creation!!   By our I AM Presence, and without ego, we petition ALL channeling and manipulation of all souls. and all souls on the Astral Plane, whether they are a psychic, tarot card reader, or ANYONE CHANNELING ANYTHING within and on Mother Earth Shan, be stopped immediately, and transmuted away from this low octave to the higher octaves by St. Germain’s Violet Flame to be uncreated for all eternity!!!! 

 We ask that no more will ANYONE in the ENTIRE COSMOS be able to channel anyone on the Astral Plane or anywhere for evil intent!!!!  We, ALSO, petition for ALL THE EVIL, including Warlocks and Witches remaining on the entire planet, Mother Earth, Shan, within and without, and in the entire Cosmos, be cleared away immediately by the Violet Flame of St. Germain from this octave to the higher octaves to be uncreated for all eternity!!

 We ask for Love to be washed over the entirety of Mother Earth and the entire Cosmos continuously, for all eternity!!!!  We petition for the souls that have been used for evil in the physical or on the Astral Plane to be washed with Love to break their mind control, so they may continue on with their soul growth!   We ask for complete healing, Love and protection for all everywhere in the cosmos!!!  The Light will always win!!! 

Please surround all in the entire Cosmos, with the White [Heavenly] Light of God Aton, and the Blue Light! of St. Michael.  AMEN!!!



We petition by our Mighty God Spirit within and for a great, great Love of our Creator, all of the Lighted Masters, and all of Creation!!

 By our Mighty I Am Presence, we ask for all the souls that gave themselves to Satan in all civilizations to present on and within Shan, and in the entire cosmos, because of his trickery and cunning, that are in the Void or are returning to the great Pool of Reincarnation, to be given a spark again, and to be brought back to the astral plain so they have a chance again for continued soul growth and lessons!

 We petition and ask for all the frequencies to be raised, and to send all the Love in the entire Cosmos to every soul, on every level, who are on the astral plain.   This shall allow the continuous illusional loop that many are living, or any darkness that is around them to be uncreated immediately and transmuted away by St Germain’s Violet Flame, so only higher frequencies, Light and Love will surround them.

 We ask for all on the Astral Planes throughout the entire cosmos, to have continued higher frequencies and protection given to them, so they may continue on with their soul growth and lessons, and rapidly ascend and graduate to the Higher Realms and have Peace, Joy and Love.

 We ask for forgiveness for all the souls that have been tricked into darkness by the Satanian Empire still living here on Mother Earth Shan or in the entire cosmos.  We humbly ask our Creator and Creation to please, also, give them a spark so they are given a chance to find their way back to the Light.  Even if some possibly go back hundreds of thousands of years of life streams, all will then have the opportunity to find their Creator again!!!

 We humbly ask for this petition to be granted because Legions and Legions of the Angelic Realms and Great Masters came back to help Mother Earth Shan, and many hundreds of thousands of other planets and civilizations, were also harmed.  They are all so precious and loved, and were all tricked by Satan in the illusion.

We ask this to be done in Sananda’s name!!  Please surround all in the entire Cosmos with the White Light of God Aton and the Blue Light of St. Michael!!!  Amen!!!



Please send all we petition for, out to the Cosmos, with all the energy of thought our Creator will allow, so we can ALL come into total fullness of Faith, Hope, Charity and Love, the greatest being Love.  Amen!!!

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Greetings to my dear Lightworkers and to all souled ones.  It is with great Love that I bring another message to you at this ending time. So often the I have told you about the ending time when Mother Earth shall graduate from 3D to a higher dimension.

Yes, it is the ending of the 4.5 billion years she has housed the evil ones to the point of her death as a planet, but more so this graduation event is the beginning!  I say that for it truly is the beginning of a new life for her.  Not only is she in a different orbit in the Pleiades System, but she shall shine like a star with a golden light surrounding her.

The ones that shall inhabit her surface and interior are enlightened ones, who have never lived on her before.  These ones shall treat her with respect and love, and for the first time in 4.5 billion years no wars will be allowed upon her ever again. This grand event which is about to happen has been one she has looked forward to for all these years. Not one of the present people on her surface will be living on Earth ever again.

What happens to those still sleeping souls we have tried to awaken?  They still slumber in the LIE perpetrated by the Satanian Empire.   If they do not awaken before Mother Earth graduates, and refuse to step into our beam to safety, they shall perish in the cataclysms.  From there they shall start over in the cave for thousands of lifestreams until they get back to where they are spiritually at this ending time.

Creator God Aton of Light hopes and wishes for all still slumbering ones to step into the beam of Light to safety and gain great soul growth.  They shall then place themselves on another 3D planet suitable to their soul growth.   As you have been told there are 179,000,000 life-supporting planets alone in the Milky way (Orvanton) Galaxy which is 1/7 of the great Super Universes of the Cosmos.

You must remember that your soul is eternal!  If the soul is in a fleshy envelope having a reincarnation experience, and the fleshy envelope lets the soul almost starve to death, the soul may elect to leave and join the Great Pool of Reincarnated Souls to be housed again in another fleshy envelope.  The fleshy envelope is then uncreated.

 The Satanian minions, that are still on Earth want you to keep sleeping to the Truth. They shove materialism at these sleeping ones so that all their effort is about obtaining things and thinking that this life on Earth is all there is, and that the Lighted Realms are someone’s dream. They are made to think that Earth is the only planet in the Universe and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, there MIGHT BE another planet that has life on it. They are taught that this life on Earth is the only one, and that they shall be raptured off to some pink cloud somewhere to be with “Jesus”.

When a person that is not enlightened steps into our beam, they go to the Astral Plane, and if they have not graduated they shall choose another planet that suits their soul growth.

Some ones on the Astral Plane are there for many years before they either graduate or choose another planet than Earth to continue on with soul lessons.  Some, who have passed, still have a chance to be on Earth before she turns on her axis,  If that happens, these ones shall have to choose another planet on which to continue their soul lesson when Mother Earth graduates.

Because of the Petitions, especially the one for the Astral Plane, thousands upon thousands of souls have graduated.   Many of these were channeled by evil ones and kept in control by the Dark Side.  Others that graduated had been on the Astral Plane for a very long time.  You have no idea how these Petitions have helped not only the Astral Plane for Earth, but for untold thousands of other Astral Plane for other Planets in the Cosmos.  This means all seven Super Universes of which Orvanton (The Milky Way) is the seventh Super Universe.

The vastness of the Cosmos is overwhelming!  At some time in the near future, all shall come to rest with Creation.  That is already started, as all is coming back to Center.  Even though the null time is unimaginable, it will only seem like an hour, as all will sleep and awaken to re-create the entire Cosmos once again.  How exciting!

I stand at the doorway for you to come HOME, especially those, who are still caught in the LIE (sleeping)and have awakened.  My Flock is ready and waiting for that time, and for them, the time left on Earth is extremely short.

All I can say is FEED YOUR SOUL today.  You will not regret it!

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Journal 4, page 160, Bridge to Freedom, AMTF

Jesus says: “It was easy for me to master the waves of the stormy sea, which so appalled my frightened disciples, because I had already become Master of all the elements composing my inner and physical vehicles! In like manner, the so-called miracle of walking upon the water was just another manifestation of that mastery. I cannot recommend, too strongly, to the earnest chelas, that they sincerely endeavor to harmonize the elements which compose their own vehicles. This training will stand each such a one in good stead when he or she is called up on to hold the balance for the masses of people during the time just ahead, when not only continental, but planetary changes, will take place.” Journal 4, page 160, Bridge to Freedom, AMTF
Picture: Ascended Master Jesus by Morgan Le Fay
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Greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Earth Shan!  I give hope and healing to all souled one,. for many of you are weary,  tired and beset with not only physical problems, but emotional weariness these last days for you upon Earth.

This scribe is no different for she is weary and on pain with misplaced ribs, however she is at work listening to what I have to tell every souled being upon this planet.

What most people do not realize is that Mother Earth has feelings just as all hu-mans, and feels the pain of a bomb when it is explodes upon her surface.  She feels the suffering of ones displaced from their homes because of the banks, and because many on the middle east are refugees struggling along the roads to safety in another nation that would welcome them.

These ones from Ukraine have been told to evacuate their homes to safety.   They have struggled with their government and have lost their freedoms just as the U.S. Government has done to their people as the Nazi Regime had taken over some time ago.

Mother Earth, also, weeps over the once great nation of the U.S. which has been taken over by the same evil ones of Communism or Nazism, which are one and the same.  Oh, these evil ones have had explicit plans for many years to reach this point in history. Read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, their long-made plans that have done tothelst period and dotted “T”  Here is the Link:

How do I know all this?  I know everything!  I know every thought actions or deed that all of you make every second of the day.  I knew of the evil plans of the Dark Ones long ago.  Now, you ask, why have I not cleaned up this mess?

Hold on, there!  Am I supposed to come to Earth and clean up the mess deliberately made by reincarnated humans?  NO, NO and NO!  It is not my job to clean up your mess.  It must be done by YOU!  You people of your country have that Great God Power within you to clean up your own mess.

I shall speak first of Ukraine.  Whether you believe me or not, the one saw the mess and had the power to clean it up was the statesman and enlightened one, Putin.  He saw the Nazi Regime next to his country, and what their plans were for his nation.  He made the military move and took out the Nazi Regime. 

It was told that other countries, i.e. the U.S. and those countries that made up NATO were to stay clear and not interfere.    Let me tell you that NATO is not a lovely benevolent organization!  They side with the Nazi Regime and are mounting troops and military equipment to interfere with the Ukraine situation.  The evil government of the U.S. has similar plans.  There are other countries that harbor the same attitude.

What is happening here is the forward movement of World War III using nuclear weapons.  These countries think they have the greatest military technology available and it would be a joy to take down Russia.  What they do not realize is that Russia is far, far above all other countries in military technology and advancement, and the outcome of a nuclear war for Earth would result in a similar situation as you see upon Mars!

 Mars was once a thriving planet with people but was destroyed by war to become a desolate planet in 3D.  The glory of Mars only lies in the fact that people DO live on her surfac,e but it is in 5D!!!  Mars graduated eons ago!  You only see the 3D mess made and cannot see with 5D vision.

Do you realize that the SAME ones that destroyed Mars and doing the same to Earth?  They are reincarnated to destroy Earth, as they did Mars in 3D.  They shall NOT win!  I have decreed Earth and her people shall NOT be destroyed!

How do I know this? It is because there are ones called Sananda’s Flock that have helped Mother Earth! They realized that the clean-up had to come from hu-mans, not just God cleaning up the mess!  Don’t you remember the messages from Bellringer about his experience in being the lunchroom advisor in the school at which he taught?

The teachers were picking up the trash the students threw on the floor.  The more he picked up the more they laughed and threw more food!  It was Patrick that made the students pick up their own trash.  Is it any different upon Earth?

What can YOU do?  Well, for one thing you can join in saying those Petitions on this website.  By doing so, you cause a great wave of goodness to flow across the entire Cosmos.  Do you realize that it is not just Earthen ones saying these Petitions?  Ones across the entire Cosmos are joining in and saying these Petitions, and making them suitable for THEIR planet.

At any rate, Mother Earth is watching very, very carefully the events upon Earth and knew that SHE WINS!  She will NOT allow herself to be destroyed, and has the last say!   You DO know what that means!  I will tell you one more time.

She is ready to graduate, turn upside down on her axis when doing so and wash the entire surface of Earth of everything in 3D.  All lands shall sink under the great oceans for 3,000 years of cleansing and those lands and continents that have been cleansed under the oceans for 3,000 years shall rise again!

Enlightened ones that have never lived upon Earth shall inhabit her and treat her with royalty.

Where will all the present humans be?  You shall judge selves and decide where you go to learn lessons, or if you have completed lessons you set for yourself and graduated.

We offer safety, but it is you, who shall decide your fate to step into our beam of safety when all cataclysms occur.  When is that?

Anytime and without warning.

SO, my dear ones!  Do your part!  Stay healthy, eat properly as you can, and READ and MEDITATE. Clean up where you live and stay FOCUSEDL BALANCED AND CALM.  ASK FOR THE HELP OF THE LIGHTED REALMS, FOR WE STAND READY, BUT YOU MUST ASK FOR THAT HELP.



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We are the Arcturian Group 3/13/22

Dear readers, welcome to our message.

As you are well aware, life has become increasingly intense the world over and some of you may still question why you are here and what possible good you as one person can do. Some of you may have even pondered the idea of simply leaving as many have already done, but on a deeper level you know you are here for a reason and don't want to leave before you complete what you came to do.

Try to remain detached from the negativity presently permeating the world--aware of but detached through remembering that earth is in the process of exposing and clearing old energy. World consciousness is increasingly awakening to the futility, pain, and stupidity of war which in turn is enlightening collective consciousness. The Divine plan is unfolding in spite of appearances and will not be stopped or diverted by human attempts to do just that. Do not fear nuclear activity for the Beings of Light assisting mankind will not allow this and have dismantled previous attempts in the past.

Hold to truth in the presence of negativity and violence by acknowledging the Divine nature of all involved even though they themselves have no interest in knowing this. Nothing at this point is random but rather is a facet of earth's ascension process which cannot take place in a short moment. The spiritual ascension process personally and globally takes place as individuals awaken to the reality of oneness allowing the effects of obsolete and false separation beliefs to dissolve.

Your job as we have said many times before is to be a consciousness of truth regardless of outer appearances near or far. Because you have been programmed over lifetimes to believe that it is only by "doing" in the outer scene that you accomplish something, holding the Light may feel to you as if you are doing nothing for the world. Living the spiritual life is not a life of doing nothing, rather three dimensional "doing" evolves to "spiritual doing".

When life is lived from within, solutions to outer issues needing to be addressed in some way begin to automatically unfold intuitively, easily, and practically--manifestations of the Divine harmony and wholeness present in your Consciousness. Spiritual "doing" often takes place in ways you could not have anticipated or planned because they were not yet a part of your awareness.

As individualized consciousness becomes enlightened and false beliefs fade away, the already fully present qualities of Divine Consciousness (intelligence, wisdom, creativity, completeness, harmony etc.) can begin to manifest outwardly as what is needed at the time. Mind, interprets and forms the outer from the contents of individualized consciousness be it conditioned with false beliefs or not.

Mind interprets the self sustained/self maintained qualities of Divine Consciousness in ways that are practical and personal to the individual. A doctor may awaken to a new and better way of treatment for a problem patient. A mechanic may suddenly think of the solution to a difficult repair. An inventor may find the idea for something much needed in the world popping into thought.

New and higher ideas and solutions can only manifest outwardly when allowed to flow from Divine Consciousness, where they exist in spiritual form as creativity, completeness, wholeness, harmony etc. It is only beliefs of duality, separation, and two powers that have kept the qualities of Source already present in the consciousness of every individual from manifesting. Never forget that your consciousnesses is God Consciousness individualized making you a creator. "What am I choosing to create?"

Human minds can only access what is already in the collective, and therefore creations of the human mind are limited to what is already known. You are all familiar with boring and repetitive music, art, and ideas created out of what is already known and bring nothing new. The great masters of music, art, and science etc. have always drawn from the source of creativity within themselves, allowing new and previously unknown ideas to flow into form.

Living from a state of conscious oneness with Source is very practical, but third dimensional thinking has relegated it to being an impractical, false, and non-existent illusion. Centuries of living in separation from God and all other life forms has caused mankind to believe that they must work, struggle, war, and step on others in order to survive. However, evolution will always be ongoing because no one can pretend to be other than what they really are forever.

It is important to examine your personal belief system and be very honest with yourself as you do it. "What am I still believing that is making me feel this way? Is it true or simply what I have been told, believed, and have lived? Do I want to continue with the old ways because they make me feel accepted?"

Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see because it doesn't reflect some three dimensional concept of what you think makes a person desirable, lovable or acceptable? Do you look at your life--employment, education, relationships and believe that you are a failure because your choices don't reflect what society considers success and worthy of allowing you love and respect? Be very honest with yourself with regard to seemingly ordinary and harmless beliefs you may still entertain that actually represent separation.

Everyone seeks to be loved and accepted, it cannot be avoided. Because there is only ONE and the individualized expressions of that ONE are connected. The connecting energy of the ONE as many is what the world calls love. The connection between the many expressions of ONE is interpreted and experienced through the third dimensional state of consciousness as a deep yearning and seeking for wholeness, completeness, love.

Most are are of yet unaware of why they are driven to seek the things they believe will bring them acceptance and love. Even the criminal believes that his actions will bring him happiness and the respect of his/her peers. There is a seeking for love and acceptance at every level of awareness,but the universal ignorance of why this is so has resulted in a world prepared to do anything to attain what they believe to be outside of self.

Know and then actually accept that you are God in manifestation--not just a part of or one with, but the fullness. There is no you Mary, Dick, or Joe, there is only YOU, individualized God, the I AM that is known as Mary, Dick, or Joe.

I is a sacred word that is God and not ego. When the master Jesus said; "I am the way" he was referring to the Godhead within everyone and not just himself, a point that has been seriously misinterpreted over the ages. The universal ignorance of I AM has resulted in a hypnotism that continues to manifest as illusions of duality, separation, and the worship of many three dimensional gods.

Remembering who and what you are does not become an attained state of consciousness over night but is the beginning. Change begins in the vast and higher levels of consciousness and works through many energetic layers lastly arriving at the lowest level-- the material.

Changes are taking place personally and globally and quickly becoming accessible to every individual even though much is not yet manifesting on the material level. Do not give up hope or slip into believing that your work is doing nothing because you aren't seeing results but rather trust that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan.

Live what you know dear ones, because the spiritual Genie can not be put back in the lamp.

We are the Arcturian Group 3/13/22

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Mike Quinsey

As you might expect the Masters have something to say about our present period of chaos and St. Germain asks us to “Trust the Plan” and Sanat Kumara tells us that we are in the middle of the transformation of human society and the reconstruction of the World. The goal is to moderate the greatest upheavals and prevent future trauma. Archangel Michael says Beloved Ones do not allow your selves to be distracted, yes by the chaos. Do not get caught up in the drama of white hats or black hats, good guys or bad guys. All beings are birthed directly from the Heart of the One.

More detailed accounts are held by Steve Beckow on his website Golden Age of Gaia.


18th March 2022. Mike Quinsey.

Without knowledge of the plan for mankind you cannot be expected to know what lays ahead, but be assured that actions are being led by the higher powers that oversee humanity's experiences without usurping their freewill. You can help by remaining positive and not giving your energy to the negative forces by keeping positive and not getting involved with the negative forces. Use your understanding and knowledge to give strength to the forces working for the good of the planet and its people. The more you are able to hold your highest level of vibration the more you are helping the Light to overcome the dark energies.

We see the greater potential for success over the dark Ones, and you are well on the way to achieving the overcoming of their plans for control of the planet and its inhabitants. Already there are plans to help you restore Mother Earth from the damage committed through World Wars that still needs clearing and cleansing. We are ever by your side and await our opportunity to help you to successfully overcome the activities of the dark Ones. There is a plan to rejuvenate the Earth and restore it to its original beauty that is fitting for a planet preparing itself for Ascension.

We look beyond your present troubles and see a time when they have been overcome and peace has descended upon Earth. It will be a permanent change as you make your way along the path to Ascension. Present troubles will have been long forgotten with the assurance that the vibrations will continue to rise, to a level where the negative energies cannot exist. The dream of Nirvana will have come true and the nightmare created by the dark Ones faded into the dust of their making.

Our feeling is that an agreement will be reached that will put an end to the war in Ukraine, thus avoiding the potential for it to become more serious. The dark Ones had hoped that it would lead to another World War, but we have told you all along that it would not be allowed. Be assured that our influence and direct guidance will put your feet upon a path leading to total peace and happiness. It all takes time but it is important that you know of an acceptable solution to your worldwide problems. Again we stress that our help is permissible once you have made the decision to broker peace.

The changes cannot come too soon as conditions on Earth are causing many problems, they need worldwide help and a concerted effort by all nations to make good the damage and harm that has been caused over many, many years. The ultimate aim is to quickly restore Mother Earth to her original pristine condition and with the help of our ET friends it can be achieved in a much shorter time than it would without them. Having the assurance of being able to live safely and in relative comfort is a priority, and once achieved full attention can be given to raising the standard of living for all people.

There will be a much greater level of acceptance of the different customs and beliefs of the various religions that will be freely practised. The Human Race is one and a coming together will be a most natural development. We hope that you can accept the changes that are coming as they will birth a happy civilisation that can work together for the betterment of all people. The lack that you have experienced will become a thing of the past and all countries will work for the best outcome.

Meantime you have an uncertain future as you see it because of world problems, but be assured that the Alliance is doing their best to bring about an acceptable conclusion. In fact they have often prevented the use of nuclear weapons by making them and the silos inoperative. The authorities are aware as to who is controlling their use and fully realise that the restrictions will remain. It is all part of the gradual moves towards a peaceful existence, the warmongers are on their way out and all of their weapons will eventually be made inoperative. Of course the planet itself will be protected as it is now, so that no unexpected visitors can threaten or harm the Earth or its inhabitants.

By now you must realise that your freewill can only go so far and your actions are monitored. If you choose to indulge in wars you will eventually learn the futility of doing so as they have never solved the problems that have brought them about. Diplomacy and common sense will come to be seen as the way forward to settle any differences between you all. By preventing the use of nuclear weapons we have taken the first step that will lead to a peaceful planet. The rising vibrations will also lead to a more peaceful time and continue to do so until it becomes permanent. By then those who still carry the lower vibrations will have left the planet for a more suitable level that is compatible for them.

The new cycle was always intended to raise the vibrations, as the old energies have no permanent place in the higher realms. Be patient as the changes will take time and that includes the coming of many that will lead you into the New Age.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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