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When we refer to the discarnate entities, we mean those human beings who have passed through so-called death. If they do not call to God with enough intensity, to draw the attention of an Ascended Master to cut them free from earth and take them to the Octave of Light: or if they have not the knowledge of the “Mighty I AM Presence” to which they can call and bee taken out of the atmosphere of earth; they remain in the homes, localities and atmosphere in which they lived, while in the physical body.

These are known as earth-bound entities, for they do not know how to make a call, that will bring the Assistance of the Ascended Masters, to cut them free from their earthly appetites and conduct them safely through the earth’s atmosphere, to the Octave of Light. In that Octave, they can be taught the Great Truth and Law of the “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE.” Then, through their own conscious effort, they can reach up for the assistance, that gives them the Eternal Victory of the Ascension.

The atmosphere of earth is loaded with these discarnate entities. They are good, bad and indifferent – some very vicious. They remain in the aura of the earth because their desires, being principally physical appetites, bind them here for further gratification. Why? Because they are Still held within the emotional body, which does not dissolve at so-called physical death, unless cremation takes place. If this is done, they are freed to go through to the Octave of Light for assistance.

Not knowing how to get out of the earth’s atmosphere, they attach themselves to those with whom they associated in the physical life, or to those whom they greatly disliked, many times to gratify their feelings of revenge, and even move about in the same houses or localities.

If they have had vicious desires, while in the physical embodiment, they can still gratify those desires from phychic plane, through the body of anyone who will let them stay in his aura. This is what accounts for all drink, smoke and sex obsessions, insanity, cruelty, viciousness, intense anger, jealousy, suicide, continued discord and destructive activity of every kind.

Mankind and students in general do not understand this condition in the slightest degree and hence, do not make the necessary effort to free themselves, from these destructive and disturbing conditions, that cause all the tragedy on earth.

However, the Great Law of Life will not operate Itself and until individuals get the Ascended Master’s understanding of Its operation, there is very little permanent help for humanity, until people can be taught the Law.

Voice of the I AM, July 4th, 1936
Given by Mr. G. W. Ballard
Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, California

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10958083678?profile=originalCan SOMEBODY please give me a small synopsis of WTF is all this fervor going on down in Antarctica???

I am reading and seeing videos all over the internet -- of everything from 3 Alien ships down a few miles under the ice, Giants eating people and coming after us via our DNA and the tunnels they built  under the earth's crust from Antarctic to South America, to another reptilian alien war, the antichrist, more Nazis unfrozen from the ice and working on their next sinister plot to rule the world, LIVE dinosaurs as well as those frozen, now being unfrozen and cloned........I mean the only thing missing is the bloody kitchen sink!!!

I also see a whole lot of new books and DVDs being touted for sale as well on all these bizarre topics, so right now I am trying to sift thru the BS and get to the meat and truth of the matter. I mean my head is frigging SPINNING???? LOL!

I rely on you all and Cheryl here to ferret through all the usual BS and honestly, on my own mission to find out, I lost patience after my last Giant cannibals video and ready to sit inside my house with a canister of salt and pepper in each fist, as prepared to yell out "Greetings!" to a 20 foot high CONE HEAD stomping in my front door for dinner - ME!! LOL!

So PLEASE....spare me sitting thu another frigging video or internet article, and if you have the time to give me a REALISTIC idea of what is REALLY  going on down there.........for REAL???

Thanks! Love to you all and stay safe!

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