Fukushima = 50+ Chernobyls


"Chernobyl ejected 30% of one 192-ton, three-month old reactor core. That’s 57.6 radioactive tons thrown into the air by fire and explosions.

"The tiny radioactive and burning smoke particles have traveled around the world many times since 1979, killing an estimated one million people to date from radiation caused illnesses and cancers."

This sounds like we should expect 50 million cancer-related deaths from Fukushima. 

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  • No, on the produce, wheat, etc.  Yes, the water is radioactive because of the radioactive particles.  Read the Nuclear War Survival Skills manual at oism.org.  I believe it said water would settle to the bottom of municipal water pools and be okay.  But it is also in the air.  It can be inhaled.  Fukushima is a disaster beyond imagination.
  • Your produce and water supply is now contaminated because of radioactive rain from fukushima.  Is it safe

    to eat fresh produce or even your wheat, fruit, vegetables that are exposed to radioactive rain?  How about

    your water supply is it also radioactive because the water reservoir has also been contaminated by radioactive


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