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Alert! Satellite Falling To Earth Within 3 Days!

Earth Watch Report




Published on Nov 8, 2013

The GOCE Ran out of fuel on Oct.21st, They predict it to fall within 3 days!

Satellite falling to Earth


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Satellite will fall back to Earth, but where?

  • Nobody knows where or when fragments will strike Earth
  • Pieces most likely to hit oceans and unpopulated areas
  • European Space Agency launched satellite in 2009

-- A European satellite that ran out of fuel will start falling in the
next few days, and fragments of the disintegrating 2,000-pound
spacecraft are expected to strike the Earth's surface.

knows where or when the fragments will hit, but the European Space
Agency has said the parts are likely to fall into the ocean or
unpopulated areas. Potential spots will be narrowed down closer to
re-entry, ESA said on its website.

probably will occur Sunday or Monday, Rune Floberghagen, mission
manager for the Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Explorer, better
known as GOCE, told the New York Times.

was launched in 2009 to map variations in the Earth's gravity in 3D,
provide ocean circulation patterns and make other measurements.

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European GOCE satellite falling to Earth – stay calm

The European GOCE satellite is falling uncontrollably to Earth but no one need worry too much

GOCE in orbit

The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite is falling back to Earth. Photograph: ESA/AOES Medialab A
one-tonne satellite is falling uncontrollably towards the Earth. It is
expected to hit sometime late this weekend or early next week. No one
knows exactly when or where it will smash down but it is likely to
fragment into 25-45 pieces en route.
Written in those terms it
sounds like pretty scary stuff, and indeed the news is making headlines
across the web. Many seem to have been triggered by a piece in the New
York Times, titled Satellite Will Fall to Earth, But No One Is Sure Where.
Perhaps a more sensible headline would have been Satellite Will Fall to Earth, But No One Need Worry Too Much.
The spacecraft in question is the European Space Agency's Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) mission. Since 2009, GOCE has been measuring the Earth's gravitational field with exquisite sensitivity.

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2 hurt, thousands lose power due to windstorm

by KING 5 News and Associated Press

Posted on November 2, 2013 at 9:45 AM

Updated today at 1:59 PM



A 48-year-old Granite Falls man was seriously injured when a tree fell on his car on SR 203 and a 2-year-old was hurt when a branch fell from a tree at Roosevelt Way NE and NE 42nd street in Seattle.

2 hurt, thousands lose power due to windstorm

Credit: Martin Tuip

The only road in and out of Ernie's Grove near Snoqualmie was blocked by a tree hanging over live power lines.

The WSDOT closed the SR 520 floating bridge for two hours because of high winds and waves.

Brad Husick lives down the street from the bridge. He said he could hear the bridge creaking.


"I've lived here 12 years, and these are some of the highest waves I've seen,” he said.

Troopers said as many as 50 cars were abandoned on the westbound lanes. Troopers on foot escorted the people back to their cars.

The Department of Transportation said criteria for closing the bridge to traffic and opening the draw span is 50 mph gusts sustained for 15 minutes. When a 40 mph gust is sustained for one minute, a warning alarm calls crews to the bridge for inspection and monitoring.

DOT says they make every attempt to reduce disruption to drivers but in an emergency they have to close the bridge quickly.

The last time the 520 bridge was closed for wind and waves was Dec. 14, 2006.

I-90 remained open on Saturday. Although it had waves crashing over it, it is a much bigger structure. The last time it was closed was the Inauguration Day storm of 1993.

Thousands without power


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I Hate to Say it. The END.

I hate to say it but 'all the doom and gloom' folks are right.

Latest Fact:

Last night, on Canadian TV they showed a map of the Arctic Ice disappearing. The ice cap shrank 50% this year and is projected to be entirely disappeared in 2 YEARS.

Personally, I went sailing, with a friend,  last week. It was too hot. It felt like the Caribbean. I wore a short sleeve t shirt.


We are experiencing a massively life threatening..permanent heat wave.

The famous ..but historically non existent northwest passage, searched for, by the world's explorers, as a route to China, for hundreds of NOW OPEN!

Canada is rushing to build naval ships to protect it's sovereignty . The Prime Minister is going there create Inuit ( old name Eskimo)  police Forces...and much planned ports and cities.

Not only is there NO ICE across the top of the world, from the Atlantic to the Pacific; but Cruise Liners are going thru. Even private sailboats are going thru. It is now a sailing destination.

Cities are planned on the new beaches.

Can you believe that the SAME  Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) who is preparing to protect this OIL RICH AREA ; who comes from a dried up, drought ridden, crop destroyed part of the NEW DESERT Central Canada...

Prime Minister Stephen Harper IS STILL DENYING CLIMATE CHANGE!

 HE IS A CONSERVATIVE OIL MAN (just like George Bush. OIL COMPANIES  BOUGHT HIM, AS THEIR MAN, 15 YEARS AGO when they started paying him as their lobbyist.).. Greed for OIL $$$ at the point of destroying all forms of life, on this planet.


Where do these greedy bastards plan to live? What are they going to drink? What are they going to eat? What are they going to breathe? Where are they going to get their servants?


They might have fortunes but they are among the stupidest, greediest bastards, who ever terrorized the earth,

Palm trees in the ARTIC? Massive and total migration of people's from most of the USA?

Interdependent species (like us all) are going extinct and have gone extinct..disease from insects is spreading to warmer areas to kill plants, trees and people (West Nile). I have documented hundreds of cases of supporting evidence; since, I was featured in the BBC Network, Prime Time, feature TV program. ( see the previous blog on Hurricane Isaac being predicted 10 years ago, by myself.)

Last week, on local TV, a shocked and stunned tidal fisherman asked: "What will the fishermen do, for lobster bait. " He was standing in front of his exposed (low tide) 300 ft long net fence. He said that he normally had thousands of herring. Now, he has NONE. NOT A SINGLE FISH! (His herring are sold to Lobstermen, for trap bait).

What he didn;t comprehend is the big picture:

"Lobsters feed on dead fish. They are the vultures of the oceans. They have been thriving.

Now, with no more herring or other fish to die, for their food, then they will die too."

We are at the point that the vultures are about to starve to death..

I never thought I would think this; but, as I come to an end of my struggling to stay alive with my 911 injuries:

I remember a childhood Quote from Long John Silver, the pirate:

"Them that dies are the lucky ones!".

All attacks should be directed at: Doug Copp, personally

563 Charlotte St, Sydney, Nova Scotia,Canada (H)

1-902-567-1227 (H) (H)

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the law of origin

there were rules  for living on this this is a living entity in a living breathing communicating solar a communicating galaxy etc...we did not follow the rules...mother knows she and her companions have made some decisions for is part of the plan...we do not want the planet to die...this should be first and foremost in all of our eyes ..hearts minds...

within your dna contains all of this is there for you to access...listen to what your body tells you...the creation  light is contained within us....

it does not matter if the solar system is binary ..or anything that is happening in space...beings from other planets..does not matter...what matters is EARTH....what will be here for the children...will the plants and animals have a healthy place to live...will they even have space to move and grow???

when was the last time you put your feet in hot mud?? or the dew in the grass.. we are killing our life source...we are allowing the monsters of greed to poison the sky and earth every day...we have to stand up ...write ..write..write...the pen remains mightier than a sword!!! peace from the great northeast...

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Third Reich Maps Of Inner Earth

"We've all heard tales of Nazis exploring the southern extremities of the globe and even setting up bases in Neuschwabenland. Some have also heard of Operation Highjump and Admiral Byrd's altercation with entranched German forces that overpowered them with amazing flying craft. A video has recently surfaced which shows a 1944 map from the Third Reich detailing not only the direct passageway used by German U-boats to access this subterranean domain, but also a complete map of both hemispheres of the inner realm of Agharta!"

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"There is a certain computer program which actually drives the whole financial system and this computer program has received a virus on the 21st May this year, so the light forces can actually shut down the whole system just like that, just flick the switch and it’s gone and this might happen in the case of the mass arrest scenario, if this scenario is going to be executed in the way it was planned the light forces can just switch off the financial system and we have a banking holiday around the world everywhere and this is for the purpose of cutting the cabal away from their money..."

The interview happened around June 19th.  What was said then sounds like the 60 banks that are being hacked that was posted yesterday.  There was mention that a logarithm of unknown source and complexity, never seen before, was being used.

This so-called hacking sounds like a story to cover up that the forces of light takeover is in progress.


Good news about earth changes, confirming what other sources are saying.  I've been thinking along these lines and this further leads me to think that the PX scenario was/is a cover-up, masking the true reasons of earth changes caused by positive energies coming in from the galactic sun so (1) people would not awaken to the truth about Ascension and (2) it was an opportunity to create fear to further keep people from awakening.  This would mean, then, that ZT is an outreach of the dark forces (though many unwitting good-hearted people were sucked into it).  And, it just occurred to me, this could be the reason she ordered everyone to "not look at the sun."  Why?  We would see all the various spacecraft of the liberation forces!

As Lothar blogged earlier at, and as Cobra confirms in his interview below, the negative ETs are gone from Earth.  This, then, confirms that Nancy truly has been cut off from her source of information and is winging it (as I've been saying for two years and now have independent confirmation).  She's STS, no doubt in my mind from witnessing her behavior.  An STO could not have worked for STS ETs.  So, she's been working with the STS Zetas (who work with the US Government) and has been cut off.  Being as STS as her employers, and not wanting to lose her position of power and ego-stroking, adoring fans, she has been trying to wing it for years.  It all makes sense now. 

Lisa:  I know there is a lot of talk and you’ve mentioned it before but earth changes, severe earth changes most of the information coming to us about earth changes that will happen are coming from off world sources as are the information about ‘they will be mitigated’ but there is nothing that I am aware of really here on the ground to suggest that we are in for earth changes, nobody’s talking about it from studying the planet and what’s going on with it, it has been said that this is just another fear paradigm that is being orchestrated either by the darker ET’s or the Archons or the cabal, if it fact earth changes are part of this process, why?

Cobra: Ok, this is quite a complex story and I will try to explain, actually earth changes were a part of what was about to happen on this planet this was predicted a long time ago but the activity of the light forces have diminished the impact of those changes dramatically so actually the positive ET races have been expecting those earth changes to happen a long time ago and they did not because of the activity of the light forces on this planet and there might be some earth changes happening but not in 2012 much later than that. They might happen after a certain, then the critical mass of humanity will awaken and the purpose of those earth changes happening is to purify the planet, but day by day the situation looks brighter and brighter so there is nothing to fear and yes there is scientific evidence of those things there is a scientist by the name of Paul Violet? That is speaking about the activity of the galactic central sun and actually those earth changes are happening cyclically every 26,000 years when the galactic central sun gets active and right now we are entering the period of increased activity of the galactic central sun. But as I have said the positive light forces can direct the energy of the galactic central sun in a balanced way so that this process is not traumatic for humanity. So I would say there is nothing to fear.



Cobra on Stockholm Syndrome.  This is another phenomenon that keeps people glued to NZT, despite the obvious flaws:

Lisa: I know you said earlier that humanity is being held hostage essentially which is what has stalled action but is there also a great deal of concern about how humanity is going to react?

Cobra: Well, one of the main concerns of the light forces is actually the reaction of the masses to more definite action because some people will like it and some people will not like it and we have to deal with that, so actually the hostages have been programmed to the point where many of them don’t want to be liberated and that is quite a complicated problem and we are trying to resolve this right now.

Lisa: Yes it is like the victim falling in love with the perpetrator.

Cobra: Yes, yes, Stockholm syndrome.

Lisa: Yes, en mass.

Cobra: Yes

Lisa: It’s a shame, ....


Just remember, NZT said the economy would not collapse.  But it never spoke of mass arrests and all the other issues surrounding Earth's liberation from the dark cabal.  A closing thought, what better way to hide in plain sight than to screech about the "establishment" when you ARE the establishment.

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12 Cauac, 13 Mac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Your world continues her shift to a new reality. The planet has moved nearly 2.0 degrees toward the ecliptic as a result of the increasing energies passing through your Sun from the galactic core. These energies are putting mounting pressure on the planetary grids, which also continue to shift. The same galactic core energies are creating conditions on the other water-worlds, which are moving them closer to the solar system's sacred shift point. This is when your solar system aligns with the rest of your galaxy, allowing the galaxy to significantly alter its basic spiral shape, and permitting our galaxy's reality grids to come into rhythmic alignment with the 350,000 or so galaxies that form this sector of physicality. We have been instructed by Heaven to increase our level of participation with the galactic Elohim in seeing that these adjustments proceed as decreed by the Creator and by the sacred Seraphim of AEON. This project coincides with the divine intervention now happening on your world.

This divine intervention is approaching a magical point! Currently, we are watching the final steps wherein your world's reality is transformed from dark to Light. Heaven's representatives, working in concert with a number of secret sacred societies and many of your Ascended Masters, are ready to roll out a great abundance. This universal prosperity kick-starts great changes in the way your global financial and political systems operate. It is truly to be a year marked by unprecedented and unique change! The most important aspect for us is, of course, a full disclosure by various major governments of our benevolent presence and of our mission here. We are very ready to proceed with the many activities on our agenda, which conclude with those that return you to your natural state of full consciousness. As we speak, certain prerequisite actions are being carried out by designated contingents of the world's military and associated police groups. They are implementing the final stages of a mass global arrest process which will change your world forever. These arrests herald new governance and new prosperity for all!

This first extraordinary flurry of changes will lead to a series of ever more exciting events. We are working closely with the Agarthans to set up for you an optimum route to galactic society, beginning with many secret technologies which will be introduced to you by your new governments. These same governments will also deliver you from debt and disburse your new abundance. Then it will be time to face, globally, the very real fact of climate change, and this will necessitate totally changing your approach to your precious living planet. The continuing, massive destruction of your home world has to be stopped. New technologies will be made available immediately to sustain your planet and begin the restitution of millennia-long depredations. Our role as mentor includes adding our technologies to yours, and counseling you on ways to address your most pressing global needs. All this you have heard many times before; now the time has come to actually discuss how to carry it all out.

The Agarthans are very well acquainted with you; in fact, they have secretly lived among you for nearly 13 millennia, and therefore their wisdom is most important to us. The Ascended Masters have the sacred task of redressing the many falsehoods and innuendos woven into your religious philosophies by the dark. The truth needs to be voiced frankly yet in such a way that you can perceive the subtlety used by the Anunnaki to distort your religious works. The Masters can set the record straight, providing a basis for a complete recasting of your ancient histories and your myths about humanity's origins. Also of prime importance is a massive readjustment in how you relate to the magnificent Being you reside upon. Your fall into limited consciousness veiled many things from you, and the road back to full consciousness can transform these mysteries into concepts that will quickly become part of your everyday knowledge of this world and of physicality itself. All of this begins with disclosure.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! This week we have been assisting our many associates to prepare several special projects for immediate activation. We have complied in every way with the sacred decrees of Heaven, and it is now accepted that your reality is fully prepared to shift. This shift will begin with a series of arrests and 'resignations' of major figures who serve the dark in government, finance, and international banking. This action leads straight away to two others: the deliveries of your prosperity funds by designated personnel, simultaneous with the transfer of political power in several major world governments to new caretaker governments. These two actions lead to a third: the series of official announcements explaining the new banking and financial system, full debt forgiveness, and the restoration of your sovereign rights.

These activities will signal that disclosure is next and is imminent. Regarding this latter issue, another major consideration is to be taken into account: our dear blessed world requires an urgent end to war as threats now exist that are jeopardizing her health. We have asked our Agarthan and galactic families to join us in restoring Gaia to health, but this activity necessitates a large amount of direct, open intervention on our part. Happily, this visible activity is to be authorized by the new caretaker governments, and so the need for the disclosure announcement has been brought forward on the agenda, from an issue to be handled in the second week of the interim governments taking office to one that is fully addressed along with our first announcements. The skullduggery of the dark can and will no longer be allowed. A new epoch for humanity has arrived!

The gist of this message is to assure you that a great deal of work has been accomplished by our associates to replace the dark governance and to distribute an immense global prosperity program. These are only some of the activities that have been planned in order to move you to full consciousness. The coming preliminaries will irrevocably change your world and provide a point of entrance for the Galactic Federation's first-contact mission. We and our Agarthan sisters and brothers also intend to introduce ourselves to you at that time. While what is to happen can be shocking to you, it is in reality a beginning that will lead you to the blessed joys of full consciousness. Here, you will assist all of Heaven and us in unfolding the divine plan of physicality. These are indeed exiting times that you are witnessing and living through!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening on your world. A new golden age for humanity has dawned. The announcements of disclosure by your new governments will permit us to do a number of things that are vital for setting the stage for our mass landings. We await with joy the chance to formally meet with each one of you. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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Earth Changes and Planetary Evacuation

Thanks to Vickie for providing this link:  I'm excerpting information on earth changes and evacuation in Chapter 5, beginning on page 36.  You need to read this so you will know what to do if evacuations become necessary.  And guess what?  Everyone gets to go, not just the STO.  There is a heirarchy of who goes first, so read on....

I see no point in changing perfection or rewriting that which is still accurate. However, since this equipment is not compatible with that upon which we first wrote this message of evacuation, I shall share it with you again. I will distract myself, Dharma, and allow you to pick it up from my monitors.

We have millions of ships stationed in the skies above your planet, ready to instantly lift you off at the first warning of your planet's beginning to tilt on its axis. When this occurs, we have only a very short time segment in which we can lift you from the surface before great tidal waves will lash your coastlines.  These waves can be as deep as five miles or more. They will subsequently cover much of your land masses. Your melting polar ice caps are contributing greatly to the unequal balance of the orb itself.  Along with these changes there will be great earthquakes which will feed from one suture line (fault line) to the  next to cause severe shifting of entire tectonic plates. As these splits and 1 grindings occur you will have massive volcanic eruptions over widespread areas of previously dormant cones. In portions near your nuclear testing grounds you will experience probably spillage of radioactive material into your atmosphere. You will also experience radiation leakage from your nuclear power plants as they are disrupted by land changes. Portions of your continents will split and sink and in other areas this will cause thrusting upward of other masses.

You have had plenty of news about winds, etc. that will accompany these upheavals. There will be upheavals and earthquakes for instance, that will not trigger evacuation, so I will speak of cataclysmic proportions.  We are very experienced in the evacuation of populations of planets! It would be grand if this were not necessary to be true, but alas, it is not even all that uncommon for many various reasons.  We will stick to yours and what you might expect.  We expect, and are practiced and prepared to complete the evacuation of Earth of the souls of Light in some fifteen minutes, regardless of numbers. Further, we will rescue the souls of Light first. (Not a bad idea to get on that Light List.) Our computers are massive and self updating. Each entity is entered into the system and all changes, to the minute details, are constantly updated. The computers are ocked onto the coordinates as designated by your grid ley lines and vortex intersections. At the first indication that there may be need to evacuate, the computers lock onto the location of every energy entity instantly, no matter where might be the location of the human form. Don't concern yourself with that portion; just make sure you keep the signals attuned on an ongoing basis. 


After the souls of Light have been evacuated, then the children will ALL be lifted off. The children are considered to be nonaccountable, so they will be evacuated to special ships to be cared for until they can be reunited with their parents or placed for indefinite care and tending. We have ones well trained for the specific task of handling the children and their trauma.  Many may be put into sleep for a period of time to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. Our computer system is far, far beyond anything ever used thus.far on Earth in this age it can locate parents of specific children wherever they may be and notify one another of safety or status. THE CHILDREN WILL BE LIFTED TO SAFETY DURING THE EVACUATION, SO DO NOT GIVE UNDUE THOUGHT TO THEM. DO NOT SEEK TO UNITE BEFORE LIFT OFF--TEND YOURSELF AND WE WILL TEND THE CONFUSION.

After the evacuation of the children, the invitation will be extended to all remaining souls on the planet to join us. However, this will be for only a very, very short time period, perhaps another fifteen minutes or so. There is abundant space for all ones, but because the atmosphere by that elapsed amount of time will be filled with fire, flying debris, poisonous smoke, and because the magnetic field of your planet will be disturbed, we will have to leave your atmosphere very quickly or we, also, with our craft will perish. 

THEREFORE, HE WHO STEPS INTO OUR LEVITATION BEAMS FIRST WILL BE LIFTED FIRST. ANY HESITATION ON YOUR PART WOULD MEAN THE END OF YOUR THIRD DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE YOU CALL THE PHYSICAL BODY.  This brings us to the most serious and difficult part of the evacuation:  As mentioned earlier, souls of Light have a higher vibration frequency than do those who are more closely "tied" to the Earth and earth concepts and actions.  Well, since our levitation beams, which will be lifting you off the surface of the planet, are very close to the same thing as your electrical charges as you recognize them, those of low vibrational frequency may not be able to withstand the high frequency of the levitation beams without departing the third dimensional body. We will get as close as possible so the beam time span is lessened, but it must still be from quite a high altitude.  When a beam ship lands in "normal" times to invite ones aboard, it is customary to land the craft or hover quite close to your surface. Then our own ones will accompany any entity aboard. It will not be thusly done at evacuation lift-off. If the soul energy departs the third-dimensional body, there may be opportunity for resuscitation and reconnection, or the soul will be released to be housed in appropriate facilities according to agreement with God. At any rate, you would not be left to experience the havoc on your planet's surface.  If you do not decide to step into the levitation beams to be lifted up, you might be one of the f6w who survive the "cleansing" and changes. However, during this period of cleansing, there will be great changes in climate, in land masses, for the poles of the planet will have a new orientation. This alone will create untold hardship for the survivors. In some areas of specific location it may be possible to have guides and assistants return or in some instances, remain as a support system.



After lift-off you will be taxied by the shuttle (lift-off) craft to our "mother ships" which are anchored even higher above the planet. There you will be taken care of, depending upon your circumstance. Some of you will need medical care, others will be quite wonderful, but hyperexcited and agitated. Some will be frantic over family members, etc. We have expert medical staff who will be there to treat you with highly advanced equipment--some will simply be placed into a state of sleep until vital signs regain normal status. You will be fed and housed until such time as transfer elsewhere is advisable.  Some of you will be taken to cities on other planets to be trained in advanced technology before being returned to the planet Earth to start rebuilding. This will all be determined by counseling or prearrangement. Children will be reunited with parents and families, etc. 

Your wondrously beautiful planet is destined to be a most beautiful star within the universe. For long she has waited to take her place of glory. She shall be a beauteous planet of Light.  Here, you can rejoin the remainder of the Universe in brotherly love and fellowship within the Lighted Brotherhood of Man with God the Creator.  Do not scoff at these words, people of Earth. We are sent forth and come willingly and in love of you as our brothers in a great time of distress. As surely as the sun shines from the east to the west, so shall these things shortly come to pass. Let us be prepared, please.



I suggest you do whatever you can to allow us to come into your sectors without hostility. It appears all probabilities of avoiding this untoward event are past. We see no changes in magnitude of perceptions of such proportions that would alter the course  if events. So be it, we will continue to work diligently with that which we are given.


Let us speak a bit of the administering of this program. As Commander for this solar system and its various volunteer units from many areas of space, it is my responsibility to coordinate efforts of the many fleets as they touch into the mission of Shan.  When these various factions of force are not thus involved, then, of course, they are self-regulatory and guided under their own supervision. They only come under the jurisdiction of the Interplanetary Confederation if they are here on a specific assignment, correlated to the overall Hierarchical mission to the planet.  Let me assure you that I understand the doubts egarding credibility--that is a superb success of our dark fragments causing ridicule and outrageous press. I realize there are ones out there claiming to be goddesses and rainbow caped freaks of mammoth personality and ego breakdown. It is for you to look beyond and into Truth. It is why you of our co-workers must not be other than professional and credible. Continue as you are, except clean up your attitudes. You will get nowhere by "JUST BEING". No one of our busy workers needs another iota of responsibility--tend of yourselves. Quit your silly games. Who can possibly give credibility to one with purple satin capes blowing in the wind, purple hair with sage bushes stuck hither and yon, and chanting unintelligible garbage. THERE IS  NOTHING ABOUT US THAT IS HARD TO UNDERSTAND AND GOD NEEDS ONLY THEE AND HE. ALL ELSE IS BAGGAGE YOU WILL LEAVE BEHIND AT ALL CIRCUMSTANCE. WE HAVE SUPPLIES FOR YOU. WE WILL TAKE YOUR ANIMAL AND FEATHERED PETS AND i PLACE THEM IN SAFETY. WHEN GOD PREPARES A PLACE FOR YOU, HE DOES A MOST EFFICIENT JOB OF IT. ALL THE REMAINDER OF THIS "NEW AGE" NONSENSE IS EXACTLY THAT--NONSENSE, AND WILL MOST SURELY HINDER YOUR PROGRESS. SO BE IT!

There are many from other places in the cosmos who will come simply of their own volition and their own purposes. To these, we merely extend our hospitality and our accord. The exception to the rule would be any of those who come for reasons that would be harmful to the planet or its inhabitants. These ones are carefully policed and, if deviant, are escorted beyond the system and sent about their other affairs. Those remaining close are expected to participate if needed and stay completely clear of interference at any evacuation alert.  There are often replacement fleets who come to relieve others of their tour of duty. Some of our brothers have been on alert at Earth station for a very, very long time and are weary and ready to return to their own homes. There is a continuing turnover of fleet participation in the many patrol units involved. Those tours of duty are not of an indefinite nature, but have a set period of time in which to begin and end, with others of relief coming to replace and rotate duty stations. Many of the assignments given to these many volunteer fleets are done on a "need of circumstance" basis.


Strong representative ground units necessitate the contacts in keeping with the frequencies of the fleet and its representative. Thus, one representative will primarily always be in contact with its own Interstellar Command, even though the crew may be  replaced occasionally, but always by their own members.  There are other earth-based personnel who are representatives "at large", who may make confact and be at the disposal of any Command units in the area. For instance, if there is need for communications in this sector, Dharma would respond instantly.  There would rarely be need of such for all craft would first be instructed to contact our fleet ship, and thus the sequence of information.  Remember that each base or unit does at all times, have its personal craft hovering within its vortex for personal immediate relaying of messages to or from that unit. This station or platform never changes, although the persons involved might be removed temporarily for rest and relaxation, to return later. All of our signals, beams, and contacts are relayed to our messengers through the medium of these individual platforms of contact. Sometimes the terminals are aboard command ships, as in this case.  In the "atmosphere" (assuming the craft or platform to be within the atmosphere) there is an identifying beam projection for identification purposes to those who patrol the flight paths. The beam projection identifies the particular command sponsoring the base unit. Because of the crystal communication center located at this particular location, there is constant action in your heavens.  If I have need for additional support units for any reason, I can reach further out for assistance to the Federation and I will be sent whatever assistance is necessary.

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Earth Helpless To Defend Against Energy Cloud

This article notes that this cloud is causing many of the earth changes we are seeing.  I have wondered if a PX-type object and this cloud, together, could be causing the changes.  If this article is correct, it makes me wonder if PX is a red herring and this cloud is the real culprit.  If so, what would be the point?  I don't know at this time, but I'll keep this thought in mind as I continue to search.  Any ideas?

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If you are familiar with the ZetaTalk trench shelter, please read this first blog as it talks about the deficiencies inherent in that design.


These next blogs are culminations of group efforts and cover as many scenarios as we could think of and modifications that could make the shallow trench shelter a more secure shelter. 

A Plastic Tunnel -- A Way To Avoid Electrocution by Ground Electricity

Another Idea For A Trench Shelter


The issue of radiation (solar or nuclear) was raised and this blog talks about it and how to protect yourself:

Yet More About The Inadequacies Of Shallow Trench Shelters


This was my original version of a enhanced shallow trench shelter, with a ferro-cement dome:
My Idea Of A Trench Shelter 
(Sorry, the link to the sunlife site still works but the information is no longer available.  You can look around for another site with plans to build a ROUND dome--don't go geodesic, it is reported there are high divorce rates associated with it, thus it seems to amplify bad vibes.)


Other options:

Mini blast & fallout shelter-good for tornadoes, storage, etc.

Earthbag Structures

Resistant to earthquakes, flooding, severe weather

Ferro-Cement Structures

Extremely strong.

DuPont's Kevlar Bunkers

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The Impossibility of a Dark Twin


"Professor" Haesemeyer has shed some light on the alleged dark twin of Earth.  This is a response he made on the India During Poleshift blog @

Keith H Comment by Keith H 1 hour ago

Something that occurred to me was that ZT has this Dark Twin Theory. I did some research and apparently has only started up in conversation from ZT in 2004, and prior to that it was referred to as the Dead Twin in ZT which was actually PX.

From what I gather is that it was that the Sun had a Dead Twin (PX) and ever since 2003-2004 (when Earth halted in it's orbit according to ZT) it seemed to morph into a description of an Earth size Dark Twin in the same orbit as Earth, 180 degrees opposite the Sun.

Prior to ZT, I faintly recall a theory to this nature, but could find no reference. I would be aghast that ZT originated something original.

After further examination, I found a Marvel Comics published the same theory in in one of their comics in 1972. The Greeks had some mythology behind it also.

There was a Counter Earth theory with scientific analysis.

If such a planet actually existed, according to present scientific cosmology, it would be permanently hidden behind the sun but nevertheless detectable from Earth, because of its gravitational influence upon the other planets of the Solar System. No such influence has been detected, and indeed space probes sent to Venus, Mars and other places could not have successfully flown by or landed on their targets if a Counter-Earth existed, as it was not accounted for in navigational calculation.

It must also be noted that the Earth orbit is not a circle but an ellipse, and in respect of Kepler's second law, a planet revolves faster when it is close to the star. So if the Counter-Earth followed the Earth on the same orbit with half a year of delay, it would sometimes be visible from Earth. Rather, to be hidden from Earth, the Counter-Earth would have an orbit symmetrical to Earth's one, not sharing the second focus.

The Sun-Jupiter Trojan asteroid system is an example of a stable Lagrange orbit. Equation 10 in section 14 of Lectures on Celestial Mechanics by Siegel and Moser shows the relation between the masses of the bodies and the distances between them in the case of a collinear orbit. However, these linear orbits are not as stable as, for example, the equilateral Lagrange orbits L4 and L5. Hilda asteroids do not visit L3 of Jupiter-Sun system, though they do come close to it in their curious orbits.

Any planetary sized body at Earth's L3 point should have been visible by the NASA STEREO coronagraphs during the first half of 2007. The separation of the STEREO spacecraft from Earth would give them a view of the L3 point during the early phase of the mission. Later, as the spacecraft continued to separate, the L3 point drifted out of the field of view. Given the sensitivity of STEREO's COR2 coronagraph, anything larger than 100 kilometres (62 mi) in diameter should have been detected.

There have been a few films with the same theme,

Doppelgänger or outside Europe known as Journey to the Far Side of the Sun, 1969

Another Earth 2011

Melancholia, 2011
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"The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami Friday appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.

"At this point, we know that one GPS station moved (8 feet), and we have seen a map from GSI (Geospatial Information Authority) in Japan showing the pattern of shift over a large area is consistent with about that much shift of the land mass," said Kenneth Hudnut, a geophysicist with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

"Reports from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy estimated the 8.9-magnitude quake shifted the planet on its axis by nearly 4 inches (10 centimeters).

"The temblor, which struck Friday afternoon near the east coast of Japan, killed hundreds of people, caused the formation of 30-foot walls of water that swept across rice fields, engulfed entire towns, dragged houses onto highways, and tossed cars and boats like toys. Some waves reached six miles (10 kilometers) inland in Miyagi Prefecture on Japan's east coast.

"The quake triggered more than 160 aftershocks in the first 24 hours - 141 measuring 5.0-magnitude or more.

The quake occurred as the Earth's crust ruptured along an area about 250 miles (400 kilometers) long by 100 miles (160 kilometers) wide, as tectonic plates slipped more than 18 meters, said Shengzao Chen, a USGS geophysicist."

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Fellow researchers have sent me this photo (see link below) of what appears to be a baby sun in the line-of-sight of our Sun. It is likely a comet among the comet swarm which is gravitationally captured by what NASA has termed "a probable brown dwarf star" (see 2nd link below); or this second baby sun may even be NASA's announced brown dwarf star, itself.  

On the Ecliptic -- that imaginary lazy-susan in space, on which our nine planets revolve around the Sun -- visualize yourself as Earth itself on the Ecliptic with all the other planets when this brown dwarf star arises, like a porpoise, from the depths of the cosmos, below our disc-like Solar System, piercing the Ecliptic plane near the orbital path of Jupiter. When we are in some particular month of our yearly orbit, baby star X could arise on the far side of the Sun, with the Sun being in our line of sight, if X's emergent timing is right.

For the four reasons I mentioned in previous commentaries, we can be fairly certain that X is piercing the Ecliptic about now, or has even arisen over the Ecliptic by now; so, we would expect to see X superimposed -- framed in a family photo shot with the Sun -- during some specific monthwide angle of arc in our annual revolution around the Sun.

This gravitational and magnetic field-wielding wrecking ball treats us like a piece of trash in the gutter of its roadway with each cycle around its elliptical celestial racetrack -- a racetrack which stretches from billions of miles below us in deep space (at one end of its racetrack) to our Sun (at the other end of its racetrack).  A twenty-million mile close pass by us is considered an astrometric duster ball. There is nothing that humankind can do to divert this thousand-earth-mass baby star from its gravitationally ordained rendezvous with our one-third-of-a-million-earth-mass Sun -- because gravity works. And, in this case, gravity sucks.  Gravitation sucks neighboring masses toward one another.

Atlantis: it's "deja vu all over again."  When you google Plato Timaeus Critias Atlantis you will find Plato's ancient historical records of the sinking of Atlantis, which the best (not the most) ancient historians, geologists of antiquity, and anthropologists estimate occurred around 9,000 B.C., three duster pitches ago of this brown dwarf star on a cometary orbit. A comet, by definition, returns predictably, repetitively, and punctually. Halley's comet is one of many examples of such a celestial pendulum of regular, uniform orbital periodicity. Now, since three global ruinations ago spans about 11,000 years, then two ruinations ago would have been around 5,300 B.C., a date estimated by geologists Pitman and Ryan to have been the time of the global Great Flood of Noah's day. And one global ruination ago would have been circa 1,650 B.C., when geologists estimate that perhaps the greatest volcanic caldera explosion in known history occurred: the great Santorini volcanic explosion, which eradicated the Minoan civilization in the Aegean Sea. Tree rings from that time are known to have drastically narrowed for several years, due to the blanketing of skies with volcanic ash, ash not only from Santorini, but probably from Mount Merapi, Mount Vesuvius, the Yellowstone caldera, and hundreds of other volcanoes, worldwide.

As this brown dwarf star sails over the orbital path of Mars, then of Earth, and ultimately loops over the top of our Sun, X is the smooth stone in David's sling, our Sun is David's slingshot, and God is as David. The ruination of Planet Earth is inevitable. It is inexorable.

However, as one of many who has studied the Bible and prayed the Bible from end to end, God promises everyone that they, personally and individually, will be supernaturally protected if they will consciously make themselves aware of God's constant, beckoning presence, beside them and inside them. No need even to talk TO God. Simply listen FOR God.

              John DiNardo

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