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  • Agreed, Edina.
  • I think the movement of the camera makes it hard to discern what we are actually watching, but this is what, 3? 4? explosions in the sky in perhaps the last week, or so. Are we seeing more of this? Or are we only now being allowed to see more?

    Cheryl, I'm inclined to agree with you, that this is artificial because of how the fragments burned almost like there was a fuel source of some sort???

    This is different than how fireballs break up in the atmosphere. Which I perceive is also increasing.
  • Could it have been a satellite, or a space vehicle?
  • E, I think it was something artificial that exploded.
  • Kim, LOL, love the Spock, and the eyebrow. :D

    Cheryl, this is a good side pocket pc of info, I do see patterns developing here, do you?
  • Edina, I don't know but it looked like it exploded then the parts exploded in stages. Weird. I don't think meteorites explode like that. And the website said it wasn't fireworks.
  • Cheryl, this is a very curious event. It looked almost like a series of explosions, do you think this was the way the video was held? Something undoubtedly entered the atmosphere and burned for some distance. At first I thought I was watching a battle. Would have loved to see this with the new Gen 4 Night Vision Goggles? Thanks for posting this!!!, e
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