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  • This is an interesting video. We should see another or others humanoid civilization(s) live on Earth. Well I cannot wait to see them. I hope they like agriculture. We will live here as equal.

  • Pyramid technology outdated now.

    Empty cities made for colonies that will come to live here.  The colonies are good people and will not be allowed racial supremacy or attempt to control the planet.

    He also mentioned to watch false flags carefully, they are meant to camouflage military movements.  Also, mentioned the cabal and their trying to implement a new financial system, how false flags are to culminate in our submission. 

    The wood was mentioned as an example of the benefits of trade, which we will be engaging in. 

  • The arcturians have a plan to remove the plastics, heavy metals, radioactive waste and petroleum out of our oceans.  The plan needs to be approved by the community galactica sometime soon.  Another fantastic plan, due to the pleiadeans, has to do with the deactivation of nuclear plants.  Also mentions other planets used to grow wood for other planets to be used for housing.  This would save the forests of this planet as it would be brought here.  Also new plants/food stuffs introduced.   Will see different colors in atmosphere when cosmic energies pass by.

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