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There are those who say that talking and informing people about a pole shift and Nibiru induces fear or that the motivation is to scare people. This simply isn't the case. It has to do with informing people on what's coming so that they can prepare and be as ready as possible, to try to save as many lives as possible.

The reason that we inform people is not out of fear but out of love. It has its base in the positive and not the negative. If it were the other way around, with the Zetas or us not saying a thing, then that would be a bad thing. Speaking out on this matter is a good thing we believe.

What we are about to say is not being said lightly. We have come to a reasonable certainty that a major earth change is about to happen. Back on 3/3, Gerard was feeling like some islands in the Caribbean were going to disappear within about 3 weeks. This was just after 3 waves that were 33 feet high damaged a cruise liner. Cheryl had a vision of seeing the western So. American coastline in bright moonlight with a dark line she felt was a tsunami rapidly approaching shore, and Gerard saw islands disappearing along the southern Caribbean plate area in a vision. This site was consulted and noted that the next full moon will occur on 3/30. Cheryl noted that was a lot of 3's and mentioned it, noting that 3/30/2010 was 3 + 3 + (2+1) = 333. Then Nancy was informed by a reliable contact who told her that she was sensing 3's involved in the next big change. So what's with all the 3's? We'll find out it seems.

After discussing it all with Nancy, she got some ZT on it:
Many contactees are in the loop as the 3 of you are, told WHAT to expect but not WHEN, as is the rule. Even prior to recall Gerard had the sense that S America was to be involved soon in a major way, rolling such that the Andes build and the Caribbean Plate is crushed and pushed down in places. Cheryl had the sense of a dark line moving toward the Andes, representing a tsunami as the roll will push down the Nazca Plate such that water will drop into it and then have no place to go except toward the S American spine. Calculations are something that are constantly re-evaluated, with all such contactees in the loop notified. The sense you had that more casualties were to be expected was due to a somewhat shortened time frame for some of these earth changes to begin. Those who were working with contactees, to get them to abandon their existing lives and move early to safe locations, are disappointed, thus. The visitors always hope for the best in these cases, and have a strong sense of mission.

Today, Gerard is sensing that the time is now to issue a warning. Thus, we issue this warning to those with interests in these areas…get ready NOW! What will occur will move the clock forward to a 7 and will shock the world.

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Divided Loyalties

"Where those strongly in the Service-to-Other prefer the company of others with a like mind-set, they seldom get this opportunity. Reliable individuals concerned with the welfare of others are spotted early by family and friends, who make endless efforts to pull them into service as a loyal employee, a faithful and long-suffering spouse, or a friend who can be counted upon to be there throughout any crisis. Such relationships are almost always portrayed by the determined self-serving individuals as benefiting the one giving service, not the true recipient - the onerous boss who tells the loyal employee how grateful he should be to have employment at all in the current market, the philandering spouse who relays that someone at work found them attractive and flirted or made a proposition. These techniques are intended to keep the one giving service insecure, hesitant about breaking the bonds and going elsewhere, and firmly in the service of the self-serving person. Given the attraction that those strongly in the Service-to-Others have for those who would use them for self-serving purposes, how does the Service-to-Other individual prepare for the coming emergencies that the pole shift will create?


"Those used to giving service, and making a compromise between the demands of others and their true sense of service to the larger pool of humanity, will seek to maintain this balance even when circumstances change. The guilt manipulation that self-serving individuals are often skilled at will reach a fever pitch during the coming crisis, but this is often revealed in an instant during such times. A bleeding child, in pain, is being attended while the spouse shrills from the sidelines, not offering to help but making increasingly shrill demands. The one in Service-to-Others suddenly realizes the situation, and thereafter has nothing further to do with the spouse, having made their decision. No longer caught in a cycle of mixed or divided loyalties, the one in Service-to-Others now finds themselves with greater energy, the conflict settled, so they can forge ahead with what they deem the proper priorities at the fore. The self-serving individuals left behind hardly take this decision as final, or go quietly, but will find themselves firmly and consistently ignored.

"This drama of choices can be anticipated by those struggling to carry their current burden of responsibilities during the coming crisis, and mentally and emotionally stepped through in order to expedite the choice when the time comes. It’s not a matter of turning one’s back on those who have always looked to you for support, it’s a matter of choices for the better good, the larger community of those in need, and taking charge of your life rather than allowing your actions to be determined by self-serving individuals."

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Please post your thoughts and opinions.

My first impression was that it may be a direct message in some form of code but then I gave it a bit more thought and am leaning towards that it may be an overlay that you place on a map of the world that illustrates what volcanoes will be erupting during the shift or active faults that will shift. Just my thoughts. Shadow and Brian I really hope you two sound off on this particular circle, I value your opinions greatly.
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