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"It swept inland about six miles (10 kilometers) in some areas, swallowing boats, homes, cars, trees and everything else."

"The tsunami was unbelievably fast," said Koichi Takairin, a 34-year-old truck driver who was inside his sturdy four-ton rig when the wave hit the port town of Sendai."

Another article said that the tsunami was moving at about 500 mph, the speed of a jetliner.

Compared to what's coming, this was a relatively small tsunami.  If you are on or near a coastline, you need to evacuate NOW!

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San Bruno Earthquake Identified

{JD: Here's a quotation from the page linked above. It documents the
exact hour and minute of the San Bruno explosion.}
" At 6:14 p.m., Stephanie Mullen, Associated Press news editor for photos based in San Francisco, was attending children's soccer practice with her two children and husband at Cresmoor High School when she saw the blast.
`First, it was a low deep roar and everybody looked up, and we all knew something big was happening,' she said. `Then there was a huge explosion with a ball of fire that went up behind the high school several thousand feet into the sky.' "

{Now, pull up the following earthquake map,}

{and move the white-glove index finger cursor onto the clay colored diagonal line just west of San Francisco. The words "San Andreas fault zone" will appear. Now, move the index finger cursor onto the tiny yellow square lying south-by-southwest of San Francisco, and right on the San Andreas fault. San Bruno is just a hair due east of that yellow square, which reads:
"Magnitude = 1.1 2010/09/09 18:11:12 UTC, which is equivalent to 6:11:12 Pacific Time." So, first this earthquake occurred, and then the San Bruno explosion occurred less than three minutes later, considering the time it took for the underground shock wave to travel the fraction of a mile from its epicenter on the San Andreas fault line, due east to the San Bruno underground gas main. Bingo! There's your reason for the San Bruno explosion. Guaranteed, the federal government, which has hijacked this investigation from the rightful jurisdiction of the State of California, will never ever tell you what I just told you. Below is the history of my reports on the earthquake which caused the San Bruno inferno. I posted the first report a couple of hours after the event. [See https://earthchanges.ning.com/profiles/blogs/earth-rumblings-implicated-in.]

John DiNardo
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