Does anyone have been seeing spiral figures while in a half awake state?

The spiral can be either single, double, tripple or quadrupele.

These spiral can be found as ornements in a lot of  architecture design of building.

The spiral were an intricate part of the Celtic architectures.

Since we know that the Celtic culture originate from Atlantis, we can deduce that spirals must have been use. But what for?

Well maybe this video may shed some light.

Let me know if this rings a bell in any of you.


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  • I didn't get that he meant literal spirals, he was using the spiral as an analogy for the past/belief energy signature.

  • No.  Only thing I get in a half awake state, is information downloaded from higher self, and or I sense the presence of someone else's energies.  Of course this does not include any OBE's which I have experienced once....

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