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  • When looking at the blue spaceships, did anyone notice that some of these things were showing similarities in the shape/shadow they were making? It feels as if out of the 58, some spaceship are identical

  • Morris Levin.  See  He does color analyses.

    John will be here on Jan. 7th:

  • maybe a distraction? if they can black out a part of Google sky, they can do the opposite. if these are real ships NASA wwould know first and tell Google to mask them....

  • Google messing with us

  • who is Morris?????? and where is John these days????

  • Sending up a flare for Morris!

  • first, take a number of images. then see how the color changes. Then, , take readings of the distances changes between each object. next, gauge the size of the stars in the background. next, see the relationships between the star field and the object to get some idea of depth. we need some idea of the dimensionality and depth of field, as we are seeing only a flat image. Inspired by listening to Jim Maccanney by the way,  this last one . so, anyone good with calculus and such???  this is the way I would go about it but lack the knowledge  to go any further , at least I think I do....a spectral analyses of the light from these objects and the changes in it might also be of help in determining movement and speed.

  • Is there any way to gauge the size of the ships?  Is there any other known phemonena that could cause the images?  Being in a straight line is the one thing that seems to indicate these blips are under intelligent control.

  • I know what happened, they got lost , drank too much alcohol and are trying to thumb a lift home, but got a bit carried away. maybe the cow parts were too much for them!!!!!  Any one seen a passing  saucer?????

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