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What is Nibiru's current status? [update: as of March 18, 2012]

ANSWER:   As of very early January 2012 -  Nibiru was located about half way between your solar system's planets of Saturn and Jupiter heading toward the direction your own sun.  Keep in mind, as I reviewed months ago, in using a multi-story building as an accurate analogy, with the Earth being located on the third floor - there was an agreement arranged with a race of 5th dimensional beings having a strong working relationship with the Andromeda Council, and pretty amazing technology, using their technology they have elevated the flight path of the planet Nibiru [instead of entering anywhere near Earth space] to continue traveling as it is right over the top of your planet's, Earth's space, at around the ninth or tenth floor of the 'building' called our solar system.  Therefore, as I've indicated before, there will be no 'cause & effect', no harm to come from the Annuaki on planet Nibiru... to the people of planet Earth.   No harm from Nibiru.

As of this date, March 18, 2012 -  Nibiru has already passed high over planet Earth, Venus, Mercury & the Sun...  is passed the Sun, and is traveling well on its way out... leaving this solar system.

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Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 10, 2012 at 11:27am

That's interesting how the story changed, from 38 days to a year later.  But the year later was the deadline Terral was giving and made more sense since we weren't seeing the beginnings of the cataclysms if it had been 38 days behind Elenin.  He's not putting out videos as much as he used to (Mythi). 

Comment by Kim B on April 10, 2012 at 8:53am

So if Nibiru is on it's way out (fingers crossed), then causing the Sun to go over active that would mean there still will be some problems to deal with (loss of grids, more volcanic activity, more quakes due to warming of the core of the earth, some rise of the oceans due to ice melting from underneath and maybe a slight pole shift?) so I would assume just not exactly what the Zetas were preaching.  Edgar Cayce did prophecize the earth changes would happen slowly and not within 2 hours.

Comment by Angela on April 10, 2012 at 8:14am

Kim, in Video 74, Feb 20, 2012 -  Mythi said the following: Many of you are wondering about the system Nibiru and what is expected for the coming months, well, we received the communication, the system Nibiru was released in its original route and its approach and will make a final passage from October until December this year. The Krulians installed two more large-core control probes in Siberia earlier this month of February. The pleiadeans informed the CG of the imminence of widespread conflict between nations of the planet from next March. The agenda of your government was readjusted to compensate for the direct interference of the CG during the last year as I have already related to you, regarding the backwardness of the system Nibiru and the artificial control of tectonic and volcanic events. Now with the release of the Nibiru system in its original route, there will be no more ways to artificially control surface tension of the planet’s crust. Venus, Saturn and Jupiter will suffer many volcanic eruptions and easily observable surface modifications for you. The sun will present major instabilities from next month as a result of the approximation of its small binary. Be assured that nature will only settle down looking for their new equilibrium point when the frequency of the planet goes completely to the "level one, at the end of December this year.

Comment by tracy arnold on April 9, 2012 at 10:21pm

The only source that i know who taught exclusively about the anunnaqi is Malachi Z.York.He has been teaching since 1967.He also has been questioned for just as long by historians,scientist,linquist,masons,preachers,masons,etc..All recorded and documentedsince 1967 to 2002.People would come from all over the world to georgia to see an anunnaqi,egiptian styled theme park which the feds called a compound.He taught the whole complete storyof the anunnaqi and it has all been verified by scientist,and historians.They just dont want the masses to know.He has put all the pieces to the puzzle in a book called The Holy Tablets that took 24 years to be channeled.It breaks down origins,star systems,ets,creation,religion,etc.Its the problem solving book.But all will see soon.All eyes will look to the sun.Oh he has also translated the Torah,the psalms,the book of john,revelations,the koran,the atra hasis,the enuma elish,the gilgamish epics,the sacred wisdom of tehuti,the coming forth by day,etc..His motto was always this,'Dont believe me,check it out".Which means he put out the information and put it together,it was up to us to do the research.And it all checked out,including his prophecys,which he did a few tapes and books on.All classes that he taught were documented so that no can say he wasnt truthful.So the information he has written about as well as what was told  from lip to ear,has come true..And we recieved this info back in the late 60s..

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 9, 2012 at 9:06pm

Elenin was supposed to pass-by around mid-October 2011, and Nibiru was allegedly 38-days behind.

Comment by Kim B on April 9, 2012 at 9:04pm
Now what did mythi say about nibiru? Just want to compare.
Comment by Tammy Fielder on April 9, 2012 at 5:38pm

I will welcome any peaceful race that is willing to help, whether it be the Annunaki or the Andromedans.  Has anyone channeled the Annunaki?  I haven't heard them yet but that doesn't mean they aren't helping either.  :)

Comment by Cheryl Nelson on April 9, 2012 at 3:54pm

One thing I can think of regarding the ancient cultures is that maybe we are getting more intervention than they got back in the day, or maybe there was no intervention, so they got the worst of it.  A good question to ask:  just because it has been, does it mean it has to be the same.  We have also heard that depending on how close the passage would be is a determining criteria for how bad it would be. 

As for the Annunaki and the so-called Andromedans, it's just as easy to say the so-called Annunaki.  I haven't met any of these folks in person, have you?  What we have got are ancient records and current visual sightings and messages. (This means I'm not saying you are wrong or I am right, we simply don't have a lot to go on.)

What I can say (if these galactic messages are true), is that if the Andromedan biosphere is any indication of strength, one looks bigger than a planet 4x the size of Earth, plus there are eleven more.  Plus, there are many other races out there, so there is combined strength.  I don't see the Annukaki as standing much of a chance against the forces we are witnessing out by the sun. 

Comment by tracy arnold on April 9, 2012 at 12:23pm

Dont believe them.Nibiru will be seen by all,as it says,All Eyes Shall Behold.All the ancient cultures spoke of this craft,so what makes you so called andromedians think you can stop the anunnaqi.They have been coming for hundreds of thousands of years.Never to do battle with anyone unless provoked which is what the beings of this world have been doing all over our heads.Lightening flashes with no thunder,now the goverments are talking about a alien invasion of maybe hostile aliens,yet the movies always portray them as the enemy.Maybe its the leaders of this planet that are disagreeable and want to continue to rule,even though there time is up.Its all about balancement,everything has its time and season.Now its time for the illuminated light ones to go,the new light arc frequency is here now.If the maldekians couldnt stop the anunaaqi i highly doubt the andromedians can.This is cyclic,whats going to be is whats going to be.


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