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Email from John DiNardo: Pieozoelectric Effect, Greenish Light; Toad Swarms, CMEs & Electromagnetic Effects; NM Quake Could Be Looming; Request for Volunteers

Something just clicked in my mind!  I have, on CNN videotape, the testimony of witnesses during the great Chilean earthquake, a year ago. This woman said, "We saw colored lights in the sky just before the earthquake."
As an electrical engineer and high school physics teacher, I surmise how these two phenomena could be related.  There is an electro-mechanical phenomenon termed "the piezoelectric effect." When crystalline solids are impacted, the shock causes the instantaneous generation of thousands of volts of electrical energy for a fraction of a second. The piezoelectric principle is used to spark your gas stove and gas grill, as well as your cigarette lighter, when a tiny hammer strikes a crystal. Well, deep inside the Earth's crust are fissures that separate rock formations, the largest of which are crustal tectonic plates, twelve of which comprise the entire crust of the Earth.

When the magma filled mantle below the crust becomes disturbed, these adjacent rock masses, and even the tectonic plates, are banged up against one another, and the result is the generation, across their marginal gap, of many thousands of volts of electrical energy.

Now, when a high voltage is generated in an abrupt time step, almost instantaneously, an *extremely* strong electromagnetic field is generated which billows outward from the voltage arc, and this field can easily travel very high up into the sky, as well as through the surrounding ground. This could explain the abrupt death of many birds. And yes, flashes of greenish colored light accompany this electromagnetic burst. But remember, birds are dying all over the  world, so are we to suspect that earthquakes are beginning to fulminate all over the world, simultaneously? 

It is very important that you look at this photograph taken before the great earthquake in China. Swarms of toads are fleeing out of the ground. Why? Because they are being zapped!   

The link below should be clickable. Incidentally, or not so incidentally, what would cause tectonic plate disturbances in many sectors of the World around the same time? Huge solar coronal mass ejections, spewing forth electrically charged particles which, when their electric waves sweep through Earth's magnetic field, they conflict with our magnetosphere in a physical fashion,
like poking a crowbar in between the spokes of a rotating bicycle wheel. The result is an actual jerking and jolting of the entire
planet in its rotation. This phenomenon was noticed, but not understood very well, by Dr. Stephen Plagemann thirty years ago, as described in his book, "The Jupiter Effect: The Key to Earthquakes."      (below, clickable link to toad swarms)

The New Madrid earthquake could be looming. Waiting is too risky.  We need to assemble teams of activists to look for frenzied animal behavior: squirrels, chipmunks, birds, dogs, cats, etc. What were birds doing flying at night? Were they crazed because of an  electromagnetic burst into the air, originated by an underground piezoelectric disturbance, that drove them out of their nests? 
Look for toads and insects swarming out of the ground. This amazing phenomenon was described in the Book of Exodus when earth disturbances ravaged ancient Egypt.  California Geologist Jim Berkland predicts earthquakes partially by charting the number of lost pet reports in the newspapers. In January of 2005, The Washington Post reported that not one animal died in the Asian tsunami of Christmas 2004. They all sensed the impending tsunami and the ground vibrations and fled to high ground an hour or so before it struck.   

Please check the earthquake data vis-a-vis the dates, times and locations where bird flocks fell over Beebe, Arkansas, as well as over places in Louisiana, Florida, South America, Italy, Sweden, and China. If seismic activity and bird falls coincide in both time and place, then this may be a way of saving lives. If there is no relation, then we need to continue investigating other possible explanations.   
                      John DiNardo

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Comment by DYSTOPIA on June 6, 2011 at 10:06am
is this really the 'latest info' on this subject in this site? sad face.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on January 6, 2011 at 10:33am

Keith, perhaps.  There was also a mention of a fountain whose water turned green (and that obviously wouldn't be earth related).

Jason, it sounds like it, except the river turned red instead of green!

Comment by Keith H on January 5, 2011 at 10:05pm
I remember the green river in Australia was determined to be a college prank of someone putting dye in the water. It was only green for 1 hour, then it cleared.


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