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10958083678?profile=originalCan SOMEBODY please give me a small synopsis of WTF is all this fervor going on down in Antarctica???

I am reading and seeing videos all over the internet -- of everything from 3 Alien ships down a few miles under the ice, Giants eating people and coming after us via our DNA and the tunnels they built  under the earth's crust from Antarctic to South America, to another reptilian alien war, the antichrist, more Nazis unfrozen from the ice and working on their next sinister plot to rule the world, LIVE dinosaurs as well as those frozen, now being unfrozen and cloned........I mean the only thing missing is the bloody kitchen sink!!!

I also see a whole lot of new books and DVDs being touted for sale as well on all these bizarre topics, so right now I am trying to sift thru the BS and get to the meat and truth of the matter. I mean my head is frigging SPINNING???? LOL!

I rely on you all and Cheryl here to ferret through all the usual BS and honestly, on my own mission to find out, I lost patience after my last Giant cannibals video and ready to sit inside my house with a canister of salt and pepper in each fist, as prepared to yell out "Greetings!" to a 20 foot high CONE HEAD stomping in my front door for dinner - ME!! LOL!

So PLEASE....spare me sitting thu another frigging video or internet article, and if you have the time to give me a REALISTIC idea of what is REALLY  going on down there.........for REAL???

Thanks! Love to you all and stay safe!

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'"Former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer: "We are hell bent in the direction of destroying our planet....decades ago, visitors from other planets warned us where we were headed and offered to help, but instead we, or at least some of us, interpreted their visits as a threat, and decided to shoot first and ask questions after."

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Mysterious Metal Ball From Space Falls In Nambia


"A large metal ball that fell from space into the Namibian grasslands last month is not alien, officials say...."

"... is made of a "sophisticated" metal alloy that is known to man, but he said it has no markings that would identify it. No international space agency has claimed ownership, he said."

{But it's not alien!?}

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 Years ago I read about archeologists from around the world trying to find an ancient device, there was speculation it was a holograph machine, but heard later it was in the Iraq museum of natural history and stolen. The elite of the world were behind this find, maybe some of this is disinformation, then maybe not ? 

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Interesting starts off saying ....Friends..I have not good news....

Video 58

Friends of our channel and YouTubers welcome.

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – fifth eighth video - August 18, 2011.

Friends I have not good news. As I told you in our last conversation, the Dwarf Star could suffer acceleration from a given point of influence of the sun. This is happening right now, the Dwarf Star "Red Kachina" is coming at an increasing rate and may advance its position in a few months. It may reduce the time of arrival of 11 for 6 months or less, everything depends on this acceleration caused by an unexpected change in behavior of your Sun, which amplified its gravitational field as if he had been scheduled to receive the Dwarf Star and provide speed necessary for its apex to return to the influence of the black hole in its orbital apex opposite the sun. Dwarf Star is much larger than this comet, like comparing a sparrow to an eagle. We believe that the Dwarf Star is no longer in arrears by Krulians because its spacecraft continues to follow closely Dwarf Star, but it seems to be doing nothing to reduce this acceleration. The angular position of the Earth to the sun is changing rapidly and the moon may suffer an orbital patch, moving to a more pronounced ellipse, approximately 30 days from now. The more elliptical orbits get the moon; the tides will be higher in smaller away tangencies so many coastal areas will be flooded widely.

You may lose the planet Mercury during this passages; the imbalance caused in the sun can absorb it or throw it out of orbit with large solar flares. The geomagnetic field of the planet will enter a state of extreme fragility during these passages, therefore not exposed to the sun after the 20th of next September during solar flares. You will see the plants dry out in hours and nothing is exposed to the sun in these peaks can survive. Entire tectonic plates may sink in the oceans and freshwater of lakes and rivers will warm up by solar energy radiated.

Some of you are asking “Can you give us a step by step breakdown of the recovery process for planet Earth once “Kachinas” has done their damage” but this is a utopia. There is no such a recipe to follow. Each case, each region, each group will have to solve their local problems in the first moments. The friends who provided us with the location coordinates may assist us in this rescue for survivors in each region that we serve, and will be the first to be contacted. We will try to find all of you who are among the survivors. You will be a great help that you're much more enlightened than most of the facts.

I guess to answer specific questions at this time of events is therefore a waste of time; I will inform directly the facts and the possible unfolding of events as you are able to receive data. We are extremely busy covering and recording our mission to the database of the 'Community Galactica and part of our fleet is helping Arcturians to abandon the land and submarine bases. A large Arcturian mother ship is hovering over various regions collecting the equipment and materials so you will hear many strange noises when this big ship is lying next to your regions.

CB brought a recording of strange noise in Russian territory over two cities and this is the type of noise generated by reverberation of a portal opened for local transportation when moving heavy equipment removed from regional bases. CB also brought a few copies of an old note book called Voynich Manuscript which was found Centuries ago in a language foreign to any you've used here on the planet. Well, this is really a lucky find. The student who lost his book of personal notes to about 550 years ago belonged to a race of humanoids tall and thin, a very gentle people who live in Orion. They do botanical research in several galaxies. For writing, she describes the plants found and observed in other solar systems, and made some copies of astrological positions where these species had been cataloged from. The affection, with which she was making these personal notes, should be a trainee in botany which must have been very sad to lose these notes. 500 years ago, the navigation systems of ships of many races did not communicate with databases like today, and much was written down or recorded. A scientist would never do this botanical annotation type but a child in field training yes. Children sometimes become absorbed with their findings and forget things everywhere. With children of other races is no different.

I hope we can continue communicating through the end of September or October, when we believe your reporting system network will begin to shut down. My messages will be short from now on but will be in real time. According to your system of transmission frequencies, we simulated in our equipment at the request of CB, the VHF marine channel 16, and channel 7 VHF of the automotive trucks. During operations in October or November, we may broadcast messages to those who are connected with these systems. This is not really necessary to rescue by the coordinates received, it is eventual to facilitate communications with isolated groups that may give references of where they are. Many of you ask about the black stone of transmission of brain waves in the distance, given to CB and it looks like any other pebble. It is tuned that is, works specifically between two people for whom it was programmed. He will put a picture for you.

Thanks for watching! Join our channel! You are welcome there as the internet work!

Captain Bill – August 2011  ATLANTICOBR CHANNEL

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I am sorry to say my dear friends  that we may  have more than just the radioacative fallout to worry about............Will  these demented fiends never get their fill of this deadly game they are playing?  Be careful about what you think you see in the skies folks!


I started this thread on another blog and Cheryl has asked me to give it it's own blog due to the importance of this information.  It was originally posted here:



Fukushima fallout decays into BARIUM and STRONTIUM = Blue beam = 3D IMAGING by military



*********************************************************************************************************************************the The amazing thing and  what  concerns me  most is the fact that the  very  same elements that  have  been  collected to  study the contents of  Chemtrails are the ones the fallout decay demonstrates with one added element.  The Chemtrails contain aluminum as well as .barium and strontium.  I find that very interesting indeed..  Makes me wonder  if  perhaps the  purpose  of the  Chemtrails were to further  the effects of the  Blue Beam  Project.


Strontium Barium Niobate 3D Holographic Images by The  Army  Research  Laboratory



For those not  sure  what  the  Blue Beam Project  is  here  are  some videos  that  will help  you  to  understand  just  what  it's purpose  may  be.


ILLUMINATI The Blue Beam Project Top Secret 1


ILLUMINATI The Blue Beam Project Top Secret 2.


DECEPTION PROJECT pt42 - NASA project blue beam (new world religion lie) & nazi alien technologies.


Project Blue Beam Staged Alien Invasion NWO Part 1/7



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Giant Spaceships Heading Towards Earth

Yesterday, I posted in the UFO group about the UN appointing its first-ever ambassador to space aliens and news about the Vatican having its first ever conference on aliens and Vandenberg's three launches this past week. Now this.... It does seem disclosure is imminent. And perhaps they are getting positioned to rescue some from the earth changes that are rapidly escalating. If all true, we certainly live in exciting times, eh?
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Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

Nuclear Physicist Describes Vast UFO Cover-Up

Updated: 58 days 8 hours ago

Lee Speigel

Lee Speigel

(June 7) -- "Some UFOs are intelligently controlled extraterrestrial
spacecraft, and this is the biggest story of the millennium."

These words are not the rantings of a deranged individual looking for attention or a comfortable straitjacket. Stanton Friedman is a maverick of sorts.

Employed for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for companies like General
Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse and Aerojet General Nucleonics,
he worked on highly classified programs involving nuclear aircraft,
fission and fusion rockets.

In 1958, UFOs caught his attention, and Friedman has since lectured about this
subject at more than 700 colleges and professional groups in all 50
states and around the world.
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman's UFO quest
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
Nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has devoted more than 50 years to pursuing
the scientific truth of UFOs, and was the original civilian
investigator of the legendary 1947 Roswell, N.M., incident.

"After 53 years of investigation, I'm convinced we're dealing here with a
cosmic Watergate," he told AOL News. "That means a few people within
major governments have known since at least 1947 that some UFOs are
alien spacecraft."

In Friedman's new book, "Science Was Wrong," co-authored with Kathleen Marden, he wrote, "There's been no shortage
of strong, negative proclamations from debunking groups and individuals
who refuse to examine the evidence ... to support the notion that some
UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin."

Friedman cites many cases of UFO encounters experienced by competent, reliable eyewitnesses,
including one involving Japan Airlines.
Saturn-shaped UFO
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
One of the most credible sightings of a UFO in history is from a series of
images taken aboard the Brazilian ship Almirante Saldanha on Jan. 16,
1958. The Saturn-shaped object was witnessed by the ship's crew and
several scientists. The UFO approached the island, making a steep turn
before flying away quickly. Juscelino Kubitschek, then president of
Brazil, confirmed the authenticity of the photos.

"A 747 over Alaska encountered something that was twice the size of an
aircraft carrier, that flew circles around the jet. They reported it to
the ground, where both the UFO and the 747 were picked up on radar.

"The explanation from debunkers was that it was Jupiter! Boy, airplane radar
can pick up Jupiter? It was totally ludicrous. You're fighting the
forces of 'evil,' one might say -- arrogance and ignorance."

While some scientists through the years have quietly suggested Earth has been
visited by ETs, Friedman is the most outspoken. He's especially irked
by the attitude of scientists who use radio and optical telescopes in
the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, such as the SETI Institute in California.

"Their livelihood depends on the assumption that there's nobody coming here,
and if we just wait long enough, we're going to pick up the signal and
it'll be the greatest discovery in man's history, and it will help
solve all our problems.

"What really bothers me is that the SETI people will tell you there is no evidence for UFOs. Well, they
certainly don't reference any, so there must not be, right? Wrong!"

If so, why would reputable scientists refuse to consider that Earth may be a vacation spot for otherworldly travelers?

"Because they'd have to admit that they'd ignored such a big story for so long
and that they were wrong," Friedman said. "Being wrong is something
that scientists don't like to admit at all."

Over the past 50 years, numerous surveys and public opinion polls have indicated that
people are very interested in and, even, concerned about UFOs.
UFO photographed at close range
Courtesy of Stanton Friedman
One of the best UFO pictures ever taken, this object was photographed by
Paul Trent over his McMinnville, Ore., farm in May 1950. A subsequent
Air Force investigation determined that "an extraordinary flying
object, silvery, metallic, disk-shaped, tens of meters in diameter and
evidently artificial, flew within sight of two eyewitnesses."

A 2002 Roper poll, commissioned by the Sci-Fi Channel, noted that 72
percent of Americans believed the U.S. government isn't telling all it
knows about UFOs, and 68 percent thought the government knows more
about extraterrestrial life than it cares to disclose.

But why would the government -- any government -- cover up UFO information? To Friedman, the answer is more down to earth.

"I don't know of any government on this planet that wants its citizens to
owe their primary allegiance to the planet. Nationalism is the only
game in town."

Also, Friedman says, there's the military point of view. "From a national security angle, everybody would like to grab
a flying saucer and figure out how it works and use it to deliver
weapons on the other guy, and there's always another guy."

How exactly would one go about obtaining a flying saucer? One way is to
just wait until an otherworldly vehicle develops some mechanical
problem and simply crashes to the ground.

Roswell, N.M., comes to mind.

In July 1947, something crashed outside the small town that, according to
the initial official report, was a flying saucer. Authorities quickly
changed that story, claiming it was merely a weather balloon that had
fallen from the sky.

Thirty years after the Roswell event, Friedman met military personnel who were involved with the events of
1947 and he says they eventually stepped forward to advance the account
of a crashed spacecraft and dead alien bodies.

Because of Friedman's dogged determination, the Roswell UFO legend was born.

"I followed up enough to find a number of key people, and with no Internet available, it took a lot of work," he said.

But Friedman is keenly aware of the abundant skepticism that swirls around the Roswell UFO controversy.

"Naturally, the resistance to acceptance of this case is going to be stronger than
any other case," he said. "Because if it's true, it's everything --
bodies, wreckage, cover-up, threats -- what more do you need?"

Friedman says he's only had 11 hecklers in more than 700 lectures on UFOs.

"I'm still optimistic that, within my lifespan -- and I'm 75 -- we'll get at
least a part of the story, that we're not alone in the universe."

With the discovery in recent years of hundreds of planets circling other
suns, scientists continue to speculate that life is plentiful in the

Plus, in 2008, the pope's chief astronomer, the Rev. Gabriel Funes, proclaimed that intelligent beings created by God might
actually exist in outer space, and that it wouldn't contradict a belief
in God.

All of that gives Friedman hope.

"Now is probably the time to say, yes, we're part of a galactic neighborhood;
unfortunately, we're not the big shots in the neighborhood."
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