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  • Yes, Rosemary.  Edina has noticed a change.  She has a clear view.  Perhaps she'll post what she sees.

    We do create our reality, which is why I have tried to integrate positive into all the negative of the PX-WWIII-Economy Collapse, etc. scenarios we review here.  Which is why we need to stop feeding that negative energy and focus on more positives.  Not to say, bury our heads in the sand, but to not let it control our emotions or our lives.

    And, yes, thanks Hung Le for posting. 

  • This all give me the feeling that we are the ones responsible for the events happening here on Earth. If the collective mind of Earth wishes that an event not occur, it will not. Example: the Cabal want WWIII, we don't. Because there is more of us focusing on more diplomatic meeting versus a war, we have affected this time line.

    Yes Mythi track record is not the best, but are we not influencing him and TOLEC too?

    It is interesting that asteroid 2012DA14 is coming our way. It give the feeling that its arrival may trigger something on Earth. The same type of energy that spread on 21 Dec 2012.

    I have not notice a difference in the sun setting and rising position. As any one notice a change?

    Thanks again Hung Le for posting his latest video.

  • The latest Matthew Ward posting mentions Earth is now in the early phase of 4D, things progressing incrementally.

  • Good question Cheryl. The answer could be argued either way.

    Up until recently - maybe late last year - TOLEC had listed* about half a dozen smallish earthquakes that occurred over a 3 - 6 month period off the Oregon coast which he attributed to the destruction of an undersea base (if my memory serve me correctly). However, I don't believe an earthquake of any significant size was recorded.

    * These were listed somewhere near the top of the FAQ page of the website. For whatever reason, this information no longer appears on the website.

    On a more general note: Although I fully intend to keep my mind focused on a positive future - I still believe Mother Earth has not finished her transformation yet. Now whether this involves any significant physical tectonic plate adjustments or not is yet to be seen. I still think we will receive (external) help if we need it so I am not overly concerned - yet remain alert.

  • Tolec also thought there would be an earthquake off the coast of Oregon.  Did it ever happen?

  • Mmmm .... At a stretch I guess this message is loosely along a similar line to TOLEC where his website predicts a 90 degree pole shift in March this year - although Mythie is talking about a build up of pressure and resulting tectonic movements - both are talking about possible major earth crust movements.

  • What are the pyramid-shaped UFOs all over the planet?  Atonians service ships measuring tectonic pressure.  Reaching limit.  Increasing 5% diameter of planet will start any time.  Get ready for tectonic movements and results.   The regional councils will be activated right after for the remnants.

    Next month cosmic events will happen.  The Pleiadians will be on hand to help avoid ELEs.

    Sun no longer rising east setting west ... it is setting in the south quadrant from equator perspective because axis in wobble process...  MSM can't talk, fearing for families.

    Venus and Mars are in process of inversion. 

    Other planets are already stabilizing in their new reversal.  Mercury will be last one.

    Be prepared to change your habits in extreme regions.

    Van Allen radiation belt fading.

    Be ready to raise your personal level of consciousness and we'll be here to help as we can.

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