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Amazing Ashtar Galactic Command Massive Fleet over Las Vegas - 21st March 2012
(Date: 2132012 = 11)
Massive fleet of the "Ashtar Galactic Command", exposing their benevolence and Love with their great numbers of ships in fleet over Las Vegas BLVD. 
They continue with Galactic Federation of Light in exposing their benevolent ships worldwide which after the arrests of the Illuminati, this world will prosper and take its place among its Galactic Community. Sightings is to prepare you and humanity to the transitioning of this world after the arrests of the illuminati members.
After the arrests of the illuminati (kingpins) 
what will follow:
Prosperity/Abundance, Advanced Suppressed Technologies, Peace/Light/Love, Oneness Worldwide.

1. Disclosure
2. Mass Landings
3. First Contact
4. Inner Earth

Love & Light.
A more definitive proof of our existence to you is in the works and more on this will be revealed in the coming weeks. You can, of course, expect ever increasing sightings from around the globe. We have, of late, concentrated on specific third world countries as part of the plan we have of direct communication with those regions. Now, however, we bring our focus back to those countries that can make a difference in the disclosure process. Expect that tremendous and awe inspiring displays will now occur with ever increasing frequency.
We are with you more than ever in these most exciting of times. This is what you have lived lifetimes for, what you have planned for down to the minutest detail, and what you are now experiencing. It is your right and deservedly so. We are with you in love, in respect, and in awe of your incredible abilities.
Be at peace. 
- Galactic Federation of Light through Wanderer of the Skies - 14th March 2012 (part of update)
In anticipation of bringing your planet and yourselves back into the Light and into full consciousness, we are increasing the sightings of our craft in your skies; they are making themselves more noticeable to you by decloaking in broad daylight and by being more dramatic in your night skies. Our message is, You are not alone!

We have asked the Galactic Federation to make itself fully known to you after disclosure is announced, and have asked the Agarthans to do likewise. Each of you needs to acquire full knowledge of what is happening and why, and where it is all headed. It is equally important for us to have feedback from you regarding this sudden flurry of events to hit your societies. We, the Ascended Masters, intend to appear and heal and bless all of you even before the mass landings. We sincerely ask for your feelings on these matters as the time has come to change how you interact with Heaven. You are each a sacred physical angel. You need to learn about your divine lineage and the sacred Orders you are a part of. Ponder on these matters, as Heaven is now returning in force to your world!
-Washta & Ascended Masters / through Sheldan Nidle - 27th March 2012

The call has gone out from the Federation to all systems in the cosmos and an even greater number of visitors are now heading this way to observe this next phase in activities. In that respect, you can expect that another "Norway spiral" will occur as more dimensional beings arrive over the next several weeks. 
- Galactic Federation of Light through Wanderer of the Skies - 25th March 2012.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 2, 2012 at 12:36am

Keith, she provided a link to a very large site:

Comment by Keith H on April 1, 2012 at 11:11pm


You have been saying that Ashstar has been manipulating, controlling, and want the planet for themselves.

If you don't provide some links, I among others, will have to come to the conclusion that you have recently been released from the loony bin.

Sorry, we just can't take it on your word.

Comment by Keith H on April 1, 2012 at 10:45pm

Maybe they are here to help, but I don't see how the Earth cannot be looked upon as one big pain in the rear for anybody that becomes involved.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 1, 2012 at 2:12pm

The only thing he didn't cover is maybe, just maybe, they aren't hostile and are here to help. 

Comment by Keith H on April 1, 2012 at 10:18am

I find it hard to believe that a why a technologically-superior race are concerned about any military firing at them.

Mike Adams ( follow the link from MsRed) has some interesting summations:

Seven theories behind the lack of present-day "contact"

• Theory #1 - Earth has been declared a "non-intervention" zone and all non-Earth civilizations have agreed to stay "hands off" while simply observing our planet and our species. This would, of course, imply some sort of galactic governing body, which is a fascinating subject all by itself.

• Theory #2 - There are no advanced aliens in the galaxy. We are the only intelligent life in the universe. God help us if this turns out to be true, as there will be nothing to stop human-led corporations from pillaging and destroying entire worlds if inexpensive space travel technology can be developed. Imagine Jupiter renamed "Planet Microsoft, Inc." Technology without ethics is extremely dangerous.

• Theory #3 - There are aliens, but they just haven't noticed us yet. Maybe they only get around to checking each life-supporting planet every 50,000 years or so, and since our entire civilization is only about 10,000 years old (or so), we haven't yet showed up on their radar. Our use of nuclear weapons -- a series of events easily visible from space -- has only taken place in the last 75 years or so. The light from such events has only begun to reach many advanced civilizations that might be gearing up to take action against Earth as a result.

• Theory #4 - Our own present-day human species was created by non-Earth beings genetically seeding or altering native primates in order to create a more intelligent race for some purpose that we don't yet know about. (A slave race of obedient workers, perhaps? That trait seems to have been made quite prominent among present-day humans...)

• Theory # 5 - Extraterrestrials know all about us, but they're waiting to see if we will destroy ourselves first. If we somehow get through the next couple of hundred years without decimating our own planet, then perhaps they will make contact. This is a question of species maturity -- are human beings mature enough to even bother being contacted? Or are we still just fair-skinned apes who beat each other over the heads with sticks and rocks while poisoning our own planet and destroying life? Earth's "advanced weapons" are a joke in a galactic sense, and our focus on weapons and war only proves how stupid we are when it comes to wisdom and maturity.

• Theory #6 - Extraterrestrials are already here, and they're already taking over with some sort of nefarious infiltration agenda. Remember the "V" television series? Yeah, lizard people and all that... The "David Icke theory."

• Theory #7 - Earth has already been claimed as "property" by one of the non-Earth races, and they will soon come to the planet to claim its resources. If you think about it, if earthlings had the technology of faster-than-light space travel, wouldn't we run around the Milky Way staking claim to all the valuable planets we could find? And the most valuable planets of all, it seems, would be water planets, as water is really the "gold" of life (as we know it) in the galaxy. A big blue planet like Earth would look like a valuable gem floating in a sea of mostly inhabitable rocks. Every advanced civilization in the universe would want to "own" Earth if, indeed, ownership was still one of their functioning tendencies.

Comment by Subramanian on April 1, 2012 at 8:06am

Video of unknown luminousobjects in the sky above the Kragujevac was quite shocking for my father and me. Uploaded clip is minimally adjusted (subtitled), so you can easily follow the conversation that occurs between the two of us. The recording isn't altered in any way - 18, March,2012

Comment by Rosemary S on March 31, 2012 at 9:43pm

Yes, a different point of view.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on March 31, 2012 at 9:42pm

It puzzles me why a technologically-superior race wouldn't just use telepathic mind control to effect a bloodless takeover.  Why would they put on light shows in the sky?  I think the purpose of showing non-hostility is a better answer.

Comment by tracy arnold on March 31, 2012 at 8:05pm
Ashstar has been coming here 4 years,manipulating and controlling bringing along the power of the cross which they got from the hindus.they are the controllers of the illuminated ones the light bearers the illuminati.
Comment by tracy arnold on March 31, 2012 at 7:58pm
They could but their not because ashstar wants the planet for themselves and their masters the reptilians.


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