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News About Drake And Current Happenings

I received this in email.  The link is about Panetta dismantling the CIA, but the author of the rest is unknown, possibly the person who emailed this to me, so, take it FWIW...

Wed Morning News

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Source Says CIA Being Dismantled by Panetta - Intel Gathering Will Belong to the Military
I posted this to the sheeple on my facebook "IMPORTANT INFO FOR EVERYONE!!!!! I have some crazy news from a reliable source I am in personal contact with. This has also been verified to me by another person I am in contact with that is involved in part of this RE-SET. I have no reason not to trust either of these sources and I would like to share this with you my friends. Before I start I would like to clarify a few things about what I personally feel about some of the "sources" I have posted. Ben Fulford is touch and go with his intel but I still think its important to read as there are nuggets of great info from time to time. I have not listened to DRAKE the past few months although I get the transcript of the summary of his info sent to me so I am still very up to date with his intel. His David Wilcock interview is a great listen as explains some of what people are to expect. He was waaaay too early with his date setting and seems to have lost his contacts and is now getting intel from the net which I could even do. Drake has been fed some disinfo about what is happening but did get good intel initially about the plan that is about to be revealed to the planet. Neil Keenan seems to be also a disinfo agent and is NOT in control of the collateral accounts like Fulford and Drake proclaim on a weekly basis. David Wilcock who I questioned in front of 200 people about this months ago seems to have distanced himself from these two and maybe privy to the same info I have recently been told.
All I have now is good news.....We are about to have revealed to us a new financial system and a re-set jubilee once off event. This will be revealed in the next few weeks and what ive been told is they are pushing for Christmas. The Dragons from China ( a combination of ancient secret societies who have been around for thousands of years and who fund other nations like the US when they built their railroads when they were setting up shop for example ) are quarter backing this process of change and they want their money back!!!!!! The transition is done!!!!. The media have not been told yet but there are 30 hours of information ready to be broadcast all over the planet about the new financial system. The broadcast are all ready to go and signed off on.

This event has been meticulously planned for decades. I have no idea if these broadcasts will go into detail about disclosure just yet but they will explain the new law system and the new financial system. We are moving to a COMMON LAW system and away from the admiralty law system. This has massive implications I will not really delve into in this post as there is just so much info and I want to explain what is currently happening. The Hague is on board and are currently doing the filings and rulings. There have already been hundreds arrested and there will be more including the big dogs of the cabal.
USA corp is finished. They borrowed money from the Dragons and the 195 Fed Reserve countries to back the US dollar as the global currency and it is well overdue for return payment. When Japan attacked china in the 1930's the FED picked up their gold for safe keeping and never gave it back. The current FIAT system from 1913 has no substance and is going to be replaced by a precious metals backed currency. The Dragons have sent $350 trillion to the USA in cash and this will say TREASURY and not FEDERAL NOTE. I doubt they will display the Illuminati Masonic pyramid that they currently flaunt in our faces as an insult and a representation of our slavery.

The Rothschild's have paid their debt to the Dragons as they were scared shitless. The military knows exactly what is going on and we will see the 101st on the US streets to make sure this all goes smoothly which it should. The Chinese (Dragons) are in control of the FED right now!!! Jacob Rothschild has signed off of the FED and Prince Harry has supposedly signed off complete British involvement with the USA and Michelle who is a lawyer, was also a signatory!!!!!

I have always said that it resonated with me that Barrack Obama was playing both sides in being a Trojan horse. I never agreed with Drake et al in their condemning of Obama as an illuminat and look forward to his truth being revealed as from what ive heard, people will be shocked. When Obama took power initially he spoke of his first 100 days being vital and him but he and his "handlers" realised they would have to wait due to the strength of the cabal and their persistence in setting up barriers to stall the shift. They have been in power for so long it is not in their nature to give up control but that time has passed. All is done. The delays have included the James Holmes shooting psy-op, Bengazi etc but it seems now we are ready to go. This is the biggest thing ever to happen so the good guys don't mind delaying a few weeks after waiting 20 years. The Dragons backed obama against Romney and are in full control of what is happening. This is the Dragon families and not Communist China we see now. Obama took 24 planes worth of gold and ancient artefacts from and underground base in Texas belonging to George bush Snr and returned it to the Dragon families who were obviously delighted with this indication of loyalty.

Timothy Geithner is a good guy and has been placed in his role as he knows all the secrets and he has been keeping an eye on who has been doing what. I reported earlier in the year he "sang like a bird" when spoken to by the Dragon families representative's. I was shocked by this but it does make sense. Ben Bernanke knows about the transition and wants a job and will be one of the new governors of the IMF. These guys are middle men and will be crucial I assume with revealing the truth which will lead to arrests. There will be interim Governments set up for a few months before the people vote...for real this time.

The new system will include the release of the Prosperity Packages which are massive and will be pumped into projects to benefit humanity!!! These PP's are linked hand in hand to the upcoming currency revalue I am waiting on so once my contact receives his PP he will go dark and I will know we are about to begin. The St Germain trust which is also massive is also ready to go and was scheduled to be released during this shift in consciousness we are currently seeing. 133 currencies or so will be revalued to represent the natural resources of the country in question and will be paired with other currencies to be used on trading platforms Obviously the currencies that have been clearly devalued deliberately by the cabal will appreciate the most so represent a fantastic once in a life time investment for people aware to it. The Iraqi Dinar worth $3 US 20 years ago is now paper and unrealistic to continue at that rate especially if you compare it to the Kuwaiti Dinar which is now trading at over 1 K dinar $3+. I HIGHLY RECOMMENDING ASAP PURCHASING $100 worth online and the actual uncirculated currency will be delivered to you. Chapter7 is a vital part of this revalue as Kuwait have to approve of the lifting of Chapter 7 imposed on Iraq after their invasion of Kuwait and the burning of their oil fields. Ive heard it is just about be lifted which means the RV will be in play as this is a condition of the lifting of chapter 7. Also look at the Vietnamese dong as that is also under pressure by china to be revalued as China cannot trade with such a worthless currency and Vietnam are attracting most of the foreign manufacturing investment so this is about to change to even up the playing field for everyone.
We have been slaves for too long and we are now about to be set free so enjoy every day until the announcements and if anyone would like extra clarification on any point do not hesitate to ask as that time is about to end. Im not giving dates but i have been told weeks not months and there is a big push for a very happy Christmas and a new beginning. I am merely trying to provide people info to help themselves prepare themselves as our media are taking the piss.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 7, 2012 at 8:40pm

That's right, W&R, we've been hearing "weeks" for a number of years. 

And the prosperity packages coming and Ascension around the corner doesn't add up.  What's the point of the P.P. if there is no time to do anything with them?  It sounds like Ascension will come in a year or two, more likely.

Comment by Rosemary S on December 7, 2012 at 7:32pm

Thanks Cheryl for your information. I was thinking the same. Why invest now. With the new monetary system, who knows how it will work.

Comment by Kim B on December 7, 2012 at 8:01am

It will take a miracle from God Himself to change things.  The cabal do not want to let go of the current system.

Comment by Walk&Reflect on December 7, 2012 at 6:46am

"weeks away"  this is a very familiar line.

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on December 7, 2012 at 12:14am

Rosemary, that would be my understanding if it's allowed to happen, but I doubt the federal gov't will allow it.

I question how Prince Harry has any authority to sign off anything.  And if the Michelle referred to is Michelle Obama, what is her authority?  Plus, I recall she is no longer a licensed attorney.  So, these two points are odd to me.  And, of course, the Obama thing persists. 

I do not recommend any investment opportunities as we have no way of knowing if this is good information.

Comment by Rosemary S on December 6, 2012 at 11:10pm

What an  eye opener. There is so much information that is practically unknown. I wonder where the Canadian government stand on all this. If a country"s money will be base on its natural resources, then I sort of understand why their is so much exploration in the Canadian North. So Cheryl If States become independent, but have a central government, are the United Stated going to be like the Euro Zone?


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