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Countdown Timelines

There are getting to be quite a few dates. This blog will attempt to track them all. If you become aware of a time or deadline, please post it in the Comments below and I will incorporate it into the main body of this blog. I have added a Countdown / Timeline link at the top right of the Main page. (The ~ symbol by precise dates means approximately, around that time, etc.)



This is a timeline from mid-August 2011 through mid-November 2011, covering the comet Elenin passage.  It also includes dates associated with the passage of Planet X / PX / Brown Dwarf Star / Nibiru / Tyche...




Dates have been posted here as well...



Oct 13, 2010: NORAD Officer's prediction that UFO's would appear over world cities. YES.

Oct 27, 2010: Patrick Geryl's work that this will be the beginning of a taste of the food shortages and catastrophic Earth changes to come. Food shortages are getting more and more press, but at least in the US, no taste yet.

~Nov 08, 2010:
Green "fireball" to enter Earth's atmosphere "around" this time. NO.


~Nov 8-12, 2010: Clif High's prediction of "emotional tipping point" wherein a [financial] event occurs in the US, has intense emotional impact that will last a full four days, and the emotional residuals continue well into March 2011. The date changed to 11/5 to 11/14. While there were two physical releases (British couple released by Somali pirates and Suu Kyi, nobel prize winner), nothing else of significance has happened yet.


~Nov 15, 2010: UFO to briefly decloak over Chicago, USA (~24 hours, Edina's post https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-do-you-make-of-this-guys?xg_source=activity). This was later amended to maybe...haven't heard anything about it happening, though UFO sightings continue to be reported.

End of Nov: Nancy's 7 of 10 Event (per Shadow's timeline).  NO.

Before End of 2010: 6 very large quakes predicted by Clif High/Webbots.  ?  "very large" ?

Late Nov-Dec: Major economic and social collapse worldwide, including major increases of prices of staples-like food. As a result, Obama would pull the military out of the mideast. (Per Shadow's timeline) There have been reports of food price increases.

Dec 14, 2010: Missile launch prediction beginning WWIII by Clif High/Webbots. Chinese missile launch off the coast of southern California on 11/09/10.


End of 2010: Nancy Lieder/Zetatalk's "7 of 10" event to occur no later than the end of 2010.  NO.

End of 2010: Alien disclosure to occur no later than the end of 2010 (per NORAD Officer Fulham).  NO.

Jan 2011: The US fleet in the Persian Gulf would be nuked, kicking off a major mideast war (per Shadow's timeline). Possibly war involving Iran/China/Russia/US which could escalate to WWIII.  NOT YET, but things are building up.

Jan 08, 2011: Venus is in Sagittarius. Cayce prediction of war. https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=6126809%3ABlogPost%3A30387&commentId=6126809%3AComment%3A30498&xg_source=activityNot Yet.

Feb 17, 2011: War begins in Jersusalem, precipitating WWIII (per Alesiah's comment below).  NO.

Apr 2011: After March 2011, the revolution wave will settle down into a period of reformation. (Clif High/Webbots).  ARAB SPRING happened.

Anytime now: Civil unrest has been predicted by a number of commentators, including Clif High and Gerard Celente over economic problems.

See first link above about mid-August to mid-November 2011, as well as 2012 events predicted.

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