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HEY ALL! Stopped by when I spotted this...any thoughts?

10958078663?profile=originalA guy took this pic a few days ago and submitted it asking if anyone could see the shadow of a planet to the right. I asked a friend of mine, and she can see it. For the life of me I can't. Here is the link explaining it to be 'a flare' of some sort during the sun's prominence..hope this odd link works. I am curious what you all see....

Miss you all hope you are well!


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PaulK just posted this in the Videos section, but I'm making a blog to make sure everyone sees this one...

Jupiter's orbit has gone below the ecliptic over the years.  Any explanations, other than a PX-type object?  And the trail of dead scientists (see stevequayle.com) is the smoking gun.

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Sunspot 1263 produceda X-Class flare

An X-class (X7 according to Spaceweather.com) solar flare just occured from sunspot 1263, apparantly around 8:35 UTC.


X-class flares are the most powerful category of solar flares, which can cause all sorts of problems when earth-directed. It is currently unkown whether this is the case.

Last week has been an extremely active period, with 3 M-class CME’s (originating from sunspot 1261) merging into one large CME.

Conspirates.com thinks it’s strange that websites like spaceweather.com or NOAA.gov (so far) have not been writing about this X-class flare, although they did so almost immediately after the M-class flares from sunspot 1261 last week. Nevertheless, the automated graphs on their websites almost went off-scale for the current X-class flare.

UPDATE: according to Solarham.com the flare is not fully earth-directed.

X-ray data for X6-class solar flare (sunspot 1263)

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

update: NASA Stereo Beacon data of this event

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

Stereo Beacon data on sunspot 1263 flare

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More Evidence PX Is Out By Jupiter


This is an image of the newest ring around Saturn, newly discovered and discussed in this October 7, 2009 article.  Could Planet X have played a part in the formation of this ring?


This next image was posted November 5, 2009, but the image itself is undated.  Its focus is on a UFO (the article is worth the read), however, wouldn't you think if an infrared camera was used that it would have picked up the larger ring? 

10957977893?profile=originalThere could be technical reasons why the newest ring isn't in this image, such as it is an older image, or a different or less sensitive camera was used, or the focus was too narrow, etc.  However, it could also mean that the newest ring simply wasn't there (which should be researched to see if an image exists that shows when it did form), but either way it is there now.  The next few images will provide support for the hypothesis of how the newest ring around Saturn came to be.


Next, is an image of Saturn, after it was hit by an object, posted 08/10/2009:


Here is an enlightening quote from the article:  "It's not exactly clear what's going on here, even in this slightly zoomed shot. But it looks for all the world - or worlds -- like some small object on an inclined orbit has punched through Saturn's narrow F ring, bursting out from underneath, and dragging behind it a wake of particles from the rings. The upward-angled structure is definitely real, as witnessed by the shadow it's casting on the ring material to the lower left."  Hmmm, "inclined orbit," "underneath," "upward-angled" all sound like the object came up from below the ecliptic, toward the South Poles of our solar systems' planets.  Is this the work of a loner, or could it be part of an entourage?


Next is an image of Jupiter on the day it was hit in its south polar region by something on 07/19/2009
(top dark spot--camera images are flipped):


So, 07/19/2009, Jupiter is hit by an object in its south polar region, an unusual occurrence.  Then on 08/10/2009, one of Saturn's rings is hit by an object.  Then on 10/07/2009, an article is published about a new ring discovered around Saturn.  Compare that to the sun's quiesence around the time of these events and a marked decrease in earth movements in 2009 (https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/major-earth-rumblings), the jet stream going haywire in 2009, coupled with John DiNardo's theory that Planet X went below Jupiter around that time, turning its energies away from the sun (https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/planet-x-is-now-located and https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/major-earth-rumblings).  Now add to that, John's prediction, in his 03/01/2011 email, that major earthquakes would be starting within a few weeks, and ten days later the Japan earthquake hit on 03/11/2011 (https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/earthbound-planet-x-is-now) makes a compelling case that John's theory is correct.  And Amy Evans and the StarViewer Team have been confirming there is indeed something, several somethings, out around Jupiter. 

In conclusion, with all this evidence it seems reasonable to suggest that Saturn's newest and never-before-seen ring could be the product of a passing brown dwarf.  It could be parts of its debris trail trapped in some sort of a gravitational or magnetic field around Saturn and its rings.  Could it have formed as a result of Saturn's and Planet X's fields co-mingling?  It is thin.  Could it become permanent or will it fade away after PX has moved out of range?  Unknown.  But for now, it looks likely that Planet X has left its calling card.

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Planet X Dream

This was a very vivid dream. I was on another planet. I was walking uphill and came to a summit. There was a small passageway between a large rock outcropping that I barely squeezed through. I was surprised to see a vast city down below me. The sky was dark and turbulent and the city was not lit up but it was easy to see there were many huge statues of people scattered throughout.  We're talking LOTR (remember the statues on the canoe trip?) These statues were so tall they towered above the tallest buildings.

The next scene I remember is looking out over the city and someone telling me that they knew when Planet X would be passing, down to the week.  There seemed to be an red-orange light between and behind the dark clouds.

The next scene I am out by a main road. Chemtrail drones are flying just barely above the rooftops and spraying the streets. The air is thick and foggy with the white smoke being dumped from the drones. I leave there quickly because the air is unbreathable.

There was another scene that I have lost, I think I was inside somewhere and there was a computer or something similar. There was an orange-red monster-type figure up in a green sky.  It was printed on a paper that came from a computer. There was more.  If I remember, I'll add it.

Interesting to note, I had a reading yesterday.  It confirmed I am a contactee and that I am an old soul here to assist in the transformation.  I wonder if the dream had anything to do with the reading? 

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Earth 'to get second sun' as supernova turns night into day

By David Gardner
Last updated at 8:12 PM on 10th March 2011

The Earth could soon have a second sun, at least for a week or two.

The cosmic phenomenon will happen when one of the brightest stars in the night sky explodes into a supernova.

And, according to a report yesterday, the most stunning light show in the planet’s history could happen as soon as this year.

Cosmic phenomenon: The earth could soon have two suns when one of the brightest stars in the night sky explodes into a supernova

Cosmic phenomenon: The Earth could soon see two suns - just like Luke Skywalker saw on Tatooine in the Star Wars film (pictured)

Earth will undoubtedly have a front row seat when the dying red supergiant star Betelgeuse finally blows itself into oblivion.

The explosion will be so bright that even though the star in the Orion constellation is 640 light-years away, it will still turn night into day and appear like there are two suns in the sky for a few weeks.

The only real debate is over exactly when it will happen.

In stellar terms, Betelgeuse is predicted to crash and burn in the very near future. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to rush out and buy sunglasses.

Brad Carter, Senior Lecturer of Physics at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, claimed yesterday that the galactic blast could happen before 2012 – or any time over the next million years.

‘This old star is running out of fuel in its centre,’ Dr Carter told te Austalian website news.com.au.

‘This fuel keeps Betelgeuse shining and supported. When this fuel runs out the star will literally collapse in upon itself and it will do so very quickly.

‘This is the final hurrah for the star. It goes bang, it explodes, it lights up - we’ll have incredible brightness for a brief period of time for a couple of weeks and then over the coming months it begins to fade and then eventually it will be very hard to see at all,’ he added.

Look out: Betelgeuse, which is in the Orion constellation, is set to blow itself into oblivion - which will give the effect of two suns in the sky for us on Earth

Look out: Betelgeuse, which is in the Orion constellation, is set to blow itself into oblivion - which will give the effect of two suns in the sky for us on Earth

The Internet is abuzz with doomsday theories linking the supernova to the Mayan calendar’s prediction of an Armageddon in 2012, fuelled by the association of the word ‘Betelgeuse’ with the devil.

But experts claimed that even if the big bang is looming, it will still happen way too far from Earth to do us any harm.

‘When a star goes bang, the first we will observe of it is a rain of tiny particles called nuetrinos,’ said Dr Carter.

‘They will flood through the Earth and bizarrely enough, even though the supernova we see visually will light up the night sky, 99% of the energy in the supernova is released in these particles that will come through our bodies and through the Earth with absolutely no harm whatsoever.’

When it happens, the Betelgeuse supernova will almost certainly be the most dramatic ever seen.

It is the ninth brightest star in the night sky and the second brightest in the constellation of Orion, outshining its neighbour Rigel – or Beta Orionis – only very rarely.

It’s distinct orange-red colour makes it easy to spot in the night sky.

If it was at the centre of our solar system, its surface would extend past the asteroid belt, wholly engulfing Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Earth.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1349383/Betelgeuse-second-sun-Earth-supernova-turns-night-day.html#ixzz1HgYVXL23


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Sun Threw Out An X20+ Flare Last Night

From Sheldon Day.....

Strongest Flare to come off the Sun since 2003 !!!!!!!!  Back then, it was an X40... I believe this Flare came off Sunspot 1166, which is rotating behind the Sun's Western Limb at this time, so apparently NOT Geo-Effective, but after this Region ReEmerges in about a week from now, WE NEED TO WATCH IT !!! This Same Sunspot was PROBABLY ATTRIBUTABLE to the BIG QUAKE in Japan..Now, I just discovered after refreshing the SpaceWEather.com Website, that they took it off but I CAPTURED A SCREENSHOT of the Page just in case they decided to take it off, as I've witnessed them take off a Near-Earth Asteroid posting already... !!!!!! PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT !!!!!!! LOOK IN UPPER LEFT CORNER.... SpaceWEather now showing the strongest 24-Hour X-Class as an "M4"..
Maybe they decided not to alarm the Public toooo much ???
Also, 7 Planets ALIGN in our Solar System today & rumors are scattered around the Net of a POLE SHIFT Today, but I doubt that.. Always be LEARY of folks putting out DATES for BIG EVENTS !!!!!
Sheldon Day, Former Host of 'THE LIGHT OF DAY' Online-Based Radio Shows

Devoted to exposing the Inbound Passage of the L-Class Series Brown Dwarf Star aka 'Planet-X' & The Ruling Power Elite's preparations for the Cosmic Event...


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In a recent email, the current Hercolubus (PX) location was calculated from the Avebury Manor Crop Circle of UK.

Here are John's thoughts on the matter...
This information is incorrect.  I estimate, from several diverse fields of study, that Planet X is just below or in the Ecliptic plane right now, between Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt. The fields of study that seem to converge on this conclusion are: Sitchin's TWELFTH PLANET references (around p. 240) to R. Campbell Thompson's "The Reports of the Magicians and Astronomers of Nineveh and Babylon" (this title is from memory); another field of study is my seven-year study of the jetstream patterns.
In 2009, the jetstream patterns changed abruptly from five years of bizarre, but a consistently bizarre, pattern to a much different and much more worrisome pattern. The third field of study is from observations of comet crashes into the southern hemisphere of Jupiter on July 20, 2009, and a couple times later in 2010, I believe. So, here you have three different fields of study all suggesting that the current position of X is between Jupiter and the Asteroid Belt. A fourth field of study is the existence of the Asteroid Belt itself, which suggests that a planet once resided in the orbital path now occupied by the Asteroid Belt, and that planet was smashed by comets among X's accompanying swarm of celestial bodies which are always gravitationally dragged along with the Big Guy.  Also, Hercolubus is seriously mistaken when he says that it travels at 6.25 AU per year. Actually, by Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, the gravitational force of attraction between two masses increases as the inverse of the distance between them, squared. This irrefutably means that X is constantly accelerating, and at a mind-boggling pace, at that. So, it's distance per year cannot remain constant.


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Part 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzU_oNbj0VU (Deyo starts about 12:40)

(McCanney says Tyche might be a NASA cover of PX coming.)

Part 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJsoNvqKFyk (Deyo on solar flares, etc.)

Part 3:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkHDnVtcTBg (Planet X)

Part 4:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jcja9e19FnI 

Part 5:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mzGMZGAsiE

Part 6:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAq0iWytvVY



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Strange Signal From Alien Planet


The recent discovery of Gliese 581g, an alien planet in the habitable zone of another star, has been an exciting development for scientists probing the galaxy for signs of extraterrestrial life

At least one claim of a possible signal from the planet has already surfaced – and been met with harsh skepticism among the science community.

(click on link for website and complete article)

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Planet X Is Now Located

An email from John DiNardo:

The recent resumption in solar hyperactivity is showing my past assumption to be correct: that is, Planet X was passing below the orbital path of Jupiter during 2008 - 2009.

In a visual representation, I can show you where Planet X is now and where it is going. Hold a quarter or any large coin horizontally between your index finger and your thumb, with the index finger nail facing upward. Now, take a rubber band, loop it over your index finger nail, and stretch the rubber band downward along the underside of your slanted forearm. The circular edge of the coin represents Jupiter's orbital path. The other outer planets are excluded from this representation. The rubber band represents Planet X's orbital path, with X nearing the underside of our Ecliptic (the invisible plane in space on which all the planets revolve around the Sun).

Your index finger nail represents the top of the Sun. Planet X's gravitationally attracting focus is the Sun. On its way over the top of the Sun, Planet X will have to pass over the orbital path of the Asteroid Belt, then over that of Mars, then over the orbital path of Earth, and so on.

NASA, pretending to be ignorant, has been forced by notoriety to publish photographs from an amateur astronomer in Australia, Anthony Wesley, whose 2009 photograph showed a great comet collision in the deep south of Jupiter's southern hemisphere. Now, in 2010, NASA has posted another Anthony Wesley photograph of another comet crashing into the upper southern hemisphere of Jupiter. These two photographs strongly suggest that these two comets belonged to Planet X's outlying gravitationally captured horde of comets.

And to strengthen my theory -- having already been strengthened by these two comet collisions into Jupiter, plus the Sun's awakening from its temporary slumber, as explained in my past essays below -- my theory is further strengthened by Zecharia Sitchin's revelation in his landmark book, "The Twelfth Planet," that the ancient Mesopotamian texts recorded that in previous flybys, Nibiru (Planet X) punches through the underside of our Ecliptic (our Solar System's orbital plane) just to the sunward side, the inner side, of Jupiter's orbital ring.

Further evidence that X is likely nearing the underside of the Ecliptic is seen in the drastic changes in Earth's jetstream patterns which have recently evolved, patterns which remained in the shape of a "W" across the United States (from 2004 to 2009) to suddenly erratic jetstream patterns, including huge letter "O"s the size of several large states, and now even larger elongated "O"s covering the entire southeastern United States at this moment.

So, there you have several diverse indications, all pointing to the likelihood that Planet X is about to punch through the underside of the Ecliptic, just to the inner side of Jupiter's orbital path. Please read my past essays below to understand the foundational evidence supporting my theory. All of this evidence, of course, shows the ZT theory, that Planet X is now near the Sun, to be erroneous.
John DiNardo

Subject: Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow
From jadinardo
Date Sunday, January 3, 2010 10:14 am
To *

I posted this essay back in March of 2009, and it now appears that the reason why the extraordinary solar hyperactivity of the past decade had recently fizzled into a period of extraordinary quiescence is because inbound/sunbound Planet X was passing below Jupiter during 2008 to 2009, resulting in an electromagnetic and gravitational flirtation between the giant X and the gas giant, Jupiter, as evidenced perhaps by the great comet collision into Jupiter on July 20th of 2009, the comet presumably being just one member of the bee swarm of Planet X's gravitationally gripped horde of celestial bodies. ~~ John

----- Original Message -----
From jadinardo
Date Sun, 29 Mar 2009 14:26:00 GMT
To *
Subject Planet X: Sun Inhaling for a Major Blow

Public awareness of danger fosters thoughtful preparation, and thus prevents some loss of life. I have not yet contemplated protective measures against the solar scorching which appears to be on the horizon, because the immediate priority would be to elevate public awareness of this coming solar blasting – to show evidence that the Sun will become more like a blowtorch than a heat lamp. Scientists today appear to be strangely quiet and contented with the recent drop off in solar hyperactivity. Yet, (tell me if I have missed any explanatory reports from the science community) why don't I hear them explaining WHY our Sun -- which has been described, for years, by one conspicuous scientist as "behaving like a popcorn popper" -- has suddenly and markedly calmed down? No one is thinking of the "why," but rather, they are enjoying complacent relief from the past decade's threatening solar hyperactivity. Today's scientists are like the foolish children who ran to scoop up fish from the bared ocean floor as the tide dramatically drew back in preparation for a mountainous tsunami sucker punch? Because we live in the age of the approach of Planet X, solar hyperactivity is paradoxically the norm, while this current (and, I think,) transient state of solar quiescence is an aberration. Therefore, it is imperative that we strive to solve this solar mystery which would seem to portend the gravest imaginable threat to humankind: a scorching global annihilation.

Let’s look at this issue logically. We have a vast cluster of celestial objects being drawn into our Solar System, and, over the past decade or so, extraordinary earthly events have consistently resulted from this celestial shotgun blast into the belly of our Solar System: events geological, meteorological, geomagnetic, seismic, volcanic, biological, and solar, all extraordinary in magnitude, and all in the glare of a Sun so hyperactive that new and greater classes of flares had to be appended to the charts, just to describe and document these unprecedented flares. Then, suddenly, the Sun dies down. And everyone says, “hooray,” or “no need for concern anymore,” or “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Yet, Planet X and its massive field of gravitationally gripped comets, meteors, and asteroids has not turned around and headed back out into deep space. No, the X-gang is still being gravitationally drawn toward our Sun, and is, in fact, approaching at an ever-increasing velocity, as basic Newtonian physics principles would confirm.

There is a reason for everything that happens. I surmise that Planet X is in a fleeting interlude in its incoming travel, wherein it is gravitationally, electrically, and electromagnetically interacting with Jupiter, Saturn, or Uranus, thus diverting its previous fire away from the Sun, but only temporarily. Remember, the late Dr. Robert S. Harrington, chief astronomer of the United States Naval Observatory, determined that Planet X is coming at us from beneath our table, so to speak, and off to the side of our Solar System’s ecliptic plane (our revolving table), at an angle of about 40 degrees to the ecliptic. This means that, each and every day, that bullet is traveling closer to the underside of our table, and therefore, its flirtation with the Sun ought to be growing ever more torrid. Where are the astronomers and celestial physicists out there who will address the issue of this mysterious aberration of solar quiescence, and offer information as to a current positional interaction between Planet X and our Solar System’s outer planets, an interaction based upon the assumption that X is coming in from the direction of the constellation Scorpius, as Dr. Harrington had calculated.


John DiNardo

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Here, in this NASA image, is the familiar winged object. It is very close to the Sun, firing what looks like an energy beam toward it. Suddenly, the winged object said to be "Planet X" does not look like a planet surrounded by a dust cloud with moon swirls in its wings and tail. It looks like a starship.

This explains why the object, which many have been led to believe is Planet X, has been seen bouncing all over NASA's images, not limiting its position to 4 o'clock or even staying below the ecliptic at all times.

To explain this object's divergence from the official story, numerous excuses were offered: the cameras were bobbling, Earth was being pushed above and below the ecliptic to simulate seasons, Earth was pushed back in her orbit, Earth was wobbling, and so on.

Something wasn't adding up so we examined the most reasonable excuse, the bobbling cameras, and did not find it to be credible. See https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/bobbling-nasa-cameras?xg_source=activity. Since the most reasonable of the excuses isn't credible one should necessarily be wary of the ones that simply cannot be verified.

So, if it wasn't bobbling cameras causing the winged object to appear where it shouldn't be (otherwise we would already have experienced the passage, according to the story), then what else could it be?

The only reasonable explanation is the winged object is a starship patrolling the neighborhood. That's why it appeared close up, then far away. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right. Sometimes at the top, sometimes at the bottom. Why? Simple. Because it is an artificial, self-propelled vehicle. As proof, consider the distances it traveled and how fast it did so, as well as the changes in course. There is no way this object is a planet or a comet. As further proof, you will see a picture in the comments below of an image of the "winged thingy" turned 90 degrees sideways, like a starship maneuvering. Planets and comets don't act like that. Also, on enlargement two separate heat sources are seen, one in the main body and one in the tail. Another indication that this is a self-propelled vehicle. So, let's follow the story to its logical conclusion. Based on the well-known details, if the object is PX and it rose above the ecliptic, solar forces above the ecliptic would have assisted it to jet out of our solar system the first time it crossed the ecliptic and the passage would have already happened.

Further, what we have been led to believe is a "string of pearls" appears to be an energy beam of some sort. The ship is firing on our Sun (or perhaps absorbing energy from the Sun) and it has its shields up, presumably to keep from being fried by the Sun! Notice the distortion waves around the ship, 2 rings: one inner and one outer. Those waves have been misdiagnosed as the signature moons in PX's tail.

What is the significance of this picture? It proves that the object seen on NASA's imaging is NOT Planet X and those saying it is Planet X are in error. It also proves that Planet X is not between the Sun and the Earth.

Ah, but to err is human, is it not?

NOTE:  This means that the alleged second sun sightings are most likely sunlight reflecting off of metallic UFO's, at least in the northern hemisphere. 

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