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Yep. Looks like we have some solid evidence now. It's not our imaginations. I did some research for John DiNardo regarding water main breaks. Here are the findings, copied from emails:

I started this project and ran across this website: According to it, on average over 700 water mains break in Canada and the U.S. per day. Since January 2000, 2,728,237 water mains have broken. That’s in excess of 255,500 per year. So, there is no way to accurately list how many water mains are breaking.
I checked Google (using YYYY (for the year) WATER MAIN BREAKS) and found some broad numbers which indicate an upward trend in water main breaks chatter. I don’t know if that corrolates with an increasing number of actual breaks, but I think it is reasonable to assume so. I checked for the following years:
As of 09/02/10, there are 8,540,000 entries, 20.28% increase over 2009 (so far this year).
For 2009, there are 6,940,000 entries, 8.5% decrease over 2008.
For 2008, there are 7,530,000 entries, 15.27% increase over 2007.
For 2007, there are 6,380,000 entries, 33.07% increase over 2006.
For 2006, there are 4,270,000 entries, 40.04% increase over 2005.
For 2005, there are 2,560,000 entries, 58.98% increase over 2004.
For 2004, there are 1,050,000 entries, 5.42% increase over 2003.
(According to ZetaTalk, PX entered the inner solar system in 2003)
For 2003, there are 996,000 entries, 22.66% increase over 2002.
For 2002, there are 812,000 entries, 18.71% increase over 2001.
For 2001, there are 684,000 entries.
For 2000, the numbers were very high, apparently skewed by the use of the round number “2,000” to indicate the number of breaks in a given area in a number of articles rather than the year 2000.


Hey, Cheryl, this is excellent work that you have done. That's a clever strategy you've thought of, and it has
yielded significant conclusions as to the upward trend in water main breaks. Yes, it is reasonable to assume that Internet chatter about water main breaks indicates an actual increase in the breaks. Yes, McCanney also said, in 2004, that he/they believe that Planet X penetrated the heliosphere in 2003, based upon the surge in return current discharge sheets, I believe, within the Solar System. So, the credibility of that belief increases with both McCanney and Nancy agreeing, despite their mutual disassociation. I think you've done more than I could have imagined in this pursuit of data. Moreover, it is exciting for me to see that your findings track the increase in solar activity and its temporary lull in 2009, due to what I had theorized was caused by Planet X passing below Jupiter's orbital path, as supported by the photographed great comet collision into Jupiter's deep southern hemisphere on July 20, 2009. So, your efforts present solid evidence to show that major Earth rumblings are intensifying. Now, all of us are challenged to think of ways in which we can bring this information to to people who, by nature and by trade, would be inspired to disseminate it to many more such people. I'm grateful to you, as every other concerned person would be.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on September 3, 2010 at 3:28pm
I used to follow McCanney, Edina. He had some good information.
Comment by edina on September 3, 2010 at 1:00pm
I agree iwth John, Cheryl, you have done some good research here. It's good to hear people discussing McCanney's work with some seriousness, too. He brought some good research to the table, a long, long, time ago.

The connection of the lull in solar activity, to the lull in water main breaks, and the possible position of PX is enlightening. Helps the imagination to get a grasp on this big picture....
Comment by Mary V on September 3, 2010 at 12:57am
Wow very interesting - time consuming to get all this info - thanks for the hard work!


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