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This is an audio Deep Trance Meditation (DTM) session by Douglas James Cottrell set to images and subtitles to help summarize and convey the meaning of the words. If you are unfamiliar with Douglas' work, he is a trance intuitive in the same vein and style as Edgar Cayce. Search on his name for other videos or visit his website ( for further information.

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watch the 3 short video clips from the above link which say volumes about shepherds directing sheep to pastures new

After this summer's unprecedented heatwave, temperatures in Russia are breaking records again. Several regions, including the capital, are experiencing extremely warm weather, unheard of at this time of year.

Muscovites have been enjoying the last few days, with the weather allowing them to walk without warm coats.

Temperatures in the capital on Saturday are expected to reach 10C, while earlier in the week they topped 14C. Usually the temperature would be around -1C.

Just five years ago, people could skate on the Moscow River in November, but that has not been the case since then.

Taking a trip down memory lane even further to 1941, during World War II, the fuel was freezing in the tanks in November.

Now, some reports say that flowers are about to bloom once again in several Russian regions.

This, as expats in Moscow are tracking snow in vain, with many remembering how the record-breaking summer heat resulted in devastating forest fires that suffocated the city in a blanket of smog.

Chief executive of the World Wildlife Fund in Russia, Igor Chestin, blames global warming.

“The way we actually observe climate change is not really through warming as such, but much more through the frequency and the severity of abnormal weather events like we have now, or like we had in summer in Central Russia, or as people in South America had this summer. These are events caused by misbalance in the global climate system,” Chestin told RT.

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"The US State Department warned Americans that a trip and staying in Russia is a mortal threat to their life."
"The current alert warning will remain in force until September 5, when the situation in Russia, as the US stipulates, relaxes as far as fires are concerned, because there'll be left nothing to burn. The situation would remain unpredictable regarding plague and radiation."

"A hasty evacuation of diplomatic staff from foreign embassies, like a stampede, began in Moscow. Many embassies are trying to hide the evacuation for political reasons. Mass evacuation of the embassies of Canada and Poland was officially reported at night on August 7.

Western media meanwhile reported that the Canadian embassy in Moscow was closed. Dutch embassy is urgently evacuating its diplomatic staff from Russia.

High level of air pollution (see photo), as one of the consequences of forest fires, has become an official ground for evacuating embassy staff and their family members.

Unofficially, they speak about plague in Russia, but first of all, about sharply elevated radioactive background in the city, caused by destruction of atomic bombs in fires at nuclear weapons arsenals outside Moscow. According to unofficial information, warehouses of chemical and bacteriological weapons were also burnt down"

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Interesting snippet from Russia.....

Mystery code in the solar wind

Published 02 July, 2010, 08:08

Edited 05 July, 2010, 14:56

When astronomers discovered a pulsar for the first time, they thought the regular signal coming from the star was a call from aliens. A similar
story happened in Russia, although it is far less-known to the public.

It started in 1938, when famous polar explorer Ivan Papanin and his team returned from the world’s first-ever drifting ice station expedition.
Among the numerous meteorological, oceanographical, hydrobiological and
other materials, the brave explorers brought with them films with photos
of a rare kind of aurora borealis.

The films had been shelved for several years and narrowly escaped a fire, when an incendiary bomb hit the Institute of Oceanography during a Nazi German bombing raid on

In 1949, the photos were shown by a fellow scientist to Igor Tamm, a famous physicist and future Nobel Prize winner. Tamm, who was researching high energy particles at the time, was greatly agitated,
after noticing that patterns in the luminosity of the aurora were
similar to those he had seen in his lab.

Tamm consulted Ernst Krenkel, Papanin’s radioman, and came up with the theory that aurora borealis could be used as a communication medium if a
powerful electromagnetic radiation is applied to the solar wind, which
causes the northern lights. He called the phenomenon “chromatically
modulated transmission” and submitted a secret memorandum directly to
Joseph Stalin, requesting finances and access to top secret equipment to
put the theory to the test.

The letter was reviewed by the Kremlin’s inner circle and the result was unlike anything Tamm expected. He was accused of being an American spy, and it took seven months and a
lot of political maneuvering from his influential colleagues to get his
name cleared. Tamm’s idea was buried for two decades.

It was in 1986, when the research of the strange aurora was actually carried out on the direct order of Mikhail Gorbachev. It is not clear how he ever
got the information on Tamm’s theory in the first place, but some
researchers suggest a link through physicist and human rights activist
Andrey Sakharov, who used to work with Tamm on a project of
thermonuclear power plant.

A small and top-secret research institution was opened in the northern port city of Murmansk, which closely monitored auroras. In August 1991, a breakthrough happened –
cryptologists working on three records of suspected communication
signals finally came up with proof that the northern lights really
contained information embedded it their colors.

A report was sent to Gorbachev, but on the next day, several officials and generals launched a coup d’etat. On that same day, a stolen fighter jet of the
Finnish Air Force crossed the border and crashed into the research
facility in Murmansk, killing 16 people and destroying most of their

Three days later, chief of the aliens, who secretly rule the world, ordered the replacement of the transmitter on the dark side of the moon, which caused interference with aurora borealis.

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Of course, the whole story has nothing to do with reality.
Skeptically-minded readers probably have felt it from the very
beginning, while those with a taste for mystery may have made it almost
to the end without feeling that it is bogus. The point is that, to a
certain point, people will not doubt what they are told, as long as it
is in tune with their gut feeling of how the world works.

It is not that bad actually. Our imagination, curiosity and desire for a miracle distinguish us from machines and animals. Somehow we need to believe in
UFOs, or in the “love conquers all” motto, or in special value of Apple
products. It probably helps us believe in other stupid illusions like
fairness, family values and the importance of human life.

And happy World UFO Day to those celebrating it!

Alexandre Antonov, RT

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