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i just deleted all my blogs on the other site. i saved most of them to my computer. the important ones i will post here. exceptfor the videos which we do not have on this site. i have deleted over one hundred blogs from the other site. i think they black listed me. most of my blogs were ignored or harsh critizenium was given. especially china air, which i already posted here. tmorrow i will delete my page. i will not post for a couple of days, then maybe 4 out of my 82 friends will ask why. i joined the other group at the end of may and built up 82 friends, 100 blogs and two videos. one video, which was my first post had 126 hits. they don't won't to appreciate my reshearch they can go to hell.they are so disoriented, they let a triple post get through. no but i am the bad boy for wanting to pick up women. i enjoy having woman friends. i love a woman prospect on events. it is so different than a man's and very refreshing. i can't help it i have too many of my mothers gene's and abilities. i am women hear me roar, burn the bra, demand equal pay for equal work. most of the teachers in this

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Comment by edina on July 28, 2010 at 6:09pm
Joe, This is the first time, I've seen this post, let's me get to know you better.

Reading this lets me know that I was so out of the loop of the drama over there, and still somehow, I got suspended. As Keisha, the Littlest Grandmother, said in the video that Hung Le posted, it was nonsense, just nonsense. Now, I'm going to go sit under my favorite tree. :)
Comment by Sizzle on July 14, 2010 at 12:48am
Joe you were always the perfect gentleman towards me and others on the other site, as far as I could see. And one of the most positive, courteous members there -- I'm so sorry that wasn't appreciated. Teresa C and I were really worried when you disappeared -- I'm glad you're here.
Comment by Dianna Spencer on July 13, 2010 at 11:35am
Now, Joe, Baby, TELL ME..... How do you save a column to disk... thank you very much... lol
Comment by Dianna Spencer on July 13, 2010 at 11:34am
What has happened to Kenny, anyway... He doesn't seem to comment (over there), like he fell off the side of the boat...??? p.s. It was NOT Joseph was out to pick up as many ladies as he could... that is not even close... but there was/is a stalker over there.. Have not seen him here yet, unless changed his profile and name.
Comment by Paris on July 13, 2010 at 10:36am
I remember Ken accusing someone of being friendly with the ladies on one of my blogs. It was pretty obvious that this person was just having a good conversation. I think Ken was mad because he felt left out. He even tried to point to another persons comment, saying they were hinting at us to stop...when that wasn't what I read into it at all. Ken is one giant A-HOLE. He barely commented on my blogs. When he did it was to tell me I was wrong. Like the time I called PX a brown dwarf. He wrote, Actually Paris, its not a brown dwarf, its too small to be a brown dwarf. Then he went on, blah blah blah.
I responded, according to the Zeta's it is a smoldering brown dwarf with an internal heat and light source. Finally Nancy got on and shut him up by saying yes the Z's did say it was a brown dwarf like object.
Another time he corrected me, Cheryl jumped in with a link showing statistics that I was right. After that He never commented on my blogs again...he hated me.
Comment by joe kurtz on July 12, 2010 at 6:51pm
i found out throgh a scolding i got from ken. i think the problem is i joke with the members to put them at ease when i answer email and comments, and some one took it out of context. the only woman besides jeanette that i ever flirted with was one of our police officers. i don't know how to flirt i married my wife when i was 20 and it lasted for 33 years. but this police officer i told her in the street at night she could give me a body search. i was so embaressed after that. then the second time i did it again, and actually sat down and cried, i was so embaressed. it doesn't bother me. heck i was in a bar with my neighbors and some 25 year old comes over plays with my ponytail and was flirting with me. i think she only wanted a free drink. i never go to bars, but they took me there for my birthday. i am here as well as jeanette to help all members reguardless of sex to survive. this is my new family and i love all of them. and people take my jokes when they come, and relax and ask question, search sites and post if we don't talk to each other we have lost the purpose of the group. rather than being called a cult, i rather call it a network of caring human beings that want to survie. now lets get with it family. or time outs will be given.(ha,ha). J&J.
Comment by Cheryl Nelson on July 12, 2010 at 6:15pm
You're a riot, Joseph. No, you're not stalking women. But one of the mods there had already accused another member of stalking her (before she was made a mod) and got his suspended. So, I kinda have an idea who is out to get you.


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