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V'S Cyber Attack Alert 3/29/2013 - You Are Not Facing A Financial Haircut But Financial Decapitation!

Ten months ago a massive powerful bank hack hit over 206 banks worldwide simultaneously siphoning billions from customer accounts. It went underreported and unnoticed by main stream media. Six months ago NatWest/RBS online banking and ATM went offline. Millions had trouble accessing their funds. A few months later online banking and ATMs from some of the biggest names in banking in the US started to receive DNS error messages and were knocked offline completely or were limping along,causing millions a hassle and head ache to get their funds. Two weeks ago Chase had an "issue" with their online banking computers as well as their mainframe servers were hit by some "problems" that caused thousands of their customers bank accounts to read $0.00 as their balance. Millions of others had issues accessing funds and ATM'S from the house of Morgan. Last week the entire banking network of South Korea went down for hours, millions of customers were not able to access their funds, use ATMs or even check their balance. This week the entire Internet teetered on the brink of collapse as SpamHaus was hit by over 300 billion bits of information per second. That is what we are led to believe and that this attack was led by a rival company Cyberbunker. Whether this story is true or not, it does highlight the sensitivity of the internet. The overpowering pattern and factor here is that wherever you look in the world there are issues with the internet, networks and servers and it all centers around banking.

For some time I have emphatically stated that there will be a bank hack or cyber attack as the global economy is pushed to the brink of collapse. From top level sources I can confirm to you what you are seeing is an emerging pattern of various beta-tests using Stuxnet like algorithms to affect the banking networks the world over. I can tell you though that the primary target is the US. Look you can not have a bank hack a few months ago that siphoned over $2 billion and hitting over 200 banks by some mere hacking group. In order pull something off like this I stated in a prior alert that this is something that can only be done by an Intelligence Agency working in close collusion with a Central Bank. After all you need to understand that various money and wire networks through which currency flows. Who but a Central Bank can give you the access and the backdoor for this to occur?

How can so many bank and ATM networks like NYCE, PULSE, PLUS, INTERAC, CIRRUS, BACNET, NOVUS all be affected? This is truly something of a very sophisticated nature. Something that is very large in scope and very ominous in action. Folks it is without a shadow of a doubt that these are all beta-tests. I have said it before this will be a financial false flag. The frequency of banking network failures has gotten to be very acute to the point that I am convinced that we are edging closer to the one major event that will set everything in motion. The take down of the economy is close at hand and the major cyber attack will be on it's way. These emerging patterns are a clear picture of an malevolent power play that will be done to bring the system crashing to it's knees. Things have gotten to the point of 'Critical Mass'!. Maybe that is why some of the top economist are right now panicking like never before. Get your cash out, keep what you need to pay the bills. Otherwise what you will be getting is not a 40% haircut, It will be a financial decapitation.



Mar 29, 2013

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Comment by Rosemary S on March 31, 2013 at 11:46pm

That is scary. And there is no date to look forward to when this will happen.


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